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D2 td5, I want to remove the rear seats but they're rusted in plac


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I want/need to remove the rear seats in my D2 but the release cable wires have rusted off and I can't lift the seats to access the Torx bolts (which I'll have to grind/cut off anyway as they're also well rusted in!).

Does anyone have pics of the rearseat locking mechanism, or indeed any advice?

Cheers, DT

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No worries guys and gals. I was able to get inside the mechanisms this evening by smashing thro the brittle plastic/felt trim pieces and working a bent flathead screwdriver blade into the clamp mechanism (with a certain amount of help from a 3lb lump hammer!) and was finally able to release the twin seat. The single will have to wait til tomorrow...

I'd love to meet the plank who designed the carpet/foam cushioning for an offroad vehicle that's obviously going to receive copious amounts of water thro the "normal" activities these beasties were made for!

Pah! All that water, sucked up by the foam under the carpet just sits there waiting to do its nasty work of RUSTING up all the moving parts of the seat locks! Now I've got the seat up, (next one tomorrow) I'll be able to remove the carpet and foam and hang it somewhere to dry, then I'll set about freeing off the seatlocks so they run smoothly again.


"Everything's easy! It's all just a question of time ;-) "

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