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  1. TRE boots are still listed by Land Rover for the Series vehicles
  2. I have used a K&N filter for years. I don't worry about the graph that was shewn for a K&N against a paper filter as I'm not worried about 5%
  3. You need to fit a proper temperature gauge thatreads in Degrees C and not apples aand pears
  4. Do what I did when I had a new cross memberfitted. Run the loom outside the chassis
  5. Snagger I still have the wiring diagram for the module Tim made
  6. Is it possible to fit a second battery for other electrics ?
  7. Two things here. I have always understood that the registration number on the V5 belongs to the chassis. So as long as the chassis is sold with the V5 for that chassis no problem the second one, What happened to Gresh over the chassis change of his yellow 110 ?
  8. Wxactlt Mo. I hated fitting Ford D series screens
  9. Wen I worked at Sunblest years Our workshop was for three diesel vans. Thetr was a proper under floor extraction setup with a thick heavy rubber pipe for each bay. However there was also roof fands which also extracted the fumes and much easier to use. Those roof fans came into their own on a very hot day. We would water the parking bay outside open the doos and switch the fans on for a cool workshop
  10. Next time you go to a Land Rover dealership to buy spares. Look at the country it's made in. Not many made in the UK
  11. What Land Rover parts are made in UK
  12. What worries me is the Defender could depart second
  13. Well you see I have a carbon neutral Defender but if I had to change it would be the Ineos
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