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    Avoiding computers (I work in IT). Caving, hillwalking (no bobble hat), youth work and fixing Land Rovers. No time for any of those those, though - too busy fixing the shed of a house we bought...

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  1. That's quite appealing, if only for saving the hassle! I need to measure up the spans, but looks like that could get quite spendy...
  2. Yes, it needs to be translucent - it would cut a lot of natural light from the kitchen and bathroom otherwise. This really only comes down to what sheeting to use - the frame is already there and barring a couple of bits of timber that could do with replacing (under holes that have clearly been there for some time) it's solid - steel posts and a decent timber roof frame back to a brick house wall. So the sheeting I use will have to be available in sizes that fit the existing framework, because it's not worth making any significant changes to it.
  3. Well, don't think I can put this one off for long - it's a bit fresh here today and the holes in the roof are getting steadily bigger! Less to get down, I suppose
  4. That looks like my workshop at the moment You have to clamber past the bales of insulation to get in. Although, come to think of it, no it doesn't - there's clear space, decent lighting and the building doesn't look remotely knackered... When the house is sorted...
  5. While singing songs of hidden gold and suchlike?
  6. Looks aren't a big deal - the house isn't particularly attractive (it's a bit of an odd place that started out as a small bungalow before multiple extensions), and the current corrugated roof looks perfectly in keeping.
  7. I need to replace the roof sheeting on our carport - it's breaking up with age and has several holes anyway, but at this moment the cavity wall insulation removers are cutting large holes in it to get at the gable wall above... The structure itself is nothing special - it's over a single car width drive, with the main door into the house below it. Open both ends and the side is a privet hedge with a gap of eighteen inches or so below the gutter, so insulation is irrelevant. On the north of the house so heat isn't a big issue either, and that's also sheltered from the prevailing wind. We've plenty of drive space in front of the house and rarely put a car under it, but it's covered storage for the trailer and a really useful extra workshop/storage space. It will get bashed when I get careless carrying things around, so impact resistance is important... So, what's on there at the moment is clear corrugated sheet - PVC I would guess. But - what's the best thing to replace it with? I'd never realised there were so many different types of sheet! Polycarbonate twin wall might make a cosmetically nicer roof, but doesn't seem to have a particularly good lifespan (10 year warranty, same as corrugated PVC), and as insulation isn't relevant that seems a bit pointless. More PVC sheet would be cheap and do the job - but again isn't long lasting. Then there's GRP (huge variety of prices and specs - looks promising), and polycarbonate corrugated sheet - something like this https://www.building-supplies-online.co.uk/corrapol-stormproof-high-profile-sheets.html Obviously it would be possible to spend silly money for no real gain, but that said I don't mind spending enough to make sure I'm not doing this job again in a few years. Guessing there are people on here who actually know what works and what doesn't - what's the best thing to use?
  8. Megasquirt won't stop it cranking - you need to figure out what's going on there first. Stuck starter motor?
  9. If you've fitted aftermarket LEDS, but if they're factory fit and you didn't have them on main beam when you shouldn't that's not going to happen. In my experience, from the receiving end, I think a lot of the problem with high output headlamps is the relative brightness compared to other vehicles. Your eyes adjust to the light from your own headlamps - when you meet a vehicle with much more powerful lights coming the other way it dazzles you and then leaves you blinded after you pass, even though they've dipped. I used to notice this fast more when I had the RRC than I do with a more modern car, simply down to a bigger contrast. I'd guess the wavelengths play a part as well as the intensity.
  10. Give it time. We'll see - it's what land rover are aiming for. Whether they'll succeed is another matter.
  11. Assuming the sample size was large enough and the test accurate enough, it gives you the percentage of the population who have caught (and survived) the virus. You need a lot more than 5% to get herd immunity (i.e. the chance of the virus spreading is low, because most infected people don't come into contact with enough people who do not have immunity) - I believe the figure you need is more like 70%. That means the virus is unlikely to go away before we have an effective mass immunisation programme rolled out.
  12. Precisely this - and they are the main target market for the entire range. Marketing. The average "normal person" off the street will have seen enough ads and sponsored (directly or indirectly) articles/reviews/programme slots to have had their perceptions set. If cold hard logic applied, how many premium brand cars would actually be sold?
  13. That's not the point - it has a more "serious offroader" image than any of those, and that's important for the branding of the whole range. Actual ability is not particularly relevant, beyond not being so laughable they can't sustain the branding, it's all about how the vehicle is perceived.
  14. Interesting - but doesn't tell us anything about longevity of immunity to SARS CoV 1. The study was working with stored samples, not fresh ones from subjects who still have antibodies.
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