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  1. spade terminals - copper or stainless?

    I too buy in bulk from Vehicle Wiring Products, I have done so since they were Merv Plastics when they were in Beeston. I have only seen plain brass or a tinned product, You must relise I crimp and solder, I don't remember any problems with the way I work
  2. UJ joint propshaft - part confirm

    Since when did Hardy Spicer make Land Rovers ? That's the only genuine one
  3. "Blue Box" oil-filters...

    Who makes the oil filters in the first place. Not Land Rover
  4. Salisbury axle

    As v8bertha says you need to do a bit if counting. Remove the propshaft. Now check the pinion shaft and thenut. Any pop marks, If yes remove the nut and do the seal. If no pop marks. Mark the pinion shaft and the nut so the pop marks line up, Now do the seal tightening the nut up to the pinion shaft mark. Thar's the FORD way of doing the job. HTH
  5. Which is best ?

    When is that possible ? LOL
  6. Which is best ?

    Nobody read Construction and Use ?
  7. Breakdown cover

    I have a Lloyds bank account. By paying for extras I get AA membership. Doing it through the bank it was a lot cheaper than through the AA
  8. Heated Washer Jets

    A simple, for some, solution. On my Defender I moved the windscreen washer jets to the bonnet behind the spare wheel. Simple ? I also bought a length of washer pipe and a connector. I wrapped the extra washer tubing around one of the water heater pipes. Now I have warm water to the 'screen #
  9. Bent steering rod

    Don't think a HD one doesn't bend
  10. Defender 110 brake problem

    I have to agree with Mike. Fit the proper rear callipers
  11. Paint - how do I apply this?

    Exactly as Bowie69 posted
  12. Difflock linkage eyebolt LT230T

  13. Difflock linkage eyebolt LT230T

    As Mike has said it's different vehicle to vehicle.The las time I had mine to do I spent a whole morning thrying to get it right. After food I went back to it and I'm sure I adjusted it back to the original position. LOL
  14. Heated door mirrors

    I use the heated element in rain to keep mirror glasses clean
  15. side light bulb wattage.

    LED is a good option either in buying new light units or like me buying a replacement LED for the bulb, Note that using an LED instead of replacing the complete light unit is not covered by Construction and Use

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