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  1. That's why I recomend ad wire up, that the dip element is kept on all the time with an H4 halogen
  2. Forgive me fot my age lol Yes it should be MoT
  3. Even a conversion from a standard filament bulb to an LED bulb in a side/ tail light is illegal. So I was informed when I rang the MoD.
  4. It's now many many years since I did mine. Mine was with filled with sand so I took it apart. Now that spring, yep I had difficuly with that. Although the lock worked fine you had to return the key to center so I eventually took it to a locksmith. I think he charged me a fiver, how long ago ?. I screwed mine together with vountersink screws and nuts. Yep is's still working but the key still has to be returned to center by hand ps, I thought that there was a gasket between door and lock. In Namibia and Botswana I sealed the outside door face at the lock with masking tape
  5. Echo Trailers make one.www.echo4x4.co.saWorth a look to see how it's made
  6. The axle WILL NOT go up and down it will only try to rotate on the axis. Try it with a LEGO model. Draw a triangle with the flat surface at the top. Now press the point at the bottom up. You can't move it. Have you driven one with that set up? No rear axle movement
  7. That only lets one shocker work at a time. Depends on how the axle lifts as to weather the front or rear shocker works
  8. all wiring colours http://www.expeditionlandrover.info/Lucaswirecode.htm
  9. Looking at your comments you seem to have a petrol type rev counter.
  10. Get a test light made up. Then switch whater circuit you want to work, Then go to each wire connector in turn to work out what is what
  11. how many times have you had this belt on and off. If more than once get a new belt
  12. } have seen this done to aFrench Defender to make a feet area for his young son. No I didn't look to see hoe it was done. I agree with Mo and Mbikw here there needs to be some strength put back
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