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  1. geoffbeaumont

    Dremel or similar

    You can get a flexi shaft for a dremel - well worth having if you go down that route, especially for repetitive work. That little drill gets surprisingly heavy after a while... I'd agree with Fridge and Bowie though - the Dremels aren't really made for heavy work. Mine has been great when treated with respect, but it has been back for repair after I used it for a heavier job (to be fair, probably well outside it's design parameters - I made up a little jig for cutting bevels on the edge of plaster and plasterboard after some builders didn't bother doing the wall corners in our hall properly. Messy but effective. Until I burned the bushes out...).
  2. To be fair, it went walkabouts from XKCD in the first place...
  3. geoffbeaumont

    High SWR reading on CB

    Wandering mildly off topic (probably) - if a bare metal connection is important for the aerial mount, how does that work with magnetic mounts, which usually have a plastic pad under them?
  4. geoffbeaumont

    ZF Auto at jaunty angle ?

    Except that presumably they'd have needed a different casting at the back and different mounting brackets from those in the V8 if they hadn't tilted the gearbox in the diesel...
  5. geoffbeaumont

    P38 EAS Problem .

    Mine just developed a slow leak - the exhaust had already been replaced before I bought it, so the pipe hadn't completely failed from the heat, just been damaged sufficiently to later develop a pinhole leak.
  6. geoffbeaumont

    P38 EAS Problem .

    You can get pinhole leaks in the pipes, too - it's worth checking for any damage where they run near the exhaust (particularly where they cross it above the rear axle - which is also a common place for the exhaust to corrode through, though I can't remember if the line to the reservoir runs across there). Feel for rough patches where the pipe has melted. If you do have a damaged pipe you don't have to replace the whole of it - you can't get push fit joints so you can just cut out and replace a section.
  7. geoffbeaumont

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    That would be the Discovery Sport.
  8. geoffbeaumont

    Difference between RRC and P38 Air Springs?

    The bottom looks different - the top is certainly very different. I've be very surprised if P38 air springs can be used on a classic. You might be able to fit bladders for a P38 onto the original pistons from a classic, but you can get replacement bladders for the classic anyway. I used AirBagMan ones on mine (quite a few years ago), but these days the bladders can be bought from UK suppliers too (I don't know whose they supply). Not a particularly hard job to replace them (I wrote it up on here).
  9. geoffbeaumont

    Best way to run a BMW M51?

    Have a drive of one before you commit - if you're hankering for a V8 the M51 might not quite do it for you. They're smooth and much more civilised on the motorway than a Land Rover TDi, though obviously not as powerful as a V8. The real issue with them is terrible turbo lag - you may be able to live with it if you're going with a manual gearbox (IIRC that's your plan?), much more intrusive with an automatic. And if you're buying it already in a donor P38 make sure it's a low mileage one - they're working hard lugging 2.5 tons of Range Rover around, and can be a bit thrashed (anecdotally especially the manuals, simply because they're easier to thrash).
  10. geoffbeaumont

    Chassis number location

    Well, originally - pegs into the holes that aren't there any more (which doesn't help you, unless you're prepared to drill new ones).
  11. geoffbeaumont

    Lead Lamp

    Or maybe just a clamp with enough steel to stick a magnetic one to? Shouldn't be hard.
  12. geoffbeaumont

    OT - Car EGR Valves

    Hopefully it wasn't as spendy as some - our old Honda Civic (2003 plate) had a sticky EGR, which still played up intermittently after being cleaned twice (once by a garage, once by me). Other than the engine management light coming on intermittently it was more inclined to smoke under heavy acceleration (family bus, so that wasn't very often) when the light was on, but it ran fine and didn't use more fuel. The car was old and Honda wanted £500 for a new valve, so it stayed that way...
  13. geoffbeaumont

    VSR relays - quick comparison

    Even the LED location isn't different if you rotate one of them so their mountings are oriented the same rather than the labels. I wonder if the internal differences are actually down to manufacturer, or just age? i.e. if you bought the AE Parts version now and opened it up, would that still be the same as the old AE Parts VSR or the new Durite one?
  14. geoffbeaumont

    Range rover classic side mirrors

    Bit late, maybe - but is this a vehicle you've had for a while that used to work correctly, or one you've never seen work? If it's the latter, it may well have the wrong switch fitted. There are different versions depending on the features on the vehicle, particularly whether or not it has memory seats (which also store and set the mirror position). If you fit the wrong switch you'll get behaviour like you're seeing when you try to adjust the mirrors.
  15. Well, I liked the EAS on my classic - if it's well maintained it's perfectly reliable, and it's not hard to work on. Takes a lot of compromise out of a mixed use vehicle. It does give you a firmer ride than the standard coil springs on a classic (but not unpleasantly so - if the ride is rock hard the springs are ancient and hardened. They're a similar construction to tyres and go hard with age in the same way - rather than going soft as coils or leafs do). The controller for the classics is a little eccentric (likes to "dance" on uneven ground, that sort of thing) - however, you should be able to use the one from a P38a instead, which is better behaved - basically, Land Rover beta tested the system on their customers in the last couple of years of the classic before shipping the finished system in the P38a. The P38a system is essentially the same, so you can pick whichever bits suit your installation (I don't think there would even be issues mixing and matching as the system just switches 12V lines, but - disclaimer - I haven't tried it). IIRC Arnott air springs (or at least some of them) allow +3" over the standard (coil) ride height? I had AirBagMan (just replace the actual bladders not the pistons, which were good for about +2", and I think the standard ones were +1.5"? You can download free diagnostics software for the EAS controller - you need to buy or make up a cable to connect a serial port or USB->serial adaptor to the EAS diagnostics port. The plug for the classic diagnostics port was hard to get a few years ago - don't know if it still is. However, if you're installing something from scratch you could use any socket with enough pins.

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