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Performance Air Filter ??


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Terrafirma's "Performance" foam air filter in particular, what are people's opinion of them?

I had one on my hybrid for the past year and it's been doing the opposite of what I was expecting of it. With it installed I've noticed that there was more smoke on acceleration, fuel economy was higher than normal and strangely the engine was quieter.

Yesterday I removed the filter with the intent to clean it and reinstall but when I was using compressed air to blow from the inside outwards, I noticed that there was very little air flow through the foam filter. After a few minutes of thoroughly cleaning the filter the air flow through it never improved. Taking a new paper filter out of stock, I then tested the air flow through it which there was a literally a day & night difference.

With the paper filter installed and a quick test drive there was a huge improvement with smoke, the engine felt livelier and you now can actually hear air flow through the filter into the engine.

A person can't say that the filter was clogged as I didn't even get any where's close to 3000km on the landy within the past year, nor was the filter housing dirty.

The Terrafirma performance foam air filter never lived up to it's own hype, it did nothing but restrict my engine. Am I alone with this experience with these filters? For the time being I'm sticking to original paper filters.


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I dont like these performance filters. Its all just gimmiky carp.

They offer less filtration, have a MUCH smaller surface area so tend to clog up much quicker, and rely on being impregnated with oil to catch the dirt, which plays havok on newer motors with Mass Air Flow sensors. Due to the oil, cleaning them with compressed air probably woudlnt do much. You need to literally wash them out with soapy water/solvents, let it dry, then re-oil it before reinstalling.

Yes, they may offer less restriction, when new and clean, but its pretty marginal, especially on a standard turbocharged engine.

The stock landrover filters are pretty massive too. When you look at what a high powered production car like an RS4 or M3 breathes thru, you realise the huge paper filter landrover fit simply isnt a problem.

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