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  1. Bowie69

    indicators and hazards flashing too fast

    Led bulbs?
  2. Bowie69

    Air Portable Utility 1/2t S3

    Nice finds, doors, tailgate and hood set
  3. Bowie69

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    Err, where has the valley gasket gone?
  4. Bowie69

    computer says NO

    I use them on 20l big tubs, and never found a problem -my audi coupe is now on 215,000 on original engine. If they meet the standard, they meet the standard. Also, if you buy the 20l, more than once they have give me a huge discount because they assume I am a trader, or close to one. The last 20l tub of 10w40 semi synth was £27! I also buy the filters 4 at a time, which helps.
  5. Bowie69

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Yeah, was fine for the Land Rover stuff, but been mostly doing panel work on a Moggy, so that is a quarter the thickness of most LR stuff.
  6. You mean this one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Range-Rover-Classic-Auto-Dipping-Dimming-Rear-View-Mirror-for-spares-repair/401727756894?hash=item5d88d71a5e:g:EX8AAOSwmi1ch5bS
  7. Bowie69

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Yep, argoshield (light) makes a big difference for panel work. I tend to use 0.8 wire, but I do sometimes wonder about swapping it out, it is just such a faff, that's all
  8. Bowie69

    Best engine

    @FridgeFreezer, here's a 10K rpm version: Yes, that really is over 400 WBHP NA 4.3L 1UZ-FE, VVTI switched off.
  9. Bowie69

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    Can you get a nut splitter round it, if you cut the arm off? This sort of thing: https://www.toolstation.com/nut-splitter-set/p80007 Goes up to 22mm, not sure that's big enough, but maybe? Otherwise a hacksaw, cutting at an angle across the end of the arm may work.
  10. Bowie69

    Best engine

    Fit a Lexus V8 Yes, that is nearly flat all the way down to 1K.
  11. Bowie69

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Cool, good luck George
  12. Bowie69

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Miller seem to be quite keen on getting into YouTube, might be worth a try? Their multimatic machine is most likely well over budget, but can do all three types of electric welding in one machine. I would echo the comments above, it is not just the cleaning for tig, mig is faster, more reliable (more resistant to contaminants etc) and definitely more user friendly than tig. Expect to need tuition for tig, whereas mig you can pick up mostly by watching videos and lots of practice. The only reason I would use tig on a car is to create stainless or aluminium brackets and the like. I guess you could look at Binky, and make note of what they use - even for the smallest stuff they are using mig.
  13. Bowie69

    2.4 tdci dash warning light

    Unplug the sensor on the brake fluid cap and try again. Rear pads?
  14. Well, refer to fridges comment about not burning things to the ground for the sake of a few £10s of pounds.
  15. For a reasonable one, ~£100.
  16. Way cheaper to use in tank. Don't overthink it, I reckon you could mig it to be honest, multiple spots and be done very quickly Not sure about jb weld and petrol?
  17. Bowie69

    2.4 tdci dash warning light

    Yes, an educated guess. No way I'd ever have a puma defender 😛
  18. Bowie69

    2.4 tdci dash warning light

    Brake pads?
  19. Bowie69

    V8 Carb tuning/snorkle/intakes

    Do a compression check, and pull the rocker covers to measure valve lift, that will give you some idea of what state it is in.
  20. Bowie69

    V8 Carb tuning/snorkle/intakes

    Big tyres, cage, rock sliders and lots of other heavy stuff.... A 3.5 will never be a fire breather, especially on carbs.
  21. Bowie69

    Best engine

    All you ever want to know: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_OM613_engine
  22. Bowie69

    Random musings on the D4

    Very good, a mate only manages 20 if he is really restrained -but that is just not his driving style!
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