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SRS and Cruise Control Fault


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Newbie P38 Mk2 owner here - just come across to the Dark Side from Defender Land!

This is a 4.6HSE with all the toys. On a trip to London tonight, the cruise control worked briefly, then refused to engage again, shortly afterwards the SRS warning light came on and wont go off.

From my experience with a Disco Mk2, is it likely that I have a defective rotary coupler (seems to be common between the Cruise Control and SRS (although the horn still works!), or is there another fault in there?

Cheers and Happy Christmas


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Hi Peter,

Rotary coupler is a common fail point - easily checked with multimeter. Though another common SRS fail point is the under seat connector, which your model should have. Look for yellow wiring and connectors. There is also an inline resistor behind the centre console which can cause problems. The SRS brain is under the centre cubby box and bolted down with torx head bolts - this was fried on my SE. My 95 truck needed a diagnostic rese, to clear SRD light, later years will (should?) Automatically self test and reset.

Cruise is a general weak point. Check for perished vacuum hoses and that the brake pedal switch is OK. Do you hear a relay click behind the steering wheel when you try to set cruise?


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