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  1. I bought mine Tuesday morning and I('m nowhere near how yours is done. Actually I've just started the No 4 bags ps I keep knocking the black back rear quater panel off when handling
  2. By you've been quicker than me. No oil leaks on mine tho
  3. !st pick is overall of chassis 2nd pic is 6 cyl enging 3rd pic is winch, The black gearwheel is the drive and thr red ball is the brake lever
  4. Thanks Ralph for posting. The first two pics are the rear axle and what appears to be a trans axle 3 is the front axle 4 is the front ? of the rear axle. Note the two prop shafts 5 is the front axle
  5. Doesn't leak as much as EP 90 and I think better than grease
  6. I've forgotten how to post pics. Instruction are not on line yet. I do have a LEGO Unimog
  7. You are right Steve. I was in the shop at 10.30 and they had sold four by then. The box is big and heavy
  8. Sorry but you will have to wait until I have somebody to help me post a pic
  9. Well I have my new Defender. Went and collected this morning
  10. Last year on holiday I saw a car parked up with an attatchment by the front bumper. It looked like a brake system ofsome thought. Will check next week. I too understant that a towed car must have all brakes working if it's not being recovered
  11. There you go https://reedx.net/range-rover-handbrake-lever/#more-866 Get the Range rover lever it's black, the Discovery one is blue
  12. Yes I did many moons ago. I cured mine by fitting https://www.island-4x4.co.uk/drive-flange-heavy-duty-8393-terrafirma-frc5806a-tf5806-p-5720.html.You'll need to check you order the correct ones tho
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