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P 38 air suspension question


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Anyone help.pretty sure this just something stupid, air suspension, sometimes it just won't pump up and the low indicator keeps flashing, compressor working OK, air bladders OK, I think its something to do with the park load thingies as it seems to be worse after I've had the tailgate open for a while, I'll have a nose through my RAVE CDs , but anyone out there got any ideas.

Cheers Bill

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if you leave the tailgate open, does the car sink on a particular corner over time? if so, that would imply that a bladder is leaking, or the o-ring seals in the valve block are leaking.

is the compressor working constantly? if you start the car with the doors open, the the compressor should run for about 6 minutes to fill the tank then stop. ( it may pause during that time for a cool down but it will eventually stop ) if it doesn't then that would imply the compressor seal ring has gone.

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