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  1. Why? Is probably the question..... Made a very practical usable vehicle into something that appears to have no benefits over the original....
  2. To be honest, the main problem round here is fog, which of course main beam is no good for whatsoever... Add in freezing to the fog, and it gets quite exciting trying to spot the patches of black ice round here
  3. Yes, very common for aero on newer cars now. Old Rollers (I think it was them, maybe another wedding style car!) also have something that opens and closes the big chrome radiator grille, dependent on engine temperature.
  4. Sounds utterly delightful, magical even, but a bit of a niche case in the UK
  5. My Audi has similar, can turn down all the lighting with a small pot on the dash, very useful on unlit roads.
  6. Personally, if I am using main beam I find I am looking much further down the road than right in front of the car.
  7. Quite a bit more! Doesn't make me not want one (snowball's chance in hell, of course......)
  8. Drum brakes vehicles are really quite tricky in reverse, especially if both shoes are pointing in the same direction (i.e. twin leading shoe, twin cylinder setup), so I wouldn't be surprised if they were less effective. I'm currently daily driving a 1954 Morris Traveller, drums all round, and in reverse, I reckon you need three times the pedal pressure compared to going forward, and they are in good working order. You say you're are non-existent, to what extent?
  9. I use Phillips +130 &-force bulbs, they are hardened further to vibration damage -something a lot of the cheaper ones do not suffer well with: https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/philips-x-treme-vision-g-force-h4-130-extra-light-twin-pack-48177019A Slightly whiter light, with a slight blue tinge, but. It so white/blue that it would be anything close to an LED or HID. I'm very pleased with them.
  10. Indeed, so why do just about all the YouTubers do it?
  11. Yeah, no loctite, just properly torqued with a dab of lube
  12. To add, don't rush things! Most accidents happen when you are in a hurry.
  13. Which brings be on to the number of YouTubers out there that insist on using angle grinders without the guard..... For someone doing it every day, I can see the likelihood of injury is small, but most people are 'having a go' and far more likely to lose a finger or two like this. Makes me cross every time I see it, totally irresponsible. All my grinders still have guards on(yes, even the cup brush one), and I have never seen the need to remove them, in fact, they are useful to guide the blade by resting your other hand on it to steady things. Think my inner Victor came out
  14. Honestly, I love what you write almost all the time, Si, so technical and thought through from obvious experience, but in a vehicle, I just can't stand a touch screen, and it appears an awful lot of motoring journalists are going the same way. There's even been a study to show using even a built in touchscreen is far WORSE than using a mobile phone while driving, from a perspective of distraction. They are too complicated, too slow to use, and require far too many inputs to do something that could quite easily be done with a switch!
  15. Must have been updated, here is my post from the inspection manual, earlier in this thread: ....and here is the link directly to the section in the inspection manual, confirming the above: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/mot-inspection-manual-for-private-passenger-and-light-commercial-vehicles/4-lamps-reflectors-and-electrical-equipment#section-4-1-4
  16. Having been given an impromptu piercing to the face by a wire cup brush, I would suggest a face shield as well, it is filthy work and helps to keep the face a little cleaner too. A hat can make washing your hair after a slightly less miserable experience, assuming still have some
  17. Indeed. When your belly looks like a hedgehog, it is time for a new cup brush!
  18. Is that Grenadier official, or just some kid with photoshop?
  19. I find the slight yellow colour of halogen far, far, easier on the eyes to be honest, I don't think I would switch to any aftermarket LED unit that I have seen yet.
  20. And your eyes! Goggles are more of a must than when wire cup brushing with and angry grinder.
  21. Four letter word to fill in the blanks.... Perhaps ... 'Yank'?* *Not a dig at our American friends on here, but was hard to resist!
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