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Engine malfunction (red)


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Returning home from Christmas in Surrey in my 3 year old TDI an amber warning light appeared on the panel. Whilst my navigator searched the users handbook for an explanation of the indication I carried on as the colour of the alarm was only amber. On arriving home I found that the only entry in the handbook referred to the Engine malfunction (RED) indicator which stated that there is a fault with the engine and high speeds should be avoided and qualified assistance should be sought urgently. On switching off the engine another alarm appeared on the information panel "reduced engine performance". The car was fully serviced by an authorised dealer only 4 weeks ago and at that time they were notified of an intermittent problem, namely loss of acceleration. The car had performed perfectly since the service : they had been unable to find anything wrong. Is there a second engine malfunction alarm which has a red light which only comes on when there is something serious or should the warning bulb in my car have been red and not amber?

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Just for information : I took my Freeo into the main dealer today. Told that the amber alarm was just a low level warning. Had there been something serious the alarm would indeed have been red. No mention of that in the owners handbook. The malfunction turned out to be related to the DPF. I was advised to drive for at least 25 minutes at at least 2,500 rpm to ensure that the particulates would be burn off ; 30 miles up the A1 in 4th gear on the way home followed. What indications would there be to show that the burn-off process had been successfully completed?

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