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  1. Yep, but build a car from scratch with no VIN and it is exempt! 🙃
  2. This is already happening in the states, many large fines being handed out for selling (not even using or installing) electronics boxes rather do as described above -the maddest thing is it applies to anything that has ever had a VIN, so all the home built race cars, that never see the road, are still being slammed for it.
  3. My MOT chap has new rollers fitted, depending on set up he can choose how they operate. So even for a viscous or torsen centre diff vehicle you can roller brake test it.
  4. I was wondering if they deliberately release this while COP26 is going on -can you think of a more inappropriate vehicle to be launched right now?
  5. Looks good to me like that, the difference may well just be slack in the chain -there's no adjustment, so will be good as it is, for sure.
  6. Also to mention, if that is the MOD recon engine, it's possible there are all sorts of waxes from overspray on the engine to prevent corrosion. Needs keying and thorough degrease.
  7. As above, did you rub it down before applying?
  8. If it is hexadecimal, then absolutely right. 0-9 the same. A=10 B=11 C=12 D=13 E=14 F=15 No direct experience with the EKA, but that would make much sense to me.
  9. Indeed. Suspect he's closed his forum account, tbh.
  10. No... he was just obsessed.... he'd driven from Aachen that day, arrived, loaded the trailer, and then was heading back, was going to be a 26 hour round trip or there about.
  11. Many, many moons ago, I had an Eclat, sadly gone to Germany now, to a guy near Aachen, who insisted he was going to spend 2000 hours rebuilding it...
  12. Yeah, but the reclining.... soft supple pleated leather.... inch thick carpets.... yum.
  13. Also possible the high low linkage has come adrift, and you are stuck in neutral. Other checks above still apply.
  14. 14 is slightly tighter than 9/16 so may still be useful to have as an option....
  15. If paid by paypal or even credit card, just start a case with them -after they have checked for one with a round hole of course!
  16. P.s. Simon, fancy a crack at the speed limiter on the new Citroen Ami next year? 😛
  17. @simonr, interesting, and all more than plausible in this cynical world we live in Honestly, with many cheap larger EVs having 250 mile range, I can't see it being much of a factor nowadays.
  18. Yep towing and motors are a bad combination, create cooling issues. Most EVs can't tow more than 500kg it seems.
  19. At 100k base price, its a bit confused, and the phev is almost as quick?
  20. Is that so we can see daylight through what's left of the chassis?
  21. Jack up each separately and spin the wheel, whichever turns the prop is OK.
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