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  1. Supply of air for spray painting

    When painting I run 2 x 3hp compressors, one rated at alledgedly 14.3 and the other at 12cfm. The 14.3 has a 200litre tank, the 12 has a 50 and I couple up another 50litre buffer. If painting something decent in size like a roof or baler panels both will run constantly and just keep up supply. My airfed mask needs 6cfm, the devilbiss Gti-pro needs about 12 at 2.4bar but paints beautifully. The primer guns with larger tips are very air hungry, in contrast I have a small smart repair gun with a 0.8mm tip and it is very low on air consumption. Unfortunately waiting on the compressor to catch up isn't really an option if you want to do a decent job. I would dearly love a vane type compressor that chucks out loads of cfm, most are 3phase and cost thousands though
  2. Ok I've had enough now

    Was that dropped or "launched" given your current run...
  3. Supply of air for spray painting

    All my guns have the regulator attached directly to them at the inlet with a swivel hvlp (or euro) male connector from this to the airline which tees from my airfed mask belt/filter. Must admit my set up is as close to pro as I could get in the workshop and I have numerous traps and filters prior to getting near the gun. How much air do you have available? You won't be long in emptying the cylinder when painting a panel, paint guns are air hungry...even hvlp stuff requires a decent supply.
  4. TD5 Immobiliser problem after reconnecting battery

    "Blue light on top of dash panel"? Standard td5 immobiliser is indicated via the red LED on the speedo, sounds as if you have a second immobiliser/alarm installed ...
  5. Mine were pretty stubborn to get moving with lots of wiggling and prizing required but once off their seat they slid off with relative ease.
  6. Defeated!

    Some expanding foam and underseal and she'll sail through... definitely time for a new one just a shame about the wait
  7. Tdi fuel pump spacer

    No spacers on either of mine, the 12L wouldn't prime after fitment so swapped over the 11L pump, both levers exactly the same length but I do remember one being in the kit with the new one I put in the 90.
  8. Invisible Defender

    Well seeing as this seems to be spearing off on a tangent, my peeve is with not noticing...not jumping foolishly on the brakes and creating more mayhem. If I can notice an emergency vehicle approaching from behind and the oncoming vehicles are also pulling in to allow a passage through busy traffic then why can't the thwack behind me not see it?? Or at the very least wonder as to why all the other cars seem to be pulling in? Living in a wee metal bubble of their own... For example, heading down the A77 to Girvan today. I saw the oncoming ambulance about half a mile away and suitably slowed although he was not in my lane or direction of traffic this allowing a suitable opportunity if the ambulance was to overtake However the vehicle holding the ambulance from making safe and rapid progress was completely oblivious to what was behind him...even the ambulance driver acknowledged with a shrug and a wave as he passed. The ambulance was still stuck behind the same vehicle as they cleared my rear view. This on a stretch with average speed cameras so it's not as if the vehicle causing the hold up was making rapid progress too... Forward observation is very poor, even in towns just allowing room for an artic to carry out a manoeuvre seems alien to most of the driving population.
  9. Is this normal

    Mine too. Always nice to know in advance when it needs another crank seal lol
  10. Sealing cables from engine bay

    Dumdum is my sealant of choice (think it's no longer made though)...butyl mastic strips I think is what you can get it in these days.
  11. Desperate for help with TD5 lights!

    For a start, 10v isn't good and a healthy battery should see 12v. so, have a look at link6 and ensure its clean and got 12v in and out...if it's all good there you may have a break on the brown/blue feeding the switch. A continuity check should confirm. The fact you have lost all lighting controlled by the switch and not individual circuits points to a supply problem. Although your multimeter is showing a voltage this can be misleading...knock up a quick test lamp with a bulb to see if it illuminates.
  12. Painting panels separately?

    If you are going with a solid colour then it's not so much of an issue, metallics can be affected by the way in which the base is laid down. As mentioned earlier having enough paint to do the whole job is a start but a pro-paint shop should be able to replicate exact batches time after time. Gun settings and pressure consistency are easy to keep in check but in the DIY booth temperature is an issue. The biggest problem is the tool holding the gun! A decent painter is worth his weight in gold, the amount of "pro" jobs I've seen that are simply shocking is phenomenal...it all depends how fussy you are and like most things you only get what you pay for. Painting off ensures the panel edges are all well coated and saves any masking issues.
  13. Ok I've had enough now

    I feel your pain...they’re like petulant children at times...show one more attention than the other and it’s not long in having a hissy fit! Just had to change my 200tdi engine a couple of weeks back.
  14. Wheel spacers

    Hmmm, what offset are the rims you are using? ET0 is the usual for steels/modulars, standard boost styles are ET35 (so a 30mm spacer effectively gives an ET5) I have 265/75r16 on boosts that had no clearance issues prior to the fitment of spacers
  15. Wheel spacers

    Ahh, copper slip. It really needs to be added to the duct tape/wd40 meme. If it moves and shouldn’t...duct tape if it doesn’t move and should...wd40 if you’d ever like it to come apart again...copperslip lol