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  1. Yes I did many moons ago. I cured mine by fitting https://www.island-4x4.co.uk/drive-flange-heavy-duty-8393-terrafirma-frc5806a-tf5806-p-5720.html.You'll need to check you order the correct ones tho
  2. Friday. Pension day. Up to gateshead Metro Centre o see if that is available
  3. It could also be the fingers off the oil pump on a 300Tdi
  4. Now please may I cause some upheavel ?. When I needed an exhaust for my 300Tdi Defender. I wanted a pipe with no box. Imagine my dismay when the pipe arrived with BRITPART stickers on it.I can't remember when I bought it but it has seen two back boxes fitted. ! ! !
  5. You mean there is something other than a hammer
  6. I did Here it is again, no posh drawings tho https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/landytown/headlight-wiring-a-better-way-to-get-light-t7578.html
  7. You really should use a torque wrench to tighten wheel nuts to correct torque
  8. Or even a few more quid on a temperature reading gun
  9. So you do know that 300Tdi temp gauge with the needle just on the red could have an actual temp of 88Deg C or it could have an actual temp of 92 Deg C. GET A PROPER COOLANT GAUGE but of course that means spending money. No where near as much as a rebuilt enging. However you know better about the Land Rover gauge.
  10. What temperarure is the coolant gauge reading. Apples or bannanas. Get a proper coolant gauge that reads in Deg c
  11. Wynns stop leak is good and it works
  12. Not a factory car. Built by Land Rover Special Vehicles for BT. Some UK insurance do not accept a LR special is a factory job
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