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    Avoiding computers (I work in IT). Caving, hillwalking (no bobble hat), youth work and fixing Land Rovers. No time for any of those those, though - too busy fixing the shed of a house we bought...

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  1. I was meaning once you get into needing planning consent what might have been a very cheap, hassle free job can rapidly escalate. Getting planning consent isn't a major cost considered as part of a major extension - it hurts if you're only doing a very small job.
  2. Provided it doesn't require planning permission - permitted development in the UK (i.e. right to build without formal planning consent) is subject to height limits especially near boundaries.
  3. A little chillier than Taunton Deane where I was living at the time. Made it down to -3oC which matched the local record and caused a lot of comment locally
  4. In Somerset yes - Northern Scotland not so much...
  5. Don't know about anyone else, but Saab had that decades okay (minus the touch screen, obviously) - the button switched off all but essential dash lighting and disabled the gauges as well, so you normally had just the speedo lit. Anything that needed your attention would be reenabled and light up (so if your fuel was getting low the fuel gauge would switch on and light up). It was really nice for night driving.
  6. The wording just specifies "headlamp units", nothing about the beam - so looks like yes it would, even if the main beam is a completely separate housing.
  7. At least they're taking the first baby steps beyond screwing on body trim and adding a few stickers...we all started somewhere...
  8. Bit more of a sleeper than most of them, which definitely appeals more. For that money I expect to find properly set up fuel injection under the bonnet, though, not a carb. Then again, at that price I'm definitely not the target market...
  9. Well, my efforts this year have been limited to building a Lego New Defender with the kids in the last few days (birthday and Christmas present - when asked what they should get Dad for Christmas my daughter said "A Land Rover". Sadly she didn't manage a real one, but definitely got her on the Christmas list...). Still too busy fixing up the house, and the garage will need replacing before I think about saving up for anything to put in it. Maybe 2022... Personally, I can't see me ever running any hobby vehicle as my daily drive again - I enjoy the spannering at least as much as the drivin
  10. What sort of life has this thing had? We've had a couple of civics, and they were lovely cars to work on (though rarely in need of much). Everything easily accessible and never seized.
  11. @Happyoldgitsorry to hear that Steve 😟 Keep your head up and enjoy what's good in your life.
  12. Mad Mo Murphy...time for a forum poetry competition?
  13. This, of course, is one area where there's absolutely no question that the new Defender is a vast improvement on the old one.
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