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  1. Nope not at all....... just undoing have wheel nuts which where way overtightened, so I was jumping up and down on the end of a 20ft scaffold pole... completely normal practice.
  2. about a year ago I broke a 3/4 silver line breaker bar. No surprise there you say! i photographed the obvious casting defect and emailed silver line, they said pay the postage and we’ll send you a new one no quibble. Which they did. cant complain at that I only emailed them as a punt
  3. this eing two years later and having had said chargers for two years i have to withdraw my recommendation. they lost their smartness in about 18 months. still work fine as long as you treat them like dumb chargers.
  4. Yes you need to pay 100 to register a account.
  5. Has anyone on here got a copart account? I'd like to put a bid on something but I dont want to spend £100 to find it doesnt meet the reserve. Ta
  6. if you can find one. id like the transfer box and front axle out of one, but they appear to be hens teeth
  7. still it has its uses... mines the silver car. had a track day at the beginning of the month, a friends mx5 got crashed. the rac where being arses so i lent him mine. today at Michael wood services a friend that's going to rebuild it picked it up and delivered mine back to me. saved a trip to manchester. all good fun
  8. the answer to both questions is.. A lot! but less than a camper and covered trailer. 16mpg roughly depending on type of road, so not too bad cost wise.. (until you factor in it cost me 270l of diesel going to brands hatch and back!) total cost.. well it cant be much south of £7k.
  9. washed the lorry on saturday. . 6 hours of work and it now looks decidedly less green. degreased the engine too, so should get a good look at where the small oil weep is coming from. i suspect the pas reservoir Also repainting the bit that i didnt key properly(sunday)...
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