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  1. i thought of that. the uprights are 25mmx3mm angle. and remember, its built as one big triangle, so for the top layer to move fore or aft it would have to tear the weld from the box section at the point and bend multiple lengths of angle, i recon it would take far more energy than it will ever have to withstand, even in a crash, to do that!
  2. if you look in the middle of the pic with no bed on youll see it is crossed to prevent twisting.
  3. all done, just to bolt them to the bed of the lorry
  4. qwakers

    Breakdown Cover

    britannia every time. bearing collapsed on my trailer. recovered the trailer to their depot (and then home)and the load home separately, held on to both until i could be available for delivery and didn't quibble at all. only slight downer is they took a couple of hours to get to me.
  5. two things became apparent when i put the rx8 in the back for a test the other week. 1) approach angle (surprisingly) was fine and 2) ramp over angle was not (unsurprisingly) being as it will very shortly be much lower, that needed dealing with. the original plan was to use the tail lift to lift the ramps off the ground once the front wheels are on the deck, and that does work, but is a bit of a pain, so my new plan, is to reduce the angle. solution and just gotta cut up the old chequer plate i have and bolt it to the top
  6. so very much on the home straight now. wall cabinets doors and insides painted and outside carpet covered: doors fitted yet to be stained in this pic). skirting board and architrave cut and fitted. (yet to decide on colour, any ideas? just a few niggling finishing touches left.//
  7. its not doing too badly to be honest. the eyes are now fine, no more swelling just the scabs on my lips to clear up now. (think worlds worst cold sore and you’d be about there!)
  8. lorry progress! (nearly) the last bit of work done to the kitchen doors. very nearly there.
  9. qwakers

    Anyone used a KV6 in a Landy?

    umm im fairly sure it wont. the mpi lt77 i had had a different input shaft to the 200tdi one.
  10. its tighter than it look but yes, it fits nicely.
  11. this was monday, sorted out the ramps, got the car in to check ramp over angles etc. sorted out the heavy duty tie downs. that sorta thing...
  12. well it was cold so i had my hi vis coat on, as i say, it makes sense.
  13. no, one of the disadvantage of being blonde, (near as damnit ginger actually but i prefer blonde) i burn, but not tan. and no, no expensive phone im afraid.
  14. the farther my healing progresses, the more it lends credence to the reflection idea. im not pretty, but in sooo much less pain! my lips hurt though
  15. qwakers

    Glue for holding on door seals

    gorilla glue is a expanding polyurethane adhesive (not to be confused with what you get out of a sikaflex tube) its great, as long as at least one surface is porus. so wont work for this. wood to fibreglass though? works very well.😂

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