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  1. I would expect it to be cleaner if steam cleaned, to be honest - are you sure it is not just oil contamination or maybe a leaky injector? Top hat liners mean the gasket fire rings seal on the lipped section of the liner, so if anything did leak round, it won't get into the combustion chamber, and if it tried to go anywhere else well there is still gasket in the way.
  2. Good, and yes, will make a massive difference I am sure
  3. Yep, and with a lift, the rears can look shorter.
  4. So what you are saying, is it is all one big cartel? Confirming what I thought 😉
  5. Bought to match your month/year of birth? My coat, you are too kind sir.
  6. Something weird happened with the formatting there @Jon W, hopefully fixed ok:
  7. Look up megashift, that works with an hp24, commonly used in BMW as well, and uses same shift pattern as 4 speed GM boxes. Just two solenoids, gives you the four speeds, don't remember if the hp24 needs a line pressure signal, but that's the only other thing, and simply done.
  8. As above, far too blingy for my tastes too, especially on a 2a. Wait for an original one to come up at a reasonable price and then bolt in place with security fittings if you are worried.
  9. Worth noting that a lot valve stem seals are just a disc of plastic around the valve stem, acting as an umbrella.
  10. The Turner performance head probably has something like these in them: http://cylinderheadshop.com/k-line-guide-liners/ They help to reduce frictional losses (so more power) and are less prone to wear. Also a really good solution for engines with NLA guides
  11. Balance on the M18 better?
  12. I'll echo much of that, Series like petrols much more than any rattly TDI, and are much kinder to the box, even in V8 form. My preferences would likely be a 2.5 petrol, if you can find one at reasonable money (bolts up to your 4-speed), or a 3.9+ V8 with either the proper R380 or maybe with conversion kit to fit to the 4-speed. Don't both with a 3.5 unless you just want to be limited in speed 😛 The 3.9+ engines are so much more punchy. The T-series was a lovely engine, as CD says, hard to find now. If you do go with the TDI, then it only needs one wire to run, plus the normal wiring for starter and alternator. Only final option for you, is maybe you can fit the Fourtrak engine to the LT77 out of the Disco, using the same conversion kit? Wouldn't be my choice, it is yours You don't mention SWB/LWB or 4cyl or 6cyl originally BTW, which does affect what you can fit easily.
  13. Personally I would try as one session, stopping can hurt things, though you've got away with it so far
  14. Anything that can stop heat radiation from the gearbox will help. So, if you are inclined, build something that wraps round the top and side of the boxes with an air gap between the box and the tunnel/seat box, and I guarantee it will be a lot cooler. Also check exhaust, and shield that. This is good stuff, easily workable and with a folded edge and a number of fasteners it won't rattle: https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/embossed-aluminium-heat-shield-1000mm-x-1000mm I get the same problem towing a folding camper in my audi, tunnel is too warm to comfortably lean your leg against after a couple of hours of motorway.
  15. If a vehicle ever can, that is looking very sweet. Love the worklamp, very lucky find!
  16. As a developer, it would be stupid not to optimise it to be honest., last time I looked, the Arduino used for speeduino is streets ahead of the MS1/2 chip.... not sure about the V3 though, but that is commercial. there's only so much power you need to run an engine, I suppose
  17. If you have a dial indicator, and half an hour, a piston height check would put your mind at rest from any bent rods. Admittedly I am thinking worst case here, but rag in the bore could well be hard enough when compressed to bend something.
  18. Wow, copy paste error, should have been £150, doh
  19. A 'hack' is a jalopy, or a junker, or a banger, or..... a car that you really don't car about but gets you around!
  20. Just check and reassemble, I'd personally not even change the guide seals, they can pop off annoyingly when reinstalling, so if Turners have got then stuck on firmly, I would leave be, they should last 150K at least. You going to check the bottom end at all?
  21. Some back of the envelope figures, based on 4 weeks usage (280 miles/week), just using fuel costs initially: TD5, 30 mpg - £280 Diesel hack, 55 mpg - £280 Monthly fuel saving: £130 Additional costs for hack: Buy: £500 (optimistic, I think) Insure: £150pa (Not sure what age you are or what your area is like) Servicing/repairs: £200pa (it is old, it will need repairs, servicing to keep it going, annual service on Td5 will still happen, so no additional costs there) Total first year cost: £850 Saving compared to running the TD5: £710. After a year, who knows how the hack is going to fair, may need replacing, or serious repair??? Bit of an unknown.
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