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    Avoiding computers (I work in IT). Caving, hillwalking (no bobble hat), youth work and fixing Land Rovers. No time for any of those those, though - too busy fixing the shed of a house we bought...

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  1. Ooh... build thread! Although I'm not sure it meets Steve's "don't need to muck around with it" brief...
  2. I'm bitterly disappointed by this thread. I was expecting to hear tales of hair raising high speed shenanigans in a totally unsuitable vehicle 😁
  3. Have Land Rovers (and their dealer service) actually got objectively worse, or is it more a case of them being left behind by much of the rest of the industry? A few decades ago, all cars were unreliable - these days most of them are pretty trouble free with only basic maintenance, despite increasing technology levels on even budget cars. Buyers expect their car to just work, even if it's a budget brand. Actually, maybe especially if it's a budget brand - the likes of Kia really threw down the gauntlet to the western manufacturers.
  4. How much has that taken off your load capacity?😆
  5. I can't imagine it has much axle travel, so it's not going to be tackling anything that would actually require those tires.
  6. I can't imagine it's actually any good at, well...anything...but looks wise I actually really like that!
  7. Um, stealing copyright content from behind the paywalls of companies with the funds to sue over it* is not good for the forums' health... * - not that you should do it to anyone who doesn't have the funds to sue either. Just that the forum is unlikely to suffer more than a request to take it down.
  8. That would surely only cover the car itself?
  9. If the clearance under the motors is adequate, that could be a very interesting solution to chuck under a RRC or Defender...
  10. Not vehicle related, but I remember a good few years ago someone was caught stealing avgas from Aberdeen airport to run his central heating on. He was caught due to part of his house not being there any more...
  11. Yep, wood tools can be just as nasty - our builder had a mishap with his spindle moulder last year. It kicked - probably caught a knot or something - and pulled his hand in. Cost him a couple of fingers and a month of work. Angle grinders are probably my least favourite tool - they're incredibly useful, but...nasty dangerous things. A few years back a neighbour was helping me break an old RRC. He stopped cutting and swung the grinder down by his leg without waiting for it to stop. I yelled and he reacted enough it only took a nick out of his boiler suit - right over his femoral artery. No
  12. More emissions targets, and to a lesser extent buyers comparing potential purchases on official fuel consumption figures. The vehicle has to be frugal within the limits of the testing regime, even if that compromises consumption outside that envelope. And the demand for high performance means they have to work hard once taken outside it. It's particularly obvious with the tiny heavily boosted engines, but even big engines are affected.
  13. Took a bit of digging to find one that wasn't Photobucket or Imageshack and long gone, but here you go:
  14. That looks fun... I'd be tempted if I had anywhere to put it.
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