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300tdi into land rover 90

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I have no doubt in saying this has probably been asked before...

I'm sticking a 300tdi into my 89 landy 90. Now the original 90 engine loom was shot to pieces and broke in multiple places coming out being so brittle so it went in the skip.

Now I regret it! I've got a 300tdi defender engine loom, the only thing is I now can't figure out how to join the two.

Making multi plugs is easy enough but I'm staring at wiring diagrams going cross-eyed. Was really hoping someone. Somewhere will Go "ohhhhh I had that problem this does that etc..."

Thanks in advance

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all the colour codes of the wires should match, LR very kindly stuck with the same colour coding.your 90 should have the rubber block moulded connectors & the 300tdi engine loom plastic connectors, 2 options either cut off both sets of connectors & buy a set of matching ones or cut off the rubber one & obtain the matching 300tdi connector for the engine loom.

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I've just done the conversion, all the color coded wires match up.

The only ones you really need on the new engine going into the old engine bay are from the alternator, water temp, oil pressure, glow plugs and stop solenoid.

There were a bunch of others for the air con pump, and electronic fuel pump (the engine was from a discovery) which i just took off because they are not needed.

I spliced the cables with heat shrink rather then buy connectors, no problems yet.

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