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More about PAS seal pump

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Hi All.Back again.This time referring to pas seal topic by Mark on the 26th.I have taken the pump off.Undune the 3 studs and taken pully off.Next the back support bracket.Before I go on I have a 1988 ht Defender 2.5td.It has close to 170,000 on the clock.I am on a very narrow budget and like most others will try any other option.With all the basic bits off the pump I can not see how to seperate the casing from the unit.The seal kit gi 59137 corrisponding to stc 1633 is the right kit/matching it up to my unit.Apart from my 90 being from 1988 I live in Dublin Ireland and it is an import.I can track back 3 years for me and 2 for previous owner,after that its back to the UK.It has a gold parts sticker on its side -HES..He26147/10017/5.


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Thanks again for such a quick reply.A lot of numbers but makining sence.As it is an import and I have numbers to follow-Will be back soon as I am working from OIL leaks up to top of land Rover,and as you you know that is alot of leaks..and it is all diy on my home drive way.Can take some pis to help more people doing the same.


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