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Aluminum door tops question

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Hello everybody,

Long time has passed since my last post on this forum, although I read it almost daily (since I'm italian, it's a very good way to learn proper english too...)

I've a Ninety wich has been fitted with series door almost two years ago, the tops, bought new from Brit..., are now rusting with bubbles appearing on the paint :glare:. So my plan is to buy good aluminium ones from Rocky Mountain as this seems to be a "fit and forgive" upgrade. Easy job it seems, but I'm a bit concerned about interior door trim: now a standard series kit from Exmoor has been fitted, and the top panel has a bent at the top that hooks on the glass channel and is secured with two screws at the lower end. So the question is: since on Rocky tops both glasses slide, is still possible to use this kind of interiror trim, or there is not enought space on the glass channel to hook the trim?

Perhaps this is a question for the series section, but I hope someone can help! :i-m_so_happy:



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Afraid I can't help with your interior trim but may I suggest looking at LR alloy door tops such as those fitted to ex-MOD LRs?

Both panels slide as per the RM versions but you can pick up a pair on ebay for a lot less than the price that RM quote.

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Tanks Boris,

I've seen the original LR ones, and they seems very good, possibily even better than the ones from RM. Sadly, in this case, I'm quite sure the original door trim can't be re used since there is no space to hook the top panel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFA_wHh5bqM

I've sent an email to RM, but they are on Holiday until October 15th, so hope someone can help


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