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odd charge light activity. ..

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Just finished fitting a 3.9 efi auto in my 90....

Charge wire from alternator fitted to starter as standard.

Charge light wire connected a before.

First switch on all was well. Light illuminated and went out when stsrted. Then the light came back on when switched off and now won't go out.

Have disconnected the light wire from alternator and it still charges. ..

what would cause the light to effectively work in reverse? ?...

Its hotwire. .. and oddly wouldn't run after the first start until I disconnected the wire....

confused. Com

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Are you sure you haven't connected it to the rev counter output? Otherwise can only think it has somehow got kippered somehow while it was off...

An alternator will charge once it self-excites, which is around 2000rpm engine speed.

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From memory I connected the light to brown/yellow. ... will have to check everything again. ... its been a bit of a monumental rebuild. .. bare chassis to finished article in 8 weeks flat. Single handed in spare time. ....

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Turns out that even the new alternator had failed causing the light issue. Which enabled it to back feed power to the ignition circuit causing alsorts of other things. .... mainly a really bad misfire which I spent all week chasing. ....

sorting the alternator sorted everything else too...... still can't quite work out how. ....

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