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  1. Interestingly the right hand tyre is labelled as both 7.50R16 and 235/85R16. Which can't both be correct...
  2. I think it's a bit more complicated than that - BP used to do this years back (and probably still do). I don't know the exact ins and outs of it, but they had to have a fund available to cover motor vehicle accidents, and prove it was available for that purpose. I was told that, in their case, they did it because their fleet was so large they were too big for any of the insurers to handle, but I don't know whether that's correct or whether it was just cheaper for them to do their own "underwriting".
  3. Precisely zero progress on the garage so far. Plenty done around the house (and plenty still to do ).
  4. Couldn't see your other post, but that's a genius idea. Not heard of anyone trying that before. P.S. Nice Range Rover
  5. The classic is definitely firmer on EAS - it doesn't have that famous "magic carpet" ride - but it shouldn't be jittery. Mine was when I first got it, but that turned out to be because the air springs had gone hard with age. After I replaced the bladders it was much improved. Kind of the opposite of coils - they get firmer with age rather than softer, to the point of being downright unpleasant.
  6. I found EDIS better with a 1mm gap - subjectively anyway. Logically, if EDIS will drive a spark across a bigger gap (which it will, comfortably) then you're better off with that bigger spark. In any case, 1mm is what Ford specify for EDIS equipped engines.
  7. I may have completely the wrong end of the stick here, but are you saying you compared the mechanical fan + shroud to an unshrouded electric fan setup?
  8. Oops - thought I'd changed all that but I clearly didn't go back and set the rest of the groups correctly You should now be able to upload up to 10MB per post (total of all images). If you upload large images they'll be automatically resized to a sensible maximum for web use.
  9. I followed a D5 for a while on the M5 yesterday - first time I'd seen the back end of one. On the plus side it doesn't look exactly the same as all the other models. On the minus side, that's only because it's incredibly ill proportioned and an incoherent mess - it has rather more of the look of a far eastern budget brand (although some of those have upped their game well beyond this level now) than a premium product. And I say that as someone who actually likes the current Land Rover "look" - just wishes they had more than one idea.
  10. GW8IZR - I'm not aware that any mods have been heavy handed in any way. The only member of the mod team who has posted (prior to me) is Happyoldgit, who has merely said that the mod team are aware of this thread.
  11. In other words, you're running a luxury brand. Arbiting what is "tasteful" to your target market is exactly what brand building is. I suppose one angle on this is a fear that lots of heavily modified LR vehicles with bolt on aftermarket tat will give them a dodgy image which will rub off on the standard vehicles and damage brand reputation.
  12. The buttons are easily addressed. Not so sure about the fuel... Sadly, I've been told I can have a Land Rover provided: a) I pay for it (fine) b) It's reliable (err) c) The house is finished () So I don't think I'll be nipping up the M5 to fetch it
  13. What about a Toyota V6 (5VZ-FE / 1GR-FE)? As used in the Land Cruiser J90/J120 (Prado). Don't know what low down torque is like, but those versions were designed for lugging vehicles of a similar mass and profile, and the peak power and torque is in the relatively sensible, not too likely to destroy the drivetrain, range. The older one at least didn't ought to be too bad on the electronics front. Not sure fuel economy would be significantly better than an RV8 though - they're fairly thirsty in the Prado.
  14. Off topic it may be - but we demand pictures!
  15. No experience of the rubber tiles, but I took FridgeFreezer's advice when I built mine and used the Ask Coatings Epoxy - I'm very pleased with it, and so far (a year in) seems to be very durable.