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Not a problem to be resolved (now!) - but a staggering PAS observa


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A couple of weeks ago my Discovery 2 TD5 was completely shrouded in an oily mist and the pas failed.

The pas side of the dual pas/ace reservoir was completely empty (I think the oily mist was the hydraulic fluid draining onto the exhaust system) and the reservoir return pipe had cracked.

On removing the reservoir, the return pipe was so brittle that the end broke off in my hand and the supply side pipe was showing signs of distortion.

On looking inside the reservoir my immediate impression was that there was no filter fitted.

However, a closer examination and I was staggered to see the distorted remnants of a melted filter in the bottom of the reservoir!

I'm not sure at what temperature the plastic filter material melts but it had clearly done so and I've still got the evidence to prove it!

What caused the pas fluid to reach such a high temperature, I do not know.

However, the fitting of a new pump and steering box together with a flush through of the system has resulted in the pas working again and the hydraulic fluid operating at a steady 65 deg, C on a motorway run.

Has anyone else experienced similar?

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