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arb wiring


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im sure this has been discused before , and i apploigise in adavnce for not beeing able to use the search facility very well :D

ive got a rear ARB locker im going to fit and wire in , and i know the arb loom stops the front locker working with out the rear in , but is there any addvantage to be had by being able to operate the front by its self , because im now at a stage where alltering the wiring is easy :)



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The most common method is as follows: Unplug the yellow wire going into the centre terminal of switch #2. Run a tee from the red wire feeding into the centre terminal of switch #1 into the centre terminal of switch #2. Now when you engage the compressor switch you arm both switch #1 and switch #2.

Alternatively, you can:

Tee two wires into the red/yellow wire feeding power into the centre terminal of the compressor switch. Unplug the yellow wire from the centre terminal of switch #2. Unplug the red wire from the centre terminal of switch #1. Plug the two new wires, one each into the centre terminals of switch #1 and switch #2. Now, when you turn on your ignition all three switches run independently. This can be useful if you run a lot of water and mud as you can engage your lockers, shut off your compressor, and then charge through that deep mud hole without worrying about your compressor turning on under water.

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