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  1. The one thing about DLR's is that they blind the pedestrian
  2. 300 tdi low coolant alarm

    m1chaelw Send me youe mobile number by PM and I'll send it t you http://forum.difflock.com/viewtopic.php?t=10972&highlite=300tdi+coolant=level+switch read that and the links
  3. 300 tdi low coolant alarm

    Yes I have a copy of the one made for Difflock
  4. 300 tdi low coolant alarm

    Nothing has changed since the original one was made. You may either use the Range Rocer cap or you can buy a Discovery one that fits straight into the plastic header tank
  5. MOT advisory, WATCH OUT !

    I've seen it happen a lot of time, a slightly bent rim. throws the tracking out. Same as you always move the vehicle forward to check the tracking and move it gently. But what would I know only having done the job since 1960
  6. MOT advisory, WATCH OUT !

    Track off the tyres, rims can be bent
  7. Electrical relay puzzle

    Never use a multi meter for checking wiring . Use a test light first
  8. Adventure Overland anyone?

    I take it that means cider ?
  9. Grab handle ideas needed

    I have never had old spanners, all are useful as a spanner
  10. Grab handle ideas needed

    Well neither of us will know. I fitted mine with Riv Nuts
  11. Grab handle ideas needed

    Thanks Neil, that's the pic I was looking for
  12. Adventure Overland anyone?

    Well I doubt that overlanding and wild camping will feature at the LRO show. That's why I will be at Stratford
  13. Grab handle ideas needed

    http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/queen-elizabeth-ll-drives-her-four-wheel-drive-land-rover-during-the-picture-id506228894?s=612x612 Handle to rear of door, There could be one fitted to 'screen pillar
  14. Grab handle ideas needed

    Something like this https://www.doorhandlecompany.co.uk/bow-pull-handles-152mm-or-175mm-polished-chrome-or-polished--1021/
  15. Grab handle ideas needed

    I have a 550FG door handle fitted to the windscreen frame to the left side to help Margaret get into my Defender SW. Sorry no pics as it not here now. Also try and find some pics of HM Queens Land Rover which shews similar handles fitted to the left side. HTH