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Hello and advice... already!


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Hi guys n girls,

new to the forum and owning a LR! Brought a 02 TD4 GS 5 door last week, and loved every inch of the 254 miles so far! although, in the first week, the front passenger window cable has snapped so the window is wedged up at the mo, so need to source a replacement, and its got the squeaks! some of which is interior trim onto the leather, but the other seams to be related to suspension travel.

When I drive over say a speed bump, it squeaks from the front left as the car travels back up to its normal position (strut extending). Is there any common faults regarding ball joints or bushes etc? Its no spring chicken, 115k on the clock...

Also it has had the rear prop taken off which i want to refit. i know it saves fuel leaving it off, but i would have brought a diesel lupo if mpg was my priority! Is there any preliminary operations to carry out before i refit it? I wanted my 1st LR to be proper! :i-m_so_happy:

I've seen some new window iners on ebay, are they ok?

Thanks in advance!!

Look forward to using the site


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You can buy the window cable repair kits on eBay very cheaply. I had no problems with the one I bought, others have had different experiences. For a few pounds it's worth the risk. The instructions are in the Haynes manual.

Can't really help with your squeaks - could be anything really. I would suspect bushes first.

Have you got the prop? It was most likely taken off because the vcu and/or bearings were shot, so I would check those first. Also you need to make sure the drive flange at the front is OK, and not loose in its bearings (which would require an ird rebuild) and similarly check that the rear diff flange is ok, and the diff rubber mountings (there's 3 of them) aren't falling apart.

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Thanks Tim.

I'll set to on the window then. Thought it sounded too good to be true on eBay! However I see a few people have them as you said.

The prop and associated bits are working, was removed purely for mpg as it's previous life was a school bus! I'll look out for the mentioned bits and get that back right.

Thanks for the advice, greatly appreciated!


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Quick update.....

Since last time I've refitted the props haft, and eventually fixed the passenger window!

Shaft went on quite easy, although it was difficult to do on my own due to the weight. took around an hour in total, and a colourful vocabulary...

Window was a mare. I went for the replacement cable option first - big mistake I found. The ones I got weren't very exact, and it was a bit of a fiddle trying to get them rigged. After spending ages rigging them, i discovered it was the motor pulley that was also natched so as soon as I operated it the cable jumped and i was back to square 1.

I eventually brought the complete replacement including motor, cables, runners and clamps from LR trade parts on ebay. Brilliant service, fitted exactly an worked first time.

Having covered a few thousand miles now, not had any real dramas, everything seems to work as it should and on a trip up north I crunched the numbers and with 4 people loaded to the gunnels it achieved 41.2mpg - which i thought was fairly respectable.



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