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  1. With factory lockers, who need more flex than that 😛 Seriously, looks quite good to me from a factory setup designed to work on and off road.
  2. Originally a 200tdi, or replaced a 19j td?
  3. An ATB/truetrac is the ideal in that situation.
  4. Flashing is often because the engine is not up to temp.
  5. Hey, I just make it up as I go along... like most of us on here.
  6. I'm not sure Chippenham counts as 'South West' But you aren't a million miles from me either... about an hour. So, we may be able to work something out if you felt it would really help.
  7. Substance, as in one you drove a lot, owned a while, daily drove or something.... Sounds like an unscratched itch 😛
  8. Also, see this pic of the rear axle: Very clearly a box, perhaps it has gone for side fuel tank(s)?
  9. I'm assuming that is the Icelandic's doing that? Fair play to them, but wonder how much of the running gear is left... And that is assuming it is not just a photoshop.
  10. Think you have two problems to be honest, even with excess pedal travel, the brakes don't work very well, as I understand it?
  11. So... to expand, you can just use a water temp gauge in the oil temp hole (the label is on the surround, not the gauge) and use a water temp sender in the sump, and job's a good 'un
  12. Nope, electric. Available in 12 and 24V versions
  13. The oil temp sender on a lightweight is the same as the engine temp sender, just screwed into a boss on the sump instead
  14. Importantly, the centre difflock is designed to be used wherever there is possibility to lose traction, otherwise you can spin one wheel and burn the centre diff out quite quickly.
  15. Sounds like the problem is at the calipers in one form or another, seized pistons, worn out pads (on metal), rusty or badly grooved discs etc, or perhaps the flexible lines have failed, as above. Take each wheel off and check, the only way, while you are there, check the wheel bearings for play, as they can affect pedal travel.
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