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  1. Well neither of us will know. I fitted mine with Riv Nuts
  2. Thanks Neil, that's the pic I was looking for
  3. Well I doubt that overlanding and wild camping will feature at the LRO show. That's why I will be at Stratford
  4. Handle to rear of door, There could be one fitted to 'screen pillar
  5. Something like this
  6. I have a 550FG door handle fitted to the windscreen frame to the left side to help Margaret get into my Defender SW. Sorry no pics as it not here now. Also try and find some pics of HM Queens Land Rover which shews similar handles fitted to the left side. HTH
  7. I have a 1996/ 6 Defender SW. One side, the left, has the correct half shaft fitted. The right side has the earlier drum brake half shaft fitted. Been like that for ten years. Oh yes I have the Terrafirma drive members fitted
  8. Snagger has hit the nail on the head. I can't add anything more that's useful
  9. Ian is the front of the crank damaged. If so by how much. Mine went in 011 and it's still running
  10. Yep had it happen to me. New oil pump and big end shells sorted it
  11. This anything to do with this thread ?
  12. I fitted an X-Brake ten years ago. Not ever had a problem
  13. Depends if you want to keep grease in or water out
  14. Neil first. Neither do I Kierran I haven't had those covers fitted fir years. I didn't have them on either of my rally cars that had discs fitted
  15. It went like that because the gear wasn't fully tight on the crankshaft. A normal 300Tdi thing.