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Air con removal


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I know this has been done before on here (sort of) but is there a parts list/handy guide to pulling the ac out of a 300tdi ES anywhere? I'm not being lazy but my googling has only hit meandering threads about degassing and reusing compressors.

My ac belt disappeared a long time ago and as I never use ac I never replaced it and after the timing belt swap I'm again thinking that theres a lot if bits there that could fund the next repair, like the drip thats appeared from the cooling system since I topped it back up.

Its degassed itself at some point (screwdriver in the Schrader valves produced a slight puff) and the ac idler wheel is just sat there so I know I need a cover off a non ac vehicle to replace that but any hoses that I also need to be aware of ?

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If you're removing it thats an easy enough job - well, under the bonnet it is anyway. To remove the evaporator you need to remove the entire dash and then you can get to it and the pipes. switches and thermostat.

If the refrigerant has escaped its more than likely to have leaked out through the compressor shaft seal -- due to not being used and its dried out, a clever trick used by a lot of Japanese car makers is a switch that brings on the A/C every time reverse gear is engaged, - just to turn the compressor over and circulate the refrigerant, it saves this from happening.

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