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  1. how many times have you had this belt on and off. If more than once get a new belt
  2. } have seen this done to aFrench Defender to make a feet area for his young son. No I didn't look to see hoe it was done. I agree with Mo and Mbikw here there needs to be some strength put back
  3. Oh yes they can but with ten thousand drivers
  4. One of those callipers could cost you an arm and two legs
  5. Very difficult to find now
  6. Yes Dave the Neg lead needs to be easily identifying or painted yellow. crtainly an RAC MSA rule but I don't know about FISA as it's quite a long time since I tried to understand the yellow book
  7. You set your vehicle on fire then. I wondr if you knoe how an FIA switch works, aparently you do not. So yo,Red 90< fit the FIA switch in the Neg side of the circuit. Now tell me how the live ign side will work. Yes I will fit a battery cut off switch in Neg line but never fit an FIA switch in there. A cutof switch will not kill the enging. It can easily over come with a p encil. Something an FIA switch can not be done Red 90 now please explakn to me and everybody else. You fit an FIA switch inti the neg line. HOW DO YOU WIRE THE LIVE IGNITION WIRES IN ?
  8. YES. It's nice to know you can switch the engine off via the FIA switch. That's why competition cars have the switch both on the inside and another means of switching the engine off from the outside. Look for the white triangle with the electrical by the lever for the switch
  9. So you are quite happy to be able to run rthe engine with the neg wiring switched off to blow the alternator.
  10. With not using my Hi low gear lever mine woulg become stiff, so off with the tunnel and plenty of WD 40. Check also that the light switch is free and the connection clean. I suppose I had better check to see if mine still works
  11. Well the battery on my Defender has been dieing slowly. This week I decided to stop the charging by charger nd buy new. I ordered and collected, a nice Bosch, now my suprise was seeing that the old one was also a Bosch. Mind you they dont last long nowadays. The one I took off has only been on eight years
  12. Yes you can put a battery cut off on the neg side but that will only work wheen the engine is off, unlike the FIA switch which will kill the enging when it's running
  13. If you don't wire an FIA battery master switch to live it doesn't work
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