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TD5 injector loom

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Noticed a very slight occasional misfire the other day and checking under the drivers seat can see some oil on the wiring going to the ECU.

Think that you are ahead of me.

Have booked it in to my local 4x4 specialists who I haven't used before as: ( excuses time!)

A. Am seriously flat out at work.

B. Its cold and dark after work.

C. As well as my own carp, my garage is full of my son and daughters dross which they have expressly forbidden me to dump.

D. I need to drive a fair distance on Friday.

They come recommended but, in the past having been quoted £500 by my local rip off garage for a high pressure fuel pump in the tank of Lady Studmuffins Peugeot ( when it doesn't have one) I like to be forearmed. Can anyone give me a very rough estimate of what I can expect to pay inc of the dreaded VAT if this is the solution to the problem?



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The in-the-cylinder-head loom (which is where the oil's getting in) is around £30 for a random [allmakes/britpart] one off-the-web and around £80 +VAT for the genuine item from a LR dealer.

Plus a gasket or three.

Add in an hour or so of labour to fit, and to clean out the tracked oil in the rest of the wiring-loom.

£175 +VAT should get it fitted at a reputable place [to include the necessary clearing of the ECU fault-codes and a 12-month parts-and-labour warranty].

£250+VAT at a LR dealership.

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