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CKP problem and problem starting.


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This is my first post, but I have lurking and learning over the past year about the D2’s. I have run into a very peculiar problem with my Crank Shaft Position Sensor (CKP). Please forgive the long drawn out history!

I have replaced the sensor three (3) times now and have had varying results and my D2 still does not start. Cranks fine, has spark, has fuel, but never catches...

History: 2002 LR D2 SE7 roughly 180,000 miles. First off year ago, replaced all fluids through the entire vehicle. Replaced the MAF, plugs and wires (STS and +4’s) and it ran beautifully for the past year with the only nagging code 1590 after clearing them (still working on that). Started noticing some exhaust leaks and puffing around the exhaust manifold y pipe joints. Ordered some new exhaust seals, and after some problems (broken studs of course) replaced the exhaust manifold (used) and the truck then ran beautifully again. Then the wife drives it for 3 days and then get a SES light come on, but no sounds, no blinking, no problems and immediately drives home. I try to start it later and it never starts, but the SES light flashes and the M and S transmission lights start blinking. I pull the codes and it is now showing a P0336 (CKP) and the 1590. I get new CKP from O’Reilly’s (Bosch!) and install it. It does not work and still won’t start. No codes. I assume it’s a bad part and get a new one (Bosch again!). I install it and still no start. The engine has spark and fuel. Cranks, but never catches. No codes. At this point I have swapped all fuses and relays with known good ones, no change. Tried the cutoff switch, tried the alarm trick with the key and STILL not starting. I pull off the 19mm spacer of the CKP and re-install. IT FINALLY FIRES AND STAYS RUNNING! I then realize I didn’t bolt the CKP down and it comes loose and bends the tab stalling the car. carp! I straighten out the prong and reinstall with the spacer. It fires right away and stays running. I follow my wife around for the next couple of hours while she drives it, with NO ISSUES. It runs beautifully. I go to start it the next day and it won’t start AGAIN! I replace the CKP AGAIN with good one this time from Autozone (Bosch again) with NO LUCK! It currently sits cranking but never catching. The CEL flashes as it’s cranking (off and on with the sputtering of the car) and the tach only start registering when it starts to fire and then looses it. I have tried starter fluid and it still doesn’t catch…

So now I am at a loss on how to proceed. Could I have damaged the internal ring when I left the CKP loose and it bent? It has been sitting for the past month as I try to figure this out and it is driving me crazy. The original CKP had the correct spacer, but taking the spacer out helped initially, but putting it back on also had the correct results, but then it stopped! The only thing I can think of at this point is that the fuel pump is failing erratically. I hear it prime and run (when it actually started and stayed on). Every indication is that it is the CKP according to the RAVE and info online...

I have devoured every bit of information and I am at my wits end with this D2, but love it when it runs… Please help and ask any questions… FYI, I am posting this on other forums just to get as much concensus information as possible.

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OO, I feel for you, that sensor is a bitch to get to as well.

I think, and I did this job like 3 years ago, that you can get the sensor upside down and as you say the spacer needs to be in the right spot. I had the same results, all fitted and then didn't run, swapped the spacer and ran.

You have a heat shield over it? Because its the heat that causes them to fail out (mine was fine cold then once warmed up cut out).

I'd be very tempted to check the wiring, from memory the connector is a bugger to get to as well, start buzzing them out as much as you can.

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