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Discovery 2, TD5, Power Steering Failure - Part 2!


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Further to my post yesterday (regarding power steering failure and complete loss of fluid from reservoir), I've had a closer look at the two pipes which exit the bottom of the power steering side of the joint (together with ACE) reservoir and what I thought was a 'claw' on one of them to help hold the rubber pipe on the plastic tube is, in fact, a faulty moulding.

In trying to remove the rubber pipe the plastic tube snapped off and it is now clear that the plastic moulding is faulty with very thin walls and the plastic has gone brittle.

Incidentally, I see the plastic exit tube incorporates an aluminium inner strengthening sleeve.

With no apparent leaks from the steering box or PAS pump, my suspicion is that the fluid leaked from a crack in the faulty moulding.

A couple of questions to which I'd be really grateful for some answers -

(i) Rimmer Bros don't stock replacement reservoirs. Does anyone know who does, please?

(ii) In replacing the joint reservoir I'm going to have to disconnect the ACE side of the reservoir. What are the implications and potential problems with regard to doing this, eg will I get air into the ACE system? If so, how is it bled please?

(iii) I have spotted (I think!) the bleed screw for the PAS system on the top of the steering box but can't make out whether or not it's got a hexagonal

head. It looks like an Allen screw? If so, any tips on how to reach it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much for your help, in anticipation.

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