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  1. mmgemini

    300tdi’s heating

    Or even a few more quid on a temperature reading gun
  2. mmgemini

    300tdi’s heating

    So you do know that 300Tdi temp gauge with the needle just on the red could have an actual temp of 88Deg C or it could have an actual temp of 92 Deg C. GET A PROPER COOLANT GAUGE but of course that means spending money. No where near as much as a rebuilt enging. However you know better about the Land Rover gauge.
  3. mmgemini

    300tdi’s heating

    What temperarure is the coolant gauge reading. Apples or bannanas. Get a proper coolant gauge that reads in Deg c
  4. mmgemini

    Radiator stop leak

    Wynns stop leak is good and it works
  5. mmgemini

    R380 reversing light switch.

    Not a factory car. Built by Land Rover Special Vehicles for BT. Some UK insurance do not accept a LR special is a factory job
  6. mmgemini

    R380 reversing light switch.

    So why LUCAR connectors on the reversing light switch I have
  7. mmgemini

    Best horn replacement

    111111so simple. I got a nice pair of hornes off a scrap BMW. The really do the job
  8. mmgemini

    Defender Alternator ADVICE needed

    I run an 100Amp alternator on my Defender. It as a straight swap. The only thing I did was to double up the heavy brown wire from the alternator to the starter motor
  9. mmgemini

    Breaker bar & impact sockets?

    Exactly. A well serviced vehicle will only need the breaker bar
  10. mmgemini

    New 200TDI wiring loom advice

    Here you are ianmayco68 http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/section.php/74/1/blade-terminals Notice the 3 and 4 way connector blocks. I have those on the tail light connections
  11. mmgemini

    New 200TDI wiring loom advice

    I've converted the bullet connectors to Lucar. IMO a much better connector
  12. mmgemini

    Dremel or similar

    If you want a good industrial tool go PROXXEN
  13. mmgemini

    mpg for 300tdi 110csw

    Fuel consumption always depends how much lead is in the drivers foot
  14. mmgemini

    Robs 90 called Billy

    This is how I did mine.Note the main feed id from the starter motor terminal basically a feed from alternator https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/landytown/headlight-wiring-a-better-way-to-get-light-t7578.html
  15. mmgemini

    Robs 90 called Billy

    I don't know about the TD5 loom but the 300TDi loom is not up to running any headlights, the wiring isn't heavy enough I do like your build

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