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Brake master cylinder non ABS single circuit


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I'm rebuilding my vehicle (part Range Rover Classic part Discovery) and I want to replace the brake master cylinder. It is a non ABS single circuit system with two outlets only on the master cylinder. The one I ordered was a dual circuit master cylinder with 4 outlets although the fitting bolts and servo end were the same as mine. Any ideas about a part number?


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The mounting studs are offset - that is when the master cylinder is sitting in its correct position one mounting stud is to the top left of the barrel and the other is bottom right. Thanks for your help.

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this one STC1285 for discovery 1 models has 2 ports as far as I can tell, with offset bolt holes


this one for RRC up to 1994 looks to have 2 ports as well


maybe one of those would do the job,

1 connection for front brakes

1 connection for rear brakes

I don't know of a single line master ctlinder that would fit, in UK/Euro vehicle brakes must be fail safe -- vehicle must be able to stop if one part of the circuit fails, a single line system doesn't comply.

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