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  1. qwakers

    New Series - RR Heavy

    George, saw your welding with a decent welder, its transformed! not perfect but did you notice the distinct lack of pockets after grinding back and how much easier it was to get good penetration without blowing through? the kit you're using there i suspect is high end pro kit, so stuff you'll get in your budget wont be That good. but cebora kit (high end pro kit but cheaper than most pro stuff)is excellent and id strongly recommend it even though your budget wont
  2. qwakers

    Vehicle category codes (M1G, N1 etc)

    n1 is 70 on m/way 60 on dual carriageway and 50 on single carriageway
  3. qwakers

    Bulkhead electrical insulation

  4. qwakers

    New Series - RR Heavy

    youll need to let me know about the compressor fairly soon, its going in the skip soon, so if you want it, ill shove it in a corner somewhere. its nothing special, its small, old and done a lot of hours. but it works.
  5. qwakers

    New Series - RR Heavy

    hey shackelton.. ive got a compressor you can have for nowt, and a welder that im sure i can get you VERY cheap. problem is im in cornwall, which is a PITA to get to from ireland. pm me if youre interested.
  6. qwakers

    disco to replace my old disco one

    the latter, FF, its gasless, which isnt great to start with, but its wirefeed rate never stays constant and i have a feeling the voltage moves around a lot (just my observations from watching him weld) dont get me wrong, this is in no way a slur on his welding, the best welder in the world wouldn't improve on his welding with that kit.
  7. qwakers

    Anyone going to Kelmarsh who lives near Moi ?

    im really sorry guys the lorry i was going to collect tomorrow has fallen through so im no longer going past bristol tomorrow...
  8. qwakers

    Anyone going to Kelmarsh who lives near Moi ?

    its certainly doable in that case, nige if you pm me we can talk about logistics and see if we can work something out.🤠
  9. qwakers

    Anyone going to Kelmarsh who lives near Moi ?

    unfortunately ill be in a lorry so my route will be m4-m5. i COULD do the m3 but add on the extra miles to kelmarsh it would be over 100miles added to the trip! at 20mpg id rather not, especially if someone else could help
  10. qwakers

    Anyone going to Kelmarsh who lives near Moi ?

    for those of us that haven't met you..... you might want to expand on where your inventing shed resides. i looked on google maps but couldnt find Chateaux Hell im going from cornwall to luton on saturday.... not all that far from kelmarsh so i MIGHT be able to help
  11. qwakers

    disco to replace my old disco one

    yeah but... buy a better welder than his! the guys fab work for making panels etc is excellent, he is so very let down by weld quality. and its ALL down to his machine.
  12. qwakers

    Tool organisation (in vehicle)

    i twisted a prop once (granted wasnt a landrover) you wont be fixing that with a UJ
  13. qwakers

    disco to replace my old disco one

    ^^^ this. if you arent scared of the electronics, they are brilliant value. i loved mine. i didn't love the fuel economy.... but i did choose a v8 lol.
  14. qwakers

    Cleaning solution

    umm well.... coated the entire inside of (a BRAND NEW) dishwasher with a black deposit (aluminium oxide?) when i washed a alu cylinder head.... cleaning the smooth metal surfaces off was easy, but all the fiddly little bits on the trays? no chance..... i thought 2 tabs would clean it better
  15. qwakers

    Cleaning solution

    i use the dishwasher BUT only use half a dishwasher tablet... you dont want to know why, but it doesn't end well

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