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  1. Roll cage fitted by Land Rover?

    Yes Ajan BUT they were not factory fit by Land Rover but fitted by Land Rover Special Vehicles AFTER the factory. I was in Wales a few years ago. One member was complaining the he couldn't get insurance on his 110 because of the winch fitted by Land Rover bt LRSV because it wasn't fitted no the line.
  2. Roll cage fitted by Land Rover?

    Yes Ajan BUT they were not factory fit by Land Rover but fitted by Land Rover Special Vehicles AFTER the factory
  3. Headlight MOT fail same again or LEDs?

    Do you know Mutley I don't think it;s possible. Just a small point. LED's are LED's no bulb fitted to the lamp. Halogen doesn't have a bulb, Just a quartz envelope
  4. Headlight MOT fail same again or LEDs?

    While I would like to see one of these Boomslang looms I made my set-up many years ago. Similar to what I made for my rally cars. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/landytown/headlight-wiring-a-better-way-to-get-light-t7578.html
  5. Headlight MOT fail same again or LEDs?

    Another shout for the HELLA although they haven't half gone up in price
  6. Headlight Wiring

    Yes Bowie69 but there'sa longer wiring run to keep the area clear. 6 of one 2 3's the other
  7. Headlight Wiring

    Thank you Simon. Now I wasn't getting at you over the colours, more so the people that made that loom. For those of you that "off road" the way the lights are fused, mans iff you damage a corner and the lights the fuse should save the loom. Simon, also you can take the wiring lead straight off the starter
  8. Headlight Wiring

    Oh so modern. I was making upgrades headlight looms for cars like to those in the 1970's. all that information was originally posted om LRO.com Found where I moved the post to...... https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/landytown/headlight-wiring-a-better-way-to-get-light-t7578.html At least I suggest the correct wiring colours so anybody can follow the colours
  9. ME !! When I refit things like this, I use a thread sealant on the threads and copper grease on the shank. Thread sealant is SUPPOSED to stop the threads seizing and making It easier to remove the bolt/screw
  10. It's our fault again...

    Old ?? What does Mre Wright cal old ? A one year old vehicle ?
  11. Pheasants!

    A petrol V4 IIRC. The fastest thing I remember on the M1 was a Transit with FIVE ladders on roof !!!!!
  12. Pheasants!

    When working in the 1980s we had a Ford transit hit by a pheasant. Right throug the windscreen and out through the rear window.
  13. 300TDi overhaul

    WHAT KEY ? There wasn't any key on my 300Tdi for driving. Just 4 small fingers on the driven gear that sat on the flats on the nose of the crank. A very SIMPLE if time consuming job. Make sure that you replace the fuel pipe banjo's the correct way.
  14. 300TDi overhaul

    Sabre. When I took mine apart, there wasn't anything visable from what was the loi pump gear. Oh Yes. I did 40km with no oil pressure. Apart from a set of big end shells and a new oil pump the same engine has reaches 249, 500 miles
  15. 300TDi overhaul

    As you suspect the oil pump, why not change thar. It's not a bad job. I did mine in a garden in ZA