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LSE air suspension ECU


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Does any one know where an ECU for a 4.2L LSE classic air suspension can be found at reasonable price ?

Any internet provider around for this spare .

JBR in Marseille France :D

Sorry for the rather late response... They come up on eBay fairly regularly - so far as I know there's no difference between LSE and standard 100" ECUs. Think I payed about £30 for my spare one, but there're lots of classics being broken at the moment and prices are generally pretty low - you may well get one for less. Obviously, there's no guarantee you'll get a good one, so the other option is to find a breaker that'll sell with a warranty of some kind, but you'll pay a premium for that.

Either way, the new ECU will need calibrating, which requires a diagnostic computer and a bit of faffing around levelling the truck up at the required heights and recording the readings from the height sensors. For most people this'll mean paying a land rover specialist to do it, you might be lucky and find a generous person in your area who has the right kit and will let you use it.

Are you sure your current ECU is actually faulty and doesn't just need recalibrating? If they're left without power for too long it seems to corrupt the memory registers. They only have a capacitor for backup, which given the age of them isn't going to last that long.

As a workaround, the ECU just switches 12V lines to the pump and valves, so you can operate the air suspension manually with a couple of wires and a pin-out of the ECU connector. Just go round with a tape measure and level the truck up every week or two - I've been doing this with mine for months :DInstructions here.

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