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300tdi into 89 chassis

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Hi guys, I have just joined this forum. I'm in a spot of bother, I'm finishing a project my brother started but unfortunity he's unable to finish himself after an accident. It's a defender 90 with all the running gear from a discovery 300tdi going into it. The chassis was galvanised without the engine mounts being changed. This is the problem I have, I would rather not cut out the old mounts and weld in the correct ones as its galvinised. Is there any way out of this? Bare in mind I have an r380 box from a defender that I will be using! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Padraig

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1989 ... so 200tdi??....

Gearbox mounts should be bolt on so not an issue, (apart from lever position if using a stock disci box)....

However you will have no choice but to change the engine mounts.... The 300/200 set ups aren't simply interchangeable. ..

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To be honest, I would not be too worried about cutting off the old mounts and rewelding them on. For one, it is not an area of the chassis that ever really suffers from rot and two, the glav coating doesn't actually need to be continuous to do its' job. Weld new ones on, spray aver with Galvfroid and jobs a good un.

If you really don't want to go doen this route I am pretty sure I have seen a picture guide where someone fabricated new brackets to bolt on the 300 tdi block to allow the use of the 200 tdi mounts (but may have been the other way round :-) ).. I seem to remember there is an issue around the oil filter housing which makes it less than straightforward.

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PS... not sure if you have seen my rebuild but I put Disco running gear in my old 110. I did have the right engine mounts for the 300 tdi however, but you may be interested in seeing how I got around the issue of the Disco gearbox resulting in the gearsticks being further back than in the defender.


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