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  1. Guess I should follow up on this. After talking to various people from businesses large and small I've had a reasonable quote via Shiply and accepted that. Hopefully this will all work out - it won't be done for a couple of weeks (to suit Sam and I, nothing to do with the courier).
  2. Fuelling or ignition. My money is on ignition, if only because that's usually the problem with old RV8s. Do you know what type of ignition is fitted? It's probably going to be using a distributor, but there are different variations, and it might not be what came out of the donor Range(?) Rover. If you're not sure, get us some photos so we know what we're talking about. It could simply be that the timing isn't set right, or the vacuum advance in the distributor has failed. Other possibilities would be inadequate fuel pressure, I guess a worn camshaft, or a restriction in the air intake, or failed sensors if it's running the original hotwire engine management system (or any other for that matter), or if it's running an aftermarket ECU the mapping may not be set up properly - but let's check the basics first.
  3. That clause only applies to returning items that you are rejecting for other reasons. Legally, they can't exclude it where the goods are faulty. They owe you the (reasonable) cost of the return shipping, end of story.
  4. Sadly, they have a 50kg weight limit.
  5. That's DX Delivery and Tuffnells. Both account holders only, unfortunately.
  6. Tried a couple of similar services but not shiply - I'll give that a go. Trailer isn't an option - I've only got a Honda civic to tow with. It wouldn't be heavily loaded, and a small flatbed might even be legal. But I can't see the hire place being too happy about it. Van hire would technically be doable, but it's a near 600 mile round trip so into additional mileage charges if I did it in one day - plus the cost of my time (lost income). By the time you tot that lot up its a great deal more than £50 - it doesn't really make economic sense if I have to do it myself. That said - I'm not expecting it'll be cheap. It's a large item and a fair distance. Will drop you a PM, Pete - worth asking, though I suspect it's only likely to be affordable as a part load with someone who's already heading this way.
  7. Does anyone on here have experience of shipping large, one off items around the UK? I'm trying to find a company that'll courier some of L19MUD's pallet racking from Suffolk to Somerset. It seems to be too large for all the big courier companies (we're talking about 3m x 0.76m x 0.76m and 278kg - the 3m is the killer), so I've been trying the find-a-courier sites, but getting no interest at all (not exorbitantly expensive quotes - no quotes at all). Ideally it would be an evening or weekend pickup at L19MUD's end, but I suspect it'll have to be a weekday. Any suggestions?
  8. 2020?
  9. That thread mentions that he'd come to a halt on it as he'd had to move everything indoors from the car port as the MDF wasn't liking the damp.
  10. Sadly, looks like all the photo's on that thread were on a couple of image hosting platforms that no longer allow hot-linking from other sites.
  11. If the heating/ventilation system on the soft dash is the same as the 300Tdi Discovery (I think it is, but I've not actually been in a soft dash Range Rover), then that's vastly better than the system in the hard dash. But the ergonomics of the soft dash are not as good, despite the more modern appearance (I went from a '93 hard dash Range Rover to a 300Tdi Discovery - same dash as the soft dash but with cheaper, harder finish - everything fell nicely to hand in the Range Rover, it was all not quite in the right place in the Discovery - stalks too low, that sort of thing).
  12. Except that the robot truck wouldn't be following too close to stop...
  13. Ah, but at what point do you become random? We'd probably all agree that it's better to run over a cardboard box than a human. Dog or human? You've already got some people arguing for the dog to be on at least an equal footing at that point. Adult or child? 8 year old child versus 2 year old child? There's an article about some of the work that's going on around this gone up on The Register today:
  14. That looks very tidy! Hope you get the last few gremlins ironed out.
  15. You'll do as you're told. Your non-compliant views are being monitored and corrective action will be taken if necessary...