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300tdi exhaust on a 90

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Hi folks, I'm looking for some help regarding my exhaust. I have the late style 300tdi full system ( non cat front pipe, large centre silencer and rear over axle pipe)

I am fitting this to my 200 tdi, the chassis is a Marsland galv item and I bought the appropriate hanger brackets (I think). The reason for fitment is due to the td5 rear tank setup I have fitted but it's a really tight fit. I am going to mate the 200/300 front pipes and was looking to have the rest of the system "standard" 300tdi.

Bracket wise I have the one that bolts onto the chassis rail adjacent to the transfer box (old 200 one was suspended from gearbox mount), I have the one for the middle crossmember that attaches via rivnuts to the underside and the one for the rear crossmember......straight fit then? Er no!

With the centre section on its rubbers it is almost touching the chassis rail and the A-frame mount. The rear pipe is then also nearly touching the A-frame arm. I've done the usual searches to try and see clearance pics but is it really meant to be so close? When I say nearly it's only a few mm away.

To my eyes the chassis mount bracket needs to be lower to drop the silencer a bit to give more sideways clearance then the intermediate crossmember bracket could also be doing with a drop.

Any one else had this problem or is it down to the pattern exhaust being miles out of tolerance? Just looking for some insight before chopping the hangers to suit!

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