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  1. Well I went to see the lovely and very helpful Nige I picked up a relay board, and sensors, and stuff, pretty much all I need to MS my Lexus engine Well except the Megasquirt itself, as Nige through me curve ball, he reckons MS3 will be a better bet, if I want to run Megashift, as the MS2 is a bit buggy and all the love in the community is passing over MS2 and going straight to MS3 So I've got some googling to do
  2. Did you actually do the Megashift on the Toyota box ? If so - I'll deffo follow your lead :-) A bit of tuning wouldn't worry me, but having a basic file to start from would be a great help. Andy
  3. Lots of good info - I need to sit down in a darkened room to contemplate most of it :-) As for the hot-rod part. It will be a Scimitar chassis. They've got decent suspension/steering/axle and are cheap. If I avoid cutting the chassis at all - I can avoid BIVA/SVA/HIV whatever it is called now, and the later SE6 chassis give a good wheelbase to work with. Body....will be a way off, current favourite is a GRP Model A pickup I'm off to fire up the new welder
  4. I'm too old for messing about with electronics - but I did find a neat albeit spendy solution that dispenses with the very Japanese shifter, and puts microswitches into the shifter for control of the solenoids. http://radesignsproducts.com/Winters_Shifter_Kits.php I like that - better get saving up - better get a new job So I'm not thinking - do I go MS1 and change my trigger wheel to a 36:1 Or go MS2 and program it for the factory 12 tooth and cam sensor ? Is it gin and tonic time ? Andy
  5. I do like to do intrigue There is another plan that I'd forgotten about - and that is to manual shift the box Seems there are two solenoids for shift pattern and one for lock-up, and wiring those up, may be a bit beyond me, but is probably easier than the GPIO option. I'd be happy shifting through the gears on steering wheel buttons or something similar. As far as I understand it - the original shifter stays for control of Park, reverse, drive and neutral. So I think that means I can stick with the tried and trusted MS1 MS1 I don't believe will support my 12 tooth crank wheel, but I'm
  6. I’ve tried to pick Nigel’s brains for a project of mine – he suggest I post up here first – so here goes. Firstly a disclaimer – this isn’t a Land Rover, or even a 4x4 project, but I’ve spent plenty of time on here in the past with a Camel Discovery, an Ibex and a weird home brew rock-crawler – Moglite. So I’ve earned my stripes here, but this will be an engine for a Hot Rod. I’ve got a Lexus V8 - 1UZ-FE engine and gearbox and I want to Megasquirt it. The engine currently has a dodgy factory ECU, and down the line I want/need/wish to add NOS or a supercharger, so Megasquirt will be the way
  7. That looks really nice. If it was a bit greyer, overcast and with some drizzle - it'd be perfect
  8. If its a 4-bolt box, and its terminal - I've got a couple of spares....will swap for beer
  9. Was it really necessary to keep mentioning "murdering prostitutes" Or use use porno mags as a prop, and a gag line. Its before the watershed, and its a program my 8 year old son looks forward too. Does Ann Robinson still do Points of View - or whatever - I want a word
  10. Alas this forum seems to pride itself on technical excellence But damn there has been some rubbish posted in the last week. So much rubbish, a whole load of junk in various diesel posts. Snow, whats yours called, and reposts about so-called LR humour. and what is the tech highlight of the week - a paper gasket. Seems to me the fun is being taken out, but the junk left in. If you are gonna moderate out the fun, at least make sure what is left is worthwhile.
  11. Isn't that the earlier VM engine - with individual heads - which makes them cheaper to fix.
  12. An oldish thread but this might be of interest Isuzu 4B info
  13. Blocked breather - causing pressurisation when the axle gets hot ?
  14. So what is the base diesel for that ? I've got a twin-turbo Cummins 5.9 on the wish-list for way in the future. I'm reckoning on an engine weight in excess of 1000lbs According to this an LS1 is under 500lbs
  15. No car that I'm aware of. Certainly nothing you are likely to find in a scrapyard Just not needed on a production car.
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