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  1. I've had to do it once, using a 5" grinder and a diamond grinding disk as a floor grinder to smooth a garage floor. you have to take the guard off to fit the disk and to get the disk flat to the floor. as I said, wrong tool. and its the only time I've had to do it.
  2. i know you haven't been on here in a while George but on the off chance you do see this... ,only one thing I didn't like in this latest video... put the guards back on the grinder! I HATE when youtubers take them off, it makes people that watch them think its ok, and its really not. there is no reason to remove them either, if the grinder cant do it with the guard on, its the wrong tool.
  3. id move all the ecus and wiring looms over with the body. with the body off its easy enough to move the chassis and engine looms over, and it deals with the ecu pairing issues at source. then all you need to worry about is the chassis vin, which can be resolved easily, if not quite legitimately... but who's to know?
  4. for the mot its a fail if the vin in the screen doesnt match the one on the chassis and the one expected on the reg.
  5. Nope not at all....... just undoing have wheel nuts which where way overtightened, so I was jumping up and down on the end of a 20ft scaffold pole... completely normal practice.
  6. about a year ago I broke a 3/4 silver line breaker bar. No surprise there you say! i photographed the obvious casting defect and emailed silver line, they said pay the postage and we’ll send you a new one no quibble. Which they did. cant complain at that I only emailed them as a punt
  7. this eing two years later and having had said chargers for two years i have to withdraw my recommendation. they lost their smartness in about 18 months. still work fine as long as you treat them like dumb chargers.
  8. Yes you need to pay 100 to register a account.
  9. Has anyone on here got a copart account? I'd like to put a bid on something but I dont want to spend £100 to find it doesnt meet the reserve. Ta
  10. if you can find one. id like the transfer box and front axle out of one, but they appear to be hens teeth
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