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Defender Difflock Wind Up

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Hello everyone,

I am an owner of a 1997 Automatic Trans Land Rover Defender V8 engine and I have been driving it since forever without any problems.

Ive had an incident and its bothering me ever since. I think its the overprotectiveness I have over my car (typical)

I was driving my car off-road in a sand terrain and obviously Ive locked my center Diff-lock as usual. Shockingly i forgot that I did that and i went on tarmac just to make a small U-Turn (just perfect) to get back to the sandy area.. and yes i was taken by surprise by a BANG from the car and obviously i noticed that it was wind up release.

After that I tested my car with and without locking and everything was just fine.

I want your thoughts if i should take my car to get it looked at or am i just being paranoid.

Appreciate your advise…

Thank you all.



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