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  1. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    Not if it's a P38a
  2. RRC Rear Springs

    I'm surprised there aren't more companies that will rebuild them - I'd have thought there's a market for it beyond just Australia!
  3. RRC Rear Springs

    I'd be very surprised if it had the actual strut fitted though - it would be completely redundant.
  4. RRC Rear Springs

    Wallace58's car originally had air suspension, though, so won't have been fitted with a Boge strut.
  5. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    The logo has never had www in it, Nige.
  6. Weight of rolling chassis

    A friends 110 200Tdi pickup weighs in at just over 1700kg kerb weight - I think he said 1750kg (no idea how much fuel was in it at the time). Could fuel account for the difference between that and Arjan's weight? Not that that helps Soren...
  7. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    As far as file size goes, if the design is clean it should compress fairly well - things that lead to large file sizes (especially when combined with transparency) are gradients, photo-realistic/complex graphics - basically anything that means there are a lot of colours in the image. 24bit PNG (the only web-safe image format that allows alpha transparency - effectively see through colour areas as opposed to simply fully transparent or fully opaque pixels) has a list of all the colours in the image and a map of what colour each pixel (dot) is so if you only have two colours in the image you have a tiny colour table and the image compresses very well. In reality if you want smooth transitions between colour blocks (especially along curves) you will have a number of in between colours blending between the blocks, and also smooth curved edges need a few partially transparent pixels in order to blend smoothly with the background colour the image is placed on. However, if the image is relatively simple then the number of in between colours needed should be relatively small. Compressing the image for the web is mostly balancing the number of these "in between" colours there are to get an acceptable compromise between image quality and file size. I wouldn't worry too much about exact file sizes at this stage - anything Pete (Bowie69) or I are concerned might not compress enough we'll test when we shortlist for the poll. Takeaway: Keep the design clean and simple and the file size should be fine.
  8. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    Definitely not forever - the deadline's the end of this month Followed by a poll and then we'll implement the logo, per my original post. It's a fair point about losing the .com on the stickers (and I guess to a lesser extent clothing) - depending on whether it works with the chosen design we could always have a version including the .com for those. As an aside - I meant to credit Steve (HappyOldGit) for creating the current logo, which has worked very well for the last few years both on the site and on merchandise. Thanks Steve
  9. I've been having a go at sprucing up the LR4x4 logo that Happyoldgit made a few years ago - but none of us in the mod team are exactly blown away by my efforts, and none of the other mods claim any graphic design skills either, so we thought we'd see what the rest of you could come up with. As a reminder, this is the current logo: and this is the cleaned up version I came up with: It's an improvement, but maybe a missed opportunity - plus the brushed steel look means that when it's saved as a PNG with a transparent background the file size is rather large, and it would be too expensive to use it on the stickers (clothing would likely be embroidered anyway, which kind of gives a similar effect though usually at 90o). So I tried a solid version too: More practical but not as nice. So, if you fancy having a crack at a new logo, here's the brief: Broadly similar typeface and colouring to the current logo, for continuity (the current font appears to be Impact). The blue in the background of mine is the header colour from the site, so it obviously needs to look good on that. It should be usable on different backgrounds - ideally it should be usable on white or have a reversed version. Sensible files sizes when exported as a 24bit PNG. Must be suitable for production as a car/window sticker, and on clothing - if necessary in a simplified form but ideally exactly the same as on the site (the current stickers use a silvery finish rather than the "reflection" of the site logo). Can be either just text or incorporate a graphical element. Keep it clean and simple, though. Doesn't need to maintain the .com from the current logo (but doesn't have to get rid of it either). Should be suitable for use in a square format for social feeds (this can be a modified version of the logo or placed on a background colour - probably the blue from the site header - just as long as it looks good). Should be available as a layered graphic / vector graphic with all elements editable. Closing date for submissions, either on this thread or by PM to me is the end of this month (30th September 2017). We'll then shortlist the entries we consider meet the above criteria and post them on a poll for all the members to vote for their favourite. Gentlemen and ladies, start your enginesgraphics editing software...
  10. Membership Changes - Read Here !

    Predictable income - a steady amount of money coming in each month is a lot easier for the treasurer (Hybrid_From_Hell). That way Nige can easily predict how much is going in and out and whether they're balanced or we need to drum up some more support to avoid eating into the reserves and ultimately running out of money and having to close the forum. Lump sums are of course welcome - but they aren't easy to predict and tend to be one off donations that people then forget about, whereas if they set up small monthly standing order they keep giving.
  11. I'm back.........why is it?

    Welcome back Simon.
  12. New Member Logos !!!!!

    Well, it's normally £20 lump sum for one year (Supporter) - so more like 5.5 years Or £2/month standing order for Long Term Supporter (the point being it's a regular income for the forum, which makes cash flow more predictable).
  13. Tyres

    Could be an improvement in on road performance - but are they likely to have managed to maintain off road performance with a reduction in tread depth? I'm not a tyre expert, so maybe it's possible - but it doesn't seem likely?
  14. Shelving

    The knock on effects would be considerable - the garage is as big as will fit on the property (while leaving a decent garden). Bigger garage means a new house... Anyway, if I had a really big garage my wife would take over most it for her books...
  15. Shelving

    Working on it as we speak... I've got these shelves, loft boards and a couple of cupboards going in. In addition to likely keeping at least one of the current small shelves, and I'll eventually rack a lot of the hand tools on the back wall. Plus the 8' trailer basically gets used as a big cupboard for the camping gear. If that lot isn't sufficient I need a bigger garage...