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Air con condensor pipes Disco 1995 300tdi

Big JJ

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Need some help finding the correct part number for a pipe on my Disco air con condensor.

I have bought a new condensor as mine has rotted away, found the number on Micro cat as BTR6632. It is the correct one but has no pipes from the condensor to the bracket where they join pipes under the bonnet. One of those pipes is part number BTR4044 (which is also rotten and I have ordered already). The pipe that joins this to the condensor is what I need.

If you search for the condensor part number on the net many pictures come up of the part, but with no dryer or pipes.

I cannot find these pipes on Microcat, but the piccy of the condensor appears to show the pipes fitted, unfortunatly the picture is showing the wrong side on the condensor.

The pipe I need is about M22 size nut and mounts on the drivers side front of the condensor bends up and around the condensor. The piccy air_con 1 shows the old sorry knacked condensor, the pipe I need is on the left. The piccy disco_con2 shows the new condensor, the plastic cup on the left is where the pipe connects and goes up to the bracket where it is clipped. The other pipes are fine and I have installed them on the new condensor, but cannot find the part number for those either. I was hoping they would all be on the same slide!! Seems not.

I would be grateful for any help.



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I looked at these before I posted, a great deal of info. The pipes listed are the ones under the bonnet. The first page is the pre MA chassis type and the second one is my chassis type from MA081992.

The pipe I am looking for connect to pipe number 4. At the bottom right. Pipe 4 is BTR4044 ,goes from compressor to junction. Then another pipe from junction to compressor, that's the baby I am looking for.

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