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  1. That's a defacto standard mobile menu (doesn't necessarily mean you're on a mobile device, just that the width of your screen is below the threshold the designers decided was wide enough to show the expanded menu).
  2. That was a spammer, so has been removed. He posted identical threads on several forums (so if you really want to find it, it's probably still out there somewhere).
  3. Not if they've designed the air spring pistons correctly - the pistons are normally shaped so that the spring rates drop as the bladder is extended. I.e. the suspension becomes softer not harder as it is raised. That's not true of some early systems, but it is true of most (all?) modern ones.
  4. You are already responsible for ensuring the vehicle you are driving are is in a roadworthy condition. The MOT is only a check at a point in time, though if you had an accident as a result of a fault covered by the MOT shortly after the test it would likely be a mitigating factor (not to mention bad news for the test centre if the fault should have been apparent at the time of testing...).
  5. I thought they were 1990s (2000s?) era Shoguns at first glance.
  6. May not be always be down to the builders - I know of at least one estate where the council stipulated only one parking space per residence, which was apparently a generally policy (at the time, may not be now) aimed at discouraging car ownership. It was a dense estate with a lot of flats, so the result was a nightmare, including for residents of the older estate behind it, which is now accessed through the newer estate. It can be hard at times to pick your way between all the parked cars.
  7. It was biodiesel (produced, I presume, from used cooking oil). Hmm... Which of course isn't SVO... Though it should in theory be better.
  8. I ran my old Discovery (300Tdi) on SVO for a while. In the summer it ran fine, though noticeably down on power (which was a worthwhile sacrifice for the considerable financial saving). There was a large - by the standards of what is still largely a cottage industry - SVO producer on a farm near where I worked so it was reasonably convenient. However, when winter came I was running too high a percentage of SVO and it partially solidified in the tank. I had to siphon the almost full tank, refill it with diesel and then replace fuel filters regularly for a few weeks until it was all out the system (I'd basically carry spare filters - when the engine started to chug, pull over and change the filter again). I had to buy jerry cans to siphon the SVO into as well. Even without any mechanical failures as a result, as Gazzar says that one incident wiped out all my savings from running on SVO up to that point. I'd also say that the SVO industry is far less regulated and quality controlled than the petrochemical industry. The place I filled up was normally awash with SVO all over the farmyard (I kept wellies in the vehicle for when I filled up - shoes were not a good idea...), and I doubt their fuel was consistent quality, though I've no evidence for this. The problems I had were almost certainly largely my own fault for running a high percentage of SVO too late in the year, rather than a bad batch of fuel, but I haven't used SVO since. On the plus side the exhaust smells like a chip shop - which pretty much everyone finds more pleasant than the fumes from diesel 😄
  9. Not entirely - I was at Leyland police station recently with the scouts. They told us about roadside checks they'd been running, mainly targetting modified cruisers. They were checking tyres (and the state of the drivers, in some cases...), but also whether mods were legal, particularly privacy film on the windows. They made at least one driver strip off his expensive, recently installed, film at the side of the road. Whether they'd take any interest in less easily measured mods I don't know. Probably also depends how much of nuisance you and your mates have been making of yourself lately, too!
  10. We've finally broken him...fetch the dried frog pills, quickly!
  11. Who has said their commute is urban? Fair enough - but given the target market for the new Defender it's still a pretty relevant discussion!
  12. Exactly our issue - I used to have the small car (Skoda Fabia - small petrol) and my wife drove the Zafira. Since we moved we've swopped as her commute is much shorter most days and she has to use overcrowded car parks where the smaller, more maneuverable car is a big plus. She likes sticking to the same car all the time (and keeps things in it). Plus in between school runs I'm sometimes using the trailer or filling the big car with stuff - though that's not likely to be a regular thing long term. Most of my wife's driving is probably best done in the small car for exactly the same reasons anyway. I looked at petrol when I bought the Zafira, thinking it might be more sensible to switch to petrol (I wasn't just looking at Zafiras - but MPVs generally). All the petrol options were much thirstier than the diesels. Our Fabia is a 3 cyclinder 1.0l turbo. Nippy, but not hot hatch fast. It's got a surprising amount of poke (and gets a lot smoother) when you spin it up, but it also drinks like a much bigger engine when you do. It's actually not that pleasant to drive on the lanes round here as you either have to hold low gears all the time and pay dearly at the pump, or accept that it'll bog down on every corner and every time you slow for a hazard. You can't have flexible power delivery and economy at the same time. It also wasn't cheap - we inherited it from my father in law, but he paid £15k for it. Although it's much smaller than the Zafira it does less miles to the gallon, too (theoretically they're similar - but the Zafira gets a lot closer to its stated economy figures).
  13. Particularly, if my reading up on this is correct, if you stop the engine during the burn-off cycle? Which is why they tell you to keep the revs above a certain level and not stop driving until it's finished. Trouble with that is you don't always have any choice. Had the DPF cleaning warning come up for the first time on Friday in our Zafira (we've had it for a couple of years, but it's doing a lot more short runs since we moved). Trouble was, it came on while running the kids to school - I took it for a blast down the motorway afterwards, but I couldn't really drive around and deliver the kids late, so I had to stop and park up in the middle of the cycle. It would be helpful if there was the option to delay the cycle (maybe a certain number of times). Also didn't help that I was low on fuel and the alert takes over the display that shows the both fuel consumption and range - so I knew I was using more fuel than usual, but not how much nor whether I could make it to the garage I was planning on filling up at or if I needed an emergency stop at more expensive one... I would imagine if you're doing the sort of driving that has the DPF cleaning running regularly, then having to stop in the middle of it is also going to be a regular occurrence. For a lot of people that's going to mean modern diesels aren't actually suitable - but it's more of a problem if you have mixed use and a petrol is going to be hideously thirsty for the rest of it (in my case, a petrol would be okay for local running around - but this car is also the tow car and long distance family car where petrol fuel consumption would really hurt).
  14. Well, it was a Civic, built in Swindon - so it was a Eurobox 😉 Almost entirely rust free and mechanically good, though, if cosmetically showing it's age.
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