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problem programing fob keys


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Can anyone help on 2004 L322 Just had the batery replaced by main dealer. Now have problem programing key fobs.Have 2 Keys both original the problem i have is when i re program the first key it does prtograme and operates the central locking when i program the second key this accepts the program and again operates the central locking .But the first key loses its memory. If i reprogram the first key again it works but the second key loses its memory so that i can only have one key that is programed

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Managed to sort out problem Both key are original. When programing the first key put key in ignition turn to first position then of straight away Hold down the open buttom and press the close button three times the doors will lock for the second key do not put it into the ignition but just hold the open button while pressing the closed button three times again the door should lock indicating that it is programed. My mistake was putting the second key into the ignition.

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