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  1. ....and now even the heralded Singapore is entering lockdown. The Swedes are where we were pre-lockdown. It will come to them as well.
  2. Agreed, it will be amazing if the beaches aren't full.
  3. I wasn't really thinking windows in this case, more likely grilles similar to a supercar type setup, just a bit higher.
  4. A good, built up second hand bulkhead, bolted to a new chassis would make the job an awful lot quicker. Unbolt body, lift, roll chassis out, swap running gear to new one, roll under and plonk the body on top. Doors can wait, they are only 6 bolts after all.
  5. Thought about side scoops? Often done with track/racecars when moving radiator into where the rear seats should be.
  6. Quite. Many Muppets out there just looking after themselves.
  7. It's a shame, let's really hope companies begin to trust their employees after all this.
  8. Is it socially unacceptable? I've been doing it for 17 years now.... I agree, it makes little sense for 200 people to all congregate somewhere 5 days a week, even if you said two or three days a week you work from home, and stagger it with the other half of the workforce, you'd stop people needlessly travelling by about 40%. ....and of course reduce size of offices/repurpose the building.
  9. Imagine what this will be like when they are electric and can all do 0-60 in for seconds.
  10. Hammer a socket on, or a chisel and hammer it round, if you don't care about the wheel, or you can use the Irwin bolt extractors with some success.
  11. It's OK, I managed to headbutt my RRC's read bumper recovery point, while doing a nut up on the tank guard..... Spanner slipped, I lunged forward, and smack, right on the eyebrow. Fair bit of blood, A&E and steristrips made good. I could have avoided it just by positioning myself slightly differently, or lying down rather being sat up and overextending my reach. Seemed pretty innocuous at the time Another time, I ran out of nitrile gloves, and had to use some old latex ones. If you hadn't noticed, latex just isn't as grippy as nitrile.... I was moving a 20x20 length of angle to cut the next length off, and my hand slipped off the steel, and slapped the index finger into the running 1mm slitting disc. Cue another visit to A&E, wound scrubbed out with felt like a brillo pad without pain relief (doesn't work so well on fingers) , lots of blood, subsequent antibiotics after a few days due to infection, and finally sorted. This is over many years, so I am not a Nige, But I say it to show how easy it is to slip up. 😁
  12. Go on, one more excuse
  13. If it had a disco badge and different headrests, it would be closer to what it achieves.
  14. Yes, very practical! Apart from the probable fuel bill ....
  15. Agreed, but it is a balancing act, people will die in the future if there isn't enough tax monies around to pay for stuff because the economy is in a -30% depression, for example, through starvation and lack of healthcare. So future lives need to balanced by 'now' lives. I don't envy them at all, but I do think they are doing a good job, despite Piers Morgan's rants. Also, a friend of mine, her sister in law's grandad just succumbed to the virus, and passed away in Weston super mare.
  16. Ah with you, yes, he should have, didn't realise that page existed.
  17. When was that? Until this morning it was only vans/HGVs, as far as I know.
  18. MOT is not a certificate of legality. Use of a second hand chassis is the issue, the ID of a vehicle goes with the chassis. You are driving around in a '2012' defender with 200TDI or whatever bodywork attached. Essentially your numberplate and chassis number now don't match.
  19. It's good news, and updating a website does take a few minutes at least. Stops people worrying an inundating channels with requests. My Audi is in June, so that will certainly help...
  20. Advice on MOTs: https://twitter.com/grantshapps/status/1242738723466469380
  21. Yes, I was barely able to contain myself earlier, but now someone else has mentioned it... You may need to check the legality of your vehicle, is all I will say.
  22. Absolutely, knock yourself out. Plenty of examples of that on YouTube -you can put a nice chamfer on the edge as well :p
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