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Which axle do I have?


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So I just bought a 2nd hand discovery rear axle to fit to my 90. Im wanting to change the bearings on it but I'm not sure which axle I have. I know it doesn't have ABS but on paddocks I have the choice of to JA032850 (1992) and then from JA032850 after 1992. What would be something that would help me decide?

The 2 kits paddock offer appear to be different but I don't know in what way and don't want to end up with the wrong one!



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To add a little more clarity, if you have 10 splines its the older one, if you have 24 it'll be the newer one.  If there is a square (4 bolt) flange it was meant to attach directly to the rear prop, if it is triangular it was meant to attach to a rubber 'donut' before attaching to the rear prop, this also is older vs. newer.

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Any advice for removing the old flange? Ive tried the socket method with a 8mm nut and bolt but just seem to either stretch the threads or snap the bolts, have tried heating it as well to break the lock tight but no luck.

I might just attack it with a grinder as I don't need it again!

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