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  1. Yes that's the one
  2. I'll echo that. My Clarke has survived abuse and done a lot of welding over the last 18yrs (150 amp model) so don't discount them. I keep threatening to replace it but it still plods away and for a budget/DIY spec machine it can lay down some nice welds.
  3. Absolutely chuffin fantastic! Beautifully done Ross with great detail. I doff my virtual cap, sir
  4. Pin 1Black (earth) pin2 Brake (Green/Purple) pin3 tail light (red/orange RHS)/(red/black LHS)
  5. No there's no requirement to bridge it out. I have full XS td5 looms, including using as much of the td5 engine loom as possible. No inertia switch installed or bridged, on the td5 it feeds the ecu and fuel pump relay...as the tdi uses neither it serves no purpose.
  6. Don't want to state the "bleedin" obvious...but that pic with the ratchet attached shows you have the caliper fitted upside down as I can just see the nipple cover at the bottom of the pic. The change in orientation may give you the very minimal clearance that there appears to be on Westerns pics.
  7. As yet no one seems to produce an inner repair section for the vent and screen mount area. You get extended footwell sections that take you up to just under the fold, above that it's good old fashioned cardboard and sheet metal, combined with copious quantities of tea and swearing...with a bit of welding and grinding too. Seen worse, repaired worse...as have many on here.
  8. page 10, about half way down and you'll see the 11L stripped of its timing case and a list of the bits needing swapped.
  9. The 3 wire one is for your blower/heater
  10. The orange/green orange purple plug is for the passive coil
  11. It slides over the part of barrel at the key slot, it’s shaped to match the td5/tdci barrel so will only fit one way
  12. Yes that’s it. 😉
  13. I did exactly as western suggested, changing the timing chest and ancillaries over to turn the disco (12L) into a defender (11L). Not the hardest thing to do but time consuming. Just remember to crack the crank pulley bolt before stripping the engine out...then you’ll only have to swear at removing the one from the donor engine
  14. Yes it is. Mine had gone porous
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