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discovery will not turn over

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Tried to start my 300tdi today( m reg used for moving trailers and towing up steep track, not on road) but battery low just turning over. Change battery but then would not turn over.(new battery ok) The alarm/imobilizier which i think is a aftermarket one (laserline) has a override switch righthand side of steering wheel was flashing and would not reset. Then reset but still not turn over. Checked earths all ok. Took switch wire to starter motor off, no volts. tried a wire across the starter motor and turns over. It a early 300tdi, it has a red led light under the radio. When i bought it he said the laserline alarm was a aftermarket alarm. Removed the lazerline alarm and connect the one wire which had been split into the alarm which was the white wire to the ignition switch. rest of wire were just spliced in. Still no joy. when turning the key to start a solenoid (right handside of accelerator pedal) operates and the ecu passenger side clicks aswell.but still no joy. Looked in workshop manual. i think the solenoid next to right foot is the starter solenoid (tried another solenoid item 4 in manual) but still no joy

Can any one help as the snow is coming and i really need it.

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If it's had an aftermarket system lashed on to it and then later chopped out, it's going to be impossible for anybody without access to the vehicle to talk with any authority on electrical problems.

If it just has the one wire to the fuel pump solenoid and you aren't bothered about having an immobiliser function, one solution would be to run a bypass wire from position 2 on the back of the ignition switch to the fuel solenoid (spade terminal on the injector pump, just needs 12 volts to energise) and another one from the crank circuit of the ignition switch to the starter circuit (may need a 30A relay between the ignition and the starter solenoid). A couple of hours work with a multimeter to trace the outputs from the ignition switch and then run the wires would fix it if it is a wiring problem.

Have you got power at the back of the ignition switch? The switches are fairly reliable, but do fail.


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Thanks for the advice. Checked the voltage of the wire onto the injector pump. Found to be all over. Followed back to the fusebox where it was a bad corroded connection. Ignition switch checked ok. Power on rthe white and red wire from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid.The coil not pulled in. Power there but no earth from the black and orange wire from the ecu. Earthed this wire. and bingo. Thanks for your help. New varta battery fitted but not charging nor rev counter working. Need to look at charging system this week. Once again thanks for your help.

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