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  1. The amount of muppets I see out and about in what can only be described as MOT failures is unreal, I live on the edge of Salisbury plain and when I'm over there I see all sorts, they plainly have no recovery points-apart from some scabby 50mm ball on the backside of the equally manky towbar and expect to be able to recover themselves with unsuitable kit. John
  2. If you change one-clutch master or slave, then you should really change the other as a matter of course, the theory goes that when one of them is worn out then the other won't be that far behind, I've always done this and has served me well over the last 20 years of owning landrovers. John
  3. Last year when I was off from work I used Joseph Ash's down In Bridgend(South Wales) 01656 668735 and they did the Galvanising I wanted done on a 3 day turn around but could've done it the next day If I'd had wanted, I had 165 Kg of metal parts(All of the steel parts from a 90-including the bulkhead, battery box and cappings) and it came to £120 inc the VAT, The people there were brilliant and were very busy by the looks of it , personally for me the best plan of action was to buy ordinary steel cappings and then get them shot blasted and galv'd, I got all of my metal shotblasted in my local town(Frome-Somerset) by a polish outfit and they did 54 Items of metal for £240-cash, I now keep fitting nice clean non rusty stuff to my 90 and it's like fitting brand new but not If you know what I mean!! John
  4. I've got a R380 stumpy from Ashcrofts on my 90 and I fitted it with an oil cooler(ok-yes even though I live in the Uk, as I do-do some towing and sometimes don't hang about when I'm driving), after spending the thick end of £1200.00 I want as much protection that I can get, I've change the oil every 6 months and it's been as good as gold, I've had it on my truck since 2013 and done about 15-20k miles since then, The oil cooler is the standard thermostatic block from land rover that fit's onto late LT77's and all R380 boxes, I've fitted it to a 13 row 235mm long-unbranded oil cooler in a vertical position with 1/2" hydraulic swaged pipework run up to the front and it sits next to my full width intercooler, I've also fitted an "oil cooler" from rocky mountain spares to my transfer box as I replaced that at the same time as my main gearbox, Since I've fitted both of these to my truck I've noticed a drop in the engine temperature(on the gauge) and a much cooler cab area too John
  5. I take my transit to council depots-that have the testing facility, as they're just there to pass or fail the vehicle being tested-not trade up on repairs etc. John
  6. A small bore rifle cleaning brush will do the same job something like a .223(5.56mm) or similar will do the job at a cheaper cost for doing the job John
  7. Ross, Could I ask how much were your brake lines for the rear please? John
  8. Have you thought about attaching a solar panel to charge the leisure battery up ?
  9. I've been on one of those car carriers and they are reputed to be unstable even with the best care taken to stabilise the cargo. John
  10. Nige, I've got the Duratracs on my 90 and they're excellent mate John
  11. I fitted Zeus stainless pistons about 8 years ago and they're still as good now as they were when first fitted. John
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