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  1. well theres the issue. advisorys are totally at the testers discretion they can advise that the dont like the paint colour if they like, the dvsa will do nothing unless the advisory is offensive (like the joke ones you see on line)
  2. must be. last week dads slk was in for a mot, advised all four tyres perished and cracking. strange, as they are about 6 weeks old....
  3. 4 years. gotta be a record. i scrapped mine years ago. edit, i make it 4 years 11 months....
  4. a good excuse as any to stick a manual in it you'll gain both performance and economy.
  5. decent compressor, and a water trap are essential. a good heater to grt a decent temperature in he shed a dehumidifier makes life easier, the HVLP spray guns from screwfix are very good for the price. i have 4. does a good job considering....
  6. there's a garden not far with me with 6! sd1's under covers.... all going to be restored.... one day..... been there 10 years to my certain knowledge.
  7. that is, to put it bluntly, a load of nonsense. the farmer i get the derv from is running multiple nearly new tractors all running common rail diesel engines. if it was this low quality 'gas oil' (which is btw just another name for diesel!) he would be blowing up 100k tractors every day. red diesel is just diesel with no duty paid. that's it.
  8. you'll get no argument from me there. also have a remote control it too so i can start it before i arrive and have it toasty when i park up
  9. yeah, all joints checked and not leaking. a one way valve makes it work perfectly, so i think its all good. picked up 20l of red derv this afternoon for a fiver (good to know farmers )so plenty of fuel. be nice to be warm
  10. two major jobs done this past week.... one, a heater installed so i can stop freezing to death! fuel tank bracket made and hung so i can fill it with red diesel.. here i have added a one way valve and a filter, throwing the crappy filter supplied away as i couldn't get all the air out of it... for some reason without the one way valve it wont prime, it just keeps running back into the tank when the pump stops. this has prevented that. all the pipework run (need to clip the fuel line back, will do that later). interior and controller. second jo
  11. do bits of piston and conrod, and crank carrier count😂
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