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  1. Neil first. Neither do I Kierran I haven't had those covers fitted fir years. I didn't have them on either of my rally cars that had discs fitted
  2. It went like that because the gear wasn't fully tight on the crankshaft. A normal 300Tdi thing.
  3. Why does it have to have a County pack ? What,s wrong with a standard station wagon ?
  4. an isolation switch or an FIA battery master switch
  5. Ask at your local FORD truck workshop. We had small wheel lifts for taking truck rear twin wheels off while leaving the wheels on the hub. You won't get that into the back of the Land Rover though. Why are you lifting the wheel so high ? The wheel should be about stud height and the wheel flicked on. In reallity there shouldn't be any need to lift the wheel
  6. Since I broke my hip last May I have had a Red Booster servo system fitted to my 300Tdi. Yep the clutch is much easier. Easier to the fact it's weird. However without the Red Booster I still wouldn't be driving. I've also tried a 200Tdi with a Red Booster fitted and all I can say is it's very good
  7. Yes Mike I do that then lift one side onto the studs with the breaker bar I was taught to lift double decker wheels onto the studs with two tyre levers. Getting the wheel onto the hub isn't really a problem, it's getting it onto the spare wheel carrier. I have a block and tackle for lifting the spare up.
  8. Aparently the paper work was in order ????
  9. Is anything safe ?
  10. Nothing new about flogging an engine to clean it. A friend 30 years ago would do this to his mothers Mini. He would flogg it up the A19 and back 20 miles each way. When returned his mother would say. " I don't know what he does to my car but it runs better"
  11. Well Ian when the oil pump went AWL on my Defender in ZA. All we could get were Bearmach bits. including the crank bearings. I don't know how many miles they've done but were fitted Jan 1011
  12. Who makes the Genuine one ? Not Land Rover
  13. Yes that would work. The last time I went to collect my Defender from the docks. they wanted the car out of the box to hurry things up for an early finish. The key was on the passenger seat and the docks asked me how to get the car started. NOW, I told them exactly where the socket was for the FIA key.....When I arrived at the docks, my Defender was still inside the box. Every switch had been tried but not the FIA key. The look on the dock lads faces was a picture as I jumped in and started it.
  14. Who's going to hold it in for you to keep the alternator charging ?
  15. I agree with you both avid and Mike. I worry when I park mine away from home. I rely on my FAI battery master switch but that doesn't stop it being put on a low loader. Last time we came home it was inside the box and they wanted it out to make it easier to finish, I told them exactly where to fing to position of the battery master switch as the key was out. When I arrived at the docks, My Defender was still inside the box. Every switch had been switched but the battery master switch we still on the passenger seat. That gave me more confidence in that switch. NO !! I'm not telling where ??