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Gone Green - first Screw Q


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Hi All,

After years of promising myself I have finally found and bought a 1995 Defender 110 FFR 2.5NA with low mileage.

Lucky to find a late one with a Salisbury rear axle and disk breaks, R380 box and sump guards and later steering wheel ;)

I didn't have much time before I purchased latest toy - but slowly doing a full service on it as I promised myself its a DIY toy.

Jobs done so far:

-Changed Glow plugs

-Put in Seat extensions on Drivers seat - even as a young officer many moons ago I remember driving with my knees around my years - still tall and a bit rounder the seat extenders are now a must!

-Panic last night to get some Anti-freeze in it - it was just clear water!

Jobs to do:

-Oil change

-Fuel Filter

-Air Filter

-Remove battery box from rear (Both the top locking pins are stuck lord knows what's inside!)

-Put in new Seat foam for Benches

-New Tilt/Canvas in Spring - maybe one with plastic side windows

-Replace bulbs on temp and oil temp dials

-Work out if the steering is supposed to be that heavy with tyres at 35PSI in front. Jack up on axle stands and have a look I think before wimping out on PAS.

-Complete my collection of Ration wrappers and other rubbish - how many places can a squaddie hide rubbish in a Landy!

-Try and drive it more!!!!!

Initial query I have is on the dash light cluster both the screws are missing from either side - can anyone tell me the size of these - when I drive the vibrations cause it to come out - not as bad as the effect it has on me - but annoying to say the least!

Thanks in advance and I look forward to many a post :)


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