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Which front axle


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I have just purchased my first Landrover (300 tdi discovery 1) which I can best discribe as a project, so there will be many question to follow. Whilst investigating play in the front n/s wheel, I found that the locking washer had been reused a number of times to the point where it was no longer capable of holding both nuts in place. The locking washer is the one with a tab that fits in a small channel in the stub axle. I'm I right in saying that this is not the correct axle for this discovery and if so which axle is it and does it give any benefit. The discovery has been fitted with larger tyres (35's), will it improve the ratios?

I'm still to take a closer look at the rear so that one could be off a Honda civic!

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I'm not well up on this when did what, but it sounds wrong to me. However, it might be your lucky day, because this outer hub set is the 'A' prefix axel that takes Ashcrofts 110 HD CV's. So if you are fitting a front locker you're a quick lathe job away from success :)

or it already has these CV's ?

Unfortunately the chrome balls being 6 bolt like the early axel, or 7 like the later 'B' metric's, doesn't help identifying the hub set, as I have 7 bolt casing and chalice, with imperial outers for the HD cv's........

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