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  1. The spring on the pedal is no no. The RAC MSA blue book is very plain. A spring on the throttle spindle tp shut the fuel in the case of a throttle break. All UK competitions must be run under Blue Book rules except the organising club can have additional suplementry regulations
  2. The most important thing is not to know it's full but empty
  3. Mine came from Island 4X4 I dont remember any problems
  4. Who asks for this, The RAC Blue book doesn't. The TDi should already have two return springs though. One a metal spring and the other the rubber crommet covering the inner cable is concertinred so acts as a spring OR thake a piece of knicker elastic and use that if the scrutiner is picky I used to have this problem rallying my Imp that had twin Stromberg carbs
  5. So true As for the temperature gauge, I fitted one from SPA very accurate
  6. Yes metal plugs are best. You will get them from any plumbers merchants. Now filling a 300Tdi. Remove both the thermostat plug and the radiator top plug Fill header tank to level Fill engine through thermostae housing until full, make sure air is purged by squeezing hoses. again fill at thermostat housing until radiator is full, again purging air from systen When coolant is full at thermostat housing and radiator, fit level plugs Check coolant level in header tank and fit cap Test drive NOTE although called the header tank. The header than is not the highest coolant level Neither is the 300Tdi fitted with a crossflow radiator
  7. I woild recomend Easi Awn for a RTT or Howling Moon.
  8. So TUFF TECH TENTS were not there ? {SP}
  9. When Tom first brought htis show into being, His idea was that anybody could ask and discuss how to travel. Something I think he did very well.Did you stop and visit many of the well travelled grou ps trere and talk to hem, They have some good ideas believe me. Why a roof top tent
  10. Could we move away from trailers for the moment. Have people noticed even in a slow speed crash cars seem to be landing on their sides or roof. Driver or design error
  11. I soon learned that I had to reverse my IMP rally car onto the traier, forwards on and the trailer was undriveable
  12. Goo greif. I passed my driving test is December 1959, yes that long ago. In a Bristol double decker. Apart from driving I had no help what so ever on towing although a 32 wheel trailer and a Scammel did help. Most of towing was common sense although to this day I can't reverse a trailer. Who remembers just a pin and hook, no break away system How did we survive
  13. Yes I am home, Very unsteady on my feet but I hope that will improve. Thank you all for your messages
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