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  1. 300 Tdi swop

    almost certain to be caused by turbo failure. you want to make sure you carefully clean out all the intake pipe work and the intercooler.
  2. Another small accessories outfit

    165bucks for a fairlead! ouch!
  3. Cheap Chinese stereo heads

    all ignition fed sources are killed when you switched off. if youre on a feed that kills when it starts then itll kill when you switch ign off too. your only viable option is a feed direct from battery. its actually easier than from the back of the fusebox or ignition switch anyway.
  4. Cheap Chinese stereo heads

    find live whilst cranking(acc live goes off whilst cranking but obviously ecus etc need it on all the time) (feed to the stop solenoid on diesels will do) and and tap into that.
  5. Helicoils

    i think helicoils are stainless. from your description its torn a damaged and corroded thread out of the bolthole, so id just helicoil it and carry on. helicoils are in general stronger than the original.
  6. breakdown cover for older vehicle

    check out nationwide flexplus package bank account. it what i use for recovery, full euro cover, any car, no age limit. plus a few extras like travel insurance thrown it. its a very good deal.
  7. Cheap Chinese stereo heads

    ive used cheap chinese head units, double din with sat nav ipod dock etc.it worked very well, as long as you didnt want to listen to the radio. it would pick up to radio 1 and two in ideal conditions and nothing at all the rest of the time ...
  8. Best air ratchet

    air ratchet or air impact gun, if the latter i strongly recommend one of 5ese https://m.ebay.com/itm/AirCat-1-2-Limited-Edition-Killer-Torque-Composite-Impact-Wrench-1150-LE/192312471072?item=192312471072 silly high max torque and really erganomic. very controllable and very robust. i defo dont regret buying mine, spins mazda rx8 crank bolts out in 2 seconds flat, and thats usually brakerbar and full lenght scaffold pole territory.
  9. Wound Glue

    it is. sterile medical superglue, not superglue made in a random chinese factory with no consideration of hygiene and possible contaminants that could poison you
  10. Wound Glue

    thats just super glue with a activator.(any superglue will interact with that activator if your short of glue but have activator left) not recommended for the same reasons as normal superglue.
  11. Which clutch?

    ive no experience of borg&beck but ive only heard good things. valeo on the other hand i do have a lot of experience with, all good. my last valeo clutch i fitted to a mr2. when i first fitted it it went on a standard engine and box and worked fine. i then binned the standard engine (too slow) and fitted a 3.0 liter v6 with more than double the bhp the clutch was rated for. i then proceeded to drive it like a cock doing burnouts with wide sticky tyres and donuts galore. it lasted til long after i sold the car, and as far as i know is still holding up fine a year later. cant fault valeo. edit ; just to note, other people have tried that conversion with other standard clutch's which slipped from the start...
  12. P38 Low Range Gremlin

    yup its identical, but my motor has a round connector nnot a square one. im sure you could make a adaptor up with spade connctors for testing purpose. as i said its yours if you want it, if only to look at to see if its in the correct park position, ime if you have it ‘parked’ in the wrong place the ecu throws a wobbly and it wont do anything
  13. P38 Low Range Gremlin

    motor looks the same. electrical connector is different though.
  14. P38 Low Range Gremlin

    put up a pic of the motor. i have a borg warner shift motor here i used for testing. its not off a landrover but if its the same motor, its yours for postage...

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