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  1. What tool for setting the Swivels

    Honestly.... I use 'feel'. If it flops from one side to the other and/or rattles - Too loose Actually quite tough to turn by hand - too tight. I've set stuff up to spec before and have had to pull it apart again to do it by feel to make it right.
  2. info needed from the experts

    Get the pulley machined and trigger wheel fitted to the back of it, and keep the serpentine front end, better oil pump, and shallower timing cover... It really is a much better system.
  3. High pitched ticking noise

    You can upload from your phone, size is limited though. Stick it on YouTube, easiest for everyone then
  4. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    Some members on here prefer their vehicles that way up....
  5. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    I wouldn't kick yourself at all! You've been methodical, taken advice, acted upon it, and have a resolution! If the box was still in the truck, you wouldn't have been able to see the rest of it was OK, and may not have spotted the problem you know have found.... And... the fix is about as cheap as any fix can get get -some o-rings and some RTV... bargain, hope that absolutely solves the issue for you and you can make a few quid on it I would slap it back together with the existing bearings, if they aren't horribly worn they will work for you just fine. As you say, o-rings are a no brainer and require no tools etc to fit, so go for it.
  6. Bull winch

    I looked at the site, seems very much like a development from the TDS, nothing more than that. Same specs for speed and pull, bit more room round the tie bars for rope, integrated solenoid bridge, apart from that much the same, without seeing one.
  7. Defender vibrations

    Grab hold of diff and transfer box flanges and give them a good wiggle... Any movement?
  8. Defender vibrations

    As above, sounds like prop, diff pinion bearing, or lastly transfer box output bearing. Or a dodgy, new prop. You can test this by driving with one prop removed and difflock in. As long as you're gentle, it's ok to drive it like this.
  9. Defender vibrations

    How much lift have you got?
  10. Body mount rubber pads

    I'd say so, and to stop the chassis wearing through the tub...
  11. Brake vacuum problem

    Is the vacuum pump working at all? Sounds like it is worn out if it starts working a bit more a few hundred rpm above idle?
  12. Anyone have a Defender V8 3.9?

    If emissions, then it will depend on the age of the vehicle, post 1992 it will need a cat. Otherwise I don't see an issue.
  13. Alternative level plug for Salisbury axle?

    Be one up on a glitter ball if you added some sparkly-ness to the oil as well
  14. Range Rover Classic 3.9 Overfueling

    Yup crawl in the rear passenger footwell, and fold the carpet back, you can see and access the fuse box easily then. No need to remove the seat
  15. Range Rover Classic 3.9 Overfueling

    Frying the ECU is pretty tricky... Checked the fuses under the passenger seat?
  16. Alternator mod for rev counter signal?

    Yep good plan If you look at the back of the tachometer, there may be an adjustment screw, or even in some cases a set of dipswitches to change how they work... VDO gauges work this way and can run from a coil or alternator, no idea on the standard RRC one... So try the W way first Btw, W = winding, it's the pre-rectified AC signal from the alternator
  17. Range Rover Classic 3.9 Overfueling

    From memory of our need to unscrew a collar on the ECU plug? Been a while now, am on Megasquirt Check your fuses, it is likely you have blown one... Rocker switch is non standard, sounds like someone has been fiddling... Try it both ways
  18. Alternator mod for rev counter signal?

    Yeah I understand that, but some 'petrol' alternators have the W terminal as well.... My 1991 RRC V8 included... It doesn't have to be from the ignition coil just because it is a petrol, nor is there any real difference between petrol and diesel alternators
  19. Alternator mod for rev counter signal?

    If there is a W terminal on the alternator then just connect it there, and job done
  20. Electrical help

    Stick it on YouTube and then link to it?
  21. Short / Long Nose Diff Length Difference

    An inch may make a difference for a 5 speed and LT230 equipped 88" Series...
  22. Electrical help

    @muddy, you can upload a video directly from phone by using the "Insert other media" button, and then take the video directly. Or, if you have already taken the video, use the "Click to choose files" link and then choose "Documents" and find it in the file manager. This assumes you are on Android, I don't know about iOS.... (Deliberately).
  23. Range rover classic brakes

    Erm, not great if I'm honest. Just change it out, for the cost it is a no-brainer
  24. Electrical help

    Have to say, that confused me as well...