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  1. It is the ammount of flex that is stopped by the roof rack that is the problem especially with the 110. Even the short rack on my Defender allowed the rivit to pull. I have only seen the driver side rivit pull, has anybody seen the other side pull
  2. There is a Land Rover publication. "Working in the Wild" Yo will find the roof rack information in there. The only roof rack that I have seen with the aditional braces the Brownchurch
  3. The roof weight as you say is 75kg EXCEPT for overlanding which is 100 kg I think from memory. The doesn't seem to be the whole problem. Did the 147 Defender ever hace a rack fitted, if not why did the rivit pull out
  4. It is a well know fact that the roof rivits at the front of the roof break especially if using a full length rack on a !!0. The 147 Defender that Land Rover used at the factory to take visitrd round had the rivit broken
  5. As a retired mechanic I don't recomend buying sockets sets. I think you'll find not everything in a socket set is needed. Buy as needed and make your own useful set
  6. The light above my navigators door on my rally car was held on be Jubilee (genuine) clips
  7. I have 1995 build 1996 reg Defender 110 SW. The earth points are on the back of the transfer box. There should not be any earth points to the rear body
  8. Well my age has cought up with me. It's difficult enought doing the daytime things so no 2020 projects for me
  9. As I own a 1995 Defender I too look to security. The last time I came back from Namibia I was travelling to the docks to collect my Defender when I recieved a phone call from the shipping agent. He wanted to know if the steveadors could pull me Defender out of the container. I said yes and to;ld him how to work the security. Another call asked me how the security worked so I explained again. When I get to the docks my Defender was still inside the container. So I pulled it out. Nobody working there could get the security system to work. Now I told two people how it worked but neither could getb it started. SO ? Is that a good system i have ? NO I'm not telling you
  10. A constructive question. So you made the chassis. How did you register that
  11. I am with NFU. The last time I had to clain, a no fault for me, I ws asked "any modifications" My reply "it's my expedition vehicle" was met by "alright" and no further questions
  12. Any comments on "sealed fot life U/J s
  13. Been there but my daughter did it. A well greased front prop let go. Nothing was salvageable from the prop. Yokes smashed luckily she had just pulled away.
  14. SO I fitted two double outlet jets to my bonnet. At the same time fitted an extension pipe that wrapped round my heater pipe to warm the fluid. I removed the rear washer pipe and ysed that to feed the jets on my wiper arms.
  15. I use this http://www.expeditionlandrover.info/Lucaswirecode.htm
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