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td4 fan problem they stay on all the time


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Hi I have a td4 free lander bmw diesel engine ... my problem it the temperature gauge wont move stuck on cold and the fans stay on from cold they just on all the time even when the car is not started the fans come on from just puting the key in on ignition 2 not even started and they stay on for a few minutes after the key is out ... can any one help thanks alot...

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Yes I think its a hit an miss situation tbh see ive only just got it sort of a project for summer to use for towing ... the engine is far to clean for its age 2003 ... looks like its been jet washed I will be stripping it down as soon as I have the free time for all I know that sensor could be sitting in a puddle of water who knows so far ive been told its possible relay or temp senor under inlet manifold or the power pack transformer that sits on the right of the double fan tbh I'm just looking for possible things that I can check out if anyone has any ideas it will be much appreciated

Yes so far ive been told temp sensor under inlet manifold or possible relay or the power pack that sits to the right of the double fan ...the engine looks far to clean for a 2003 ive only just got it so for all I know the pervious owner possibly jet washed it and its sitting under the inlet in a load of water who knows when I have a bit of free time ill take the inlet off its just a project for summer for towing its a bit of hit an miss tbh bit if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciate

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