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  1. Might be worth checking the boost fuel pin, it sounds like it might be stuck down so as soon as you rev it's dumping too much fuel in. It's odd as there isn't a lot to TDi's and if they start they usually work OK for everything else.
  2. The autobox ecu can apparently reach fine without extension to sit vertically in the centre console. I keep meaning to do it, but we don't do a lot of wading so not been a big deal. This does, for a quick fix, get you probably 6" of extra depth, by that time the throttle pedal probably won't work anyway That would be the next one to move up - the defender guys have done this, but not sure I've heard about it on a disco
  3. Scheduled for 33 degrees with a smattering of lethal bushfire.
  4. Oil pressure relief valve? No idea where it would be or even if they are in the filter. The V8 has the issue that the valve sticks open and you get no pressure, sounds like sticking closed?
  5. Eagle are a SA and WA outfit, their campers are middle price, but pretty good quality. Like any of the cheaper ones they are made in China, but they do a fair bit of finish and refettle in Aus to make sure they are not duffers. I compared the eagle with the cub camper at a few shows and honestly, the cub was not worth another $20k. In fact the only stand out was Complete Campsite, their camper was beautiful, but $70k.... We don't tend to do overseas holidays so we just justified it on the base of what we would spend doing a OS holiday each year. And then we bought a new property.... our camping is now curtailed while we recover on finances and bring the land back up to standard, so the most the camper is likely to do is maybe only a few hours away or dragging it up to the back paddock The camper may also cause an end to land rover ownership... It's about 1.9t fully filled to head away and the TD5 is not getting any younger. Been seriously looking at where to go next. On the plus side, now we have a load of land I've been eyeballing S1,2,3 for a restoration and to bimble about the property in.
  6. We have a few camp setups, Tent and Gazebo, swag and camper trailer. Depends on where we are going, how long for, how far and if the dogs are with us. Camper has only been used on about 4 trips so far though. The awning tent in one of the photos is actually pretty good (our awning is an odd size, so it's a bit rumpled, but fits normal ones fine). Cost wise: Tent in picture was $300, but can't get them anymore, nearest I've seen is OzTent turbo tent I think it was which is near identical, but about $1500 Swag was $150 Awnings are about $150, tent with it was about $50. We have one one the side (2.4m) and one on the rear. Camper was about $21,000 though - so that is a bit more serious. We got the camper after going away and finding nothing but hard rock camping and couldn't put the tent out too well. The camper is a hard floor model, so no pegs unless you put the annex up, has 130L of water, water pump, kitchen, place for the fridge and a normal bed in it. We even have a hot water system On useful note, we swapped the mattress in the swag for a blow up one, the swag now rolls away to very little and is more comfortable to boot.
  7. I appreciated the realness of his videos, I mean, surely we've all got an oil rag made from an old pair of undies I've found his videos interesting, but I thought he was paddocks and brit part sponsored originally and the patreon thing had only been in the last 6 months or so?
  8. There's an outside chance it is just the bearing in the cover at the front, been a while since I've been into a manual, but from memory there is a seal and and race held on by the cover. It can be replaced without taking the box apart, you take the cover off and it all falls to bits. IIRC the race can't be done without taking apart, but the cage obviously can. However, I don't remember the input shaft coming free after removing the bearing, but it was ages ago (like more than 10 years!). It's out, so you may as well take the cover off and see if the bearing has disintegrated.
  9. I heard a tall tale about someone who was manufacturing a specific seal, they sent a prototype to China with a couple of holes, I think it was to evaluate the quality of the production. The next minute this seal was being sold all over the place, but complete with the holes so that it didn't work...
  10. D1 V8? In that case you can look at https://discoweb.org/showthread.php?t=79207 which is about RoverGauge and open source tool to talk to the 14CUX. It requires a bit of wiring to get the serial input, I can't recall the details but they are linked there. Nanocom can do this too, but to be honest, that's an expensive option if it's just for the old V8. If the D1 300Tdi EDC then I'm not sure there is any option.
  11. Eep, nope, the bung you also referred to is the source for brake vacuum boost and is a kind of push fit fitting, easily broke. The ABS pump is exactly that and used for the ABS brake control and not for manual braking.
  12. And South Australia ;-) I keep mentioning it on Facebook. I reckon your photo dismantle method would be awesome for maintenance DVDs for kit, if we ever get a bit of kit that we want a super dooper workshop manual/DVD we'll give you a shout. A lot of the military kit has manuals, but the squadies can never have it dumbed down enough and they would be great.
  13. If you go for that gearbox and transfer box combo it looks like you will need to do something with the high low lever or you'll be operating it with your anus.
  14. You could try a peugot or vw one if you can find on in a scrap yard? You could try the robbing buggers over my way, make sure you are sat down when you ask them how much. I'm sure they'll refurbish it first and coat it with bullshotomium to stop any further wear..... I noticed when I was doing the tuning that the horizontal pin hard worn a slight groove into the boost compensater pin, but since I was turning through about 20 degrees it didn't matter. Thought about just tweaking through 4 or 5 degrees, slightly more or less fuel and hence tune. Just curious about your oval comment, and I'm sure you know, but the pin has different angles for boost compensation as you rotate it, so it will kind of be oval, as I said I found an actual groove where the fuel governor pin rides on it, which is the only wear I'd expect.
  15. There is a pretty cheap ebay kit containing all the seals for the pump available, it was a few years ago now I bought it and fitted a fair bit of it. ebay search There is also a good set of videos first video showing the process to do it in place and finally Simon Brown has a post here in the tech archive forums detailing some of the same work. If you are happy to remove from the car then it's going to be heaps easier, but presents it's own set of problems for alignment afterwards. The only thing I remember is making sure you mark the shaft properly, not like I did , and that you should push down on the throttle shaft while you remove the plate or I reckon you can bend the linkage, which makes for very strange running afterwards. No leak after the job for at least 12 months until I sold mine.
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