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Earth question

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Hi. Should be simple but prior experience suggests it won't be.

Recently when I put sidelights on I generally get a wiper sweep or two. If I flash headlights (i.e. no sidelight circuit) it does not happen. My simple mind says ah! earth leak in the sidelights so am about to go and try and sort it given the day is fair (at the moment) and I have some time.

Just before I start I now begin to wonder if actually, knowing LR electrics, the earth leak might be anywhere. I will re-do the four sidelight earths since it will not do any harm, but wondered if it may not make much difference. Any thoughts?

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Thanks western. I ended up running an extension off the new earth cable I ran for the headlights back to the battery and now all seems hunky dory. Have to say the earths were pretty shocking!!

One day I will build a 365 day maintenance listing with a set number of tasks for each and every day of the year (perhaps 5 or 6 each day); to be repeated each year ad infinitum :-)

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