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Feed from headlight switch

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In process of rewiring headlights and want to create a new feed from the headlight switch on the steering column to the new relays since much of the original wiring is suspect. Is this an easy thing to do or would it be a nightmare trying to get two new wires across the dash and then up towards the steering column and the switches - since I am guessing there are already rather a lot of wires going that route?

I am planning the relays and new fusebox on the rear bulkhead so am going to route the wires to the spotlight switch over the passenger door and reckoned it would be neatest to take the feeds for the low and high beam the same route, so long as I can get a feed.


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Hi Mike

It is your plan I am working to. It works really well! Did it first time round about four years ago with the relays inside N/S wing at front but now need that space to take solenoids for my winch. Then came up with idea of putting relays in the cab (much friendlier environment). Reckoned cable run from battery to headlights about the same as in my 2008 fix but will route the cables a bit more cleverly this time. That is why I thought of taking the switching off the actual switch rather than the rather tatty wiring I used previously. Mind you if that is still the best route then I will trace back to the closest point I can take a tap. Also looking at upgrading the lamps themselves this time too then heaven forbid I might even be able to see LOL

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For the main run of cable. By that I mean the wires from the relay to the lights should be as short as possible.

Yes put the relays in the cab.

What have you got. 90 or Defender ?

On my 300Tdi most of the wiring goes through a hole in the center of the bulkhead. BUT. I found another hole on the left side of the bulkhead above the left of the fuse box. I used that to take a lot of my extra wiring into the engine bay because I'd filled, overfilled really, that center hole.

Does that help ?

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