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    Avoiding computers (I work in IT). Caving, hillwalking (no bobble hat), youth work and fixing Land Rovers. No time for any of those those, though - too busy fixing the shed of a house we bought...

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  1. Honestly, far easier than plenty of bog standard euro boxes. I used to have a Peugeot 307 diesel, you had to take the air filter (the whole assembly, not just the filter itself) out to get the battery out from the back of the engine bay. It all looked nice and neat, and I'm sure it was nice and efficient on the assembly line, but it wasn't designed by anyone who'd ever had to maintain a vehicle...
  2. My father tried that on a discovery - his thinking was that it would prevent salt water (Scottish roads) getting inside and corroding the inside of the chassis. What it actually did was wick the water in between the foam and steel and hold it there, making the corrosion worse not better. I guess it might work on a new chassis that's never had wax inside to prevent adhesion, but I think over time you'd still get the foam separating from the chassis and wicking water in. Would need to make sure the foam formed closed cells too, not sure if standard builders foam does? Basically, don't do it...
  3. The chassis rails on a P38 are further out towards the sides of the vehicle - and remember the RRC had the option of EAS on pretty much the same geometry as the defender. RRC air springs are also secured at both ends. With a dislocating air spring would there be any issues with it getting out of shape and failing to relocate properly? Probably only possible if the spring was deflated?
  4. It strikes me that DVLA/DVSA* could make this all perfectly clear and unambiguous simply by providing a small number of worked examples applying the rules. Of course, that assumes that they are able to arrive at a consistent interpretation of the rules themselves. * Neither of them seem to want to take ownership of actually deciding which vehicles need a new identity, which is probably part of the problem...
  5. Which seems utterly the opposite end of the range to that which they'd be likely to be any use on. Who's going to buy a £75k car and then use it seriously off road (apart from the odd Sheikh)?
  6. +1 for proper lighting in the loft space. I didn't do that in the last garage and always regretted it. I had a flourescent lead light permanently up there on an extension, but it wasn't as good - and it was a PITA when I needed the lead light elsewhere!
  7. Good work! Sounds like you got yourself a bargain.
  8. Well, once the work above is done, I shouldn't really need to go on it for a few decades! We're catching up on long term neglected maintenance and putting right bodgery, but for routine things like clearing the gutters I can just walk across the house roof from the other side.
  9. The really rubbish stuff is PVC, though the polycarbonate ones come in a variety of grades from not much better than PVC up to fairly heavy duty. That sounds interesting, if they'll deliver to Lancashire.
  10. Negro is just black in Latin languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian).
  11. Depending how old it is, Dremel also have a good warranty repair service.
  12. Although on reflection, maybe it looks enough like a defender to gain the image by association?
  13. Probably not huge numbers - they seem to me to have very different target markets. The only real potential cross over is with the urban warrior types who want something with genuine off road credibility (which I can't see the new Defender retaining - however capable it is it just won't be used off road enough). But the grenadier will probably have to be around a while and become better known first. No point sending macho signals your BMW driving colleagues aren't going to pick up...
  14. I was wondering whether I'd need to go up to 25mm - guess that answers it! The carport will be at least as bad. The wind can get under it so it needs to be pretty rigid or it'll disintegrate in a storm sooner or later.
  15. The place Anderzander linked is £18.90/m2 (inc VAT) - that compares favourably with €23.15/m2 that your supplier charges for wider sheets (the price goes up if you select a greater width). Used to truck drivers that can't navigate here - most satnavs dump people in the middle or our postcode not at individual properties, so we pretty much always get a phone call to say they're lost...
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