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TD4 poor running when hot under load - Help !

of poets

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I have a 2003 Freelander TD4 BMW diesel with an issue that's driving me mad !
It had a leaky High Pressure fuel pump (Bosch CP1) so I removed this and replaced the seals.
Everything seemed fine for a few days, however thereafter once hot and under load the engine will hesitate, EML will come on and it runs poorly. Switching off resolved the problem until hard acceleration again.
Diagnostic had thrown up : Low fuel pressure, MAF and fuel pressure regulator. All of these have been replaced including MAP sensor, fuel rail regulator loom, turbo boost control valve, inlet manifold clean etc all to no avail.
Seems to drive fine from cold even under load it's after around 20 miles and at temperature that the issues occur again, regular as clockwork.
I'm assuming either a lead is breaking down once hot creating more resistance or the high pressure pump refurbishment is causing the issue.
Any advice much appreciated
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Hi Lee I have just Bought a car with  the very similar problem as yours has got just posted on here yesterday what  Diagnostic computer kit are you using and when your symptoms appear does your accelerator not respond properly I have to depress mine an inch before the car accelerator.




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