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  1. New Defender mule

    You can just make out that the LWB is running air suspension
  2. LEGOs replacement for the Defender

    100yr warranty...Vauxhall beat them with a lifetime warranty* *oh that's right it was 10yr or 100k...con! Lol But back to the Partisan...do they have "minus" scores on the Euro NCAP scale?
  3. D5 - fixed!

    Well as contentious as the tailgate design is, with no badges you'd be able to identify it from that?? But hey-Ho, everyone has their own tastes and opinions, some people don't like change..I get that and would've happily bought one of the last D4s my 12MY D4 was up there with one of my favourite cars I've had. But the new one is better. Having had the last 3 incarnations I'm not just going on looks for my comments though, I also had a Shogun in between discovery models...which apart from a body kit upgrade hasn't changed since 98/99. We landrover owners are a fickle bunch. Even more so us that have defenders as we seem to hate change: the outcry of the td5 powerplant then the almost blasphemous transit engined puma...heaven forbid they added more than a bonnet bulge for that evolution. The new defender will almost certainly split opinions to a greater extent than what the D5 has done to the discovery heritage but in defence of the D5 it's had a lot more positive comments than I expected from non "car" people...McGoverns' designs may not appeal to the hardcore/diehard but definitely appeals to the masses.
  4. D5 - fixed!

    Aye, supercharged v8...sounds awesome. Space in the D5 is excellent, the lower roofline I think skews perception in relation to d3/4, it's loads better and less cramped than the D2. Boot space is huge. i had my mates RRS up for detailing the week I bought the D5 so had the two side by side for comparison. No denying it's a big car with a huge ass...there is loads of room for junk in the trunk though!
  5. D5 - fixed!

    I can assume that no one likes the D5?
  6. D5 - fixed!

    Yes that would work. Just need to relocate the reg lights and boot switch/ rev camera accordingly.
  7. D5 - fixed!

    Ok, look at the length of the area where the original badge sits, now compare that to the photoshopped model. Its now a fair bit shorter...which you can’t do on the existing side without cutting. Look at the DISCOVERY badge on mine, the step reaches from the “ERY” so transpose that to “DIS” on the other side...leaves little room for a plate.
  8. D5 - fixed!

    Nope, look on the Startech site and it shows a CAD model of the new panel. The step is shortened on the right. It can’t be replicated symmetrically on the left to leave enough room for a plate so must be reduced.
  9. D5 - fixed!

    Well, it isn't that bad. Must admit I didn't like the offset plate idea but with a shortened plate it looks fine. Star tech solution must involve hacking the step section out of the tailgate which on a £57k car I'd be hesitant to do... Having had D2,3,4 and now 5 its still as practical as all the others have been but a lot more refined than the D4. It's still to pop it's towing cherry but I can't see it being bad at that.
  10. Haha, just needs a Khan badge...
  11. A new rival to the Defender?

    Was watching the blurb on the D5 SVX and McGovern gave a nod (if ever so slightly) to the defender and its role within the family architecture. Still touted to be practical and utilitarian....
  12. 2.5TD leaking lots of oil

    So, it's lost approx 1litre of oil but no signs of where it's came from? That should make one huge mess regardless of where it's coming from. Is it burning oil (blue smoke?). As the air filter is contaminated then a puff of blue is almost inevitable but at the rate of loss if you can't see visible leakage then it must be going somewhere....any signs of oil in the exhaust tail pipe? Fair play for endeavouring to save the 19j, we ripped ours out the 110 when it started breathing heavy and fitted a disco tdi lump.
  13. 200tdi rear lights fault

    Earth points and bullet connectors...Land Rovers finest engineering lol
  14. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Bit of a gauge fetish Ralph?? Must admit, you can't beat a nice analogue gauge for some instant info...and being slightly less picky than James...the fuel gauge needs green bulbs lol
  15. Diagnosis confirmation needed

    Yup, head gasket. My 200 did exactly the same to begin with after a long tow with a heavy trailer ...it slowly got worse and the heater performance started to suffer not long after. New head gasket and it's been fine ever since, I fitted a clear expansion tank too which made it much easier to keep an eye on.