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  1. Thank you David, this is useful. Mine is clearly older than those in the booklet, in particular the thread on the rod through the middle being much coarser... and what happens is about 2" from the end that thread gets so coarse it won't turn any more. There is no "end stop" as such, just the thicker thread. Never mind, I'll have to live with it as is!
  2. Maybe. A lot quote "jaw width" as 6", that's not the opening width, but the jaws themselves.
  3. Hello, I've had a Record No. 6 vice for many years, but had a job recently (replacement prop UJ) that needed it to open 1cm wider than it could... it seems to be limited to about 13cm opening. Online, it seems the #6 should open more, some report 20cm, but I think that's a stretch. Anyone willing to measure theirs? Ta, Scott
  4. I find myself having to use a dictionary to find out what "incongruent" means 😕
  5. I don't want to start an argument, but after 4 years of ownership I would suggest the salesman is wrong. In fact, most of the time the engine is used exclusively for charging, and only at higher speeds (motorway) is it used as a power source. You can also hit the "charge" button, and the engine will make lots of noise and a burning smell, and charge the batteries up. Overall, most (over time) of the pulling power is from the electric motors, and they were very good for smooth towing. It was a shame that all the other bits in the car were cr@p.
  6. While not "full electric", I used to own a Mitsubishi Outlander (PHEV), and it towed really well. If I recall, the limit was 1500Kg? All that torque meant the caravan on the back might as well not have been there. It did, of course, chew through the batteries really quickly, and mean the petrol engine was running (charging) almost all the time.
  7. Confused... it works fine on my Windows 10 Pro system, but not on my Windows 10 Home system. However, using compatibility mode for Win 98/ME on both the RAVE executable and the PDF reader application, all works again. 🙂
  8. Oh, while I think about it, it also doesn't start in "compatibility modes" for Windows 7, or XP (SP2/3).
  9. I haven't used RAVE for a while, a month or two maybe, but it won't open for me today... starts, but no windows appear etc. Was wondering if recent Microsoft updates to Win 10 have caused a problem? Anyone else seeing issues?
  10. Why not save all the hassle, and get a different girlfriend? 🙂
  11. My preference is Pioneer, not terribly expensive, and sound fairly good (in my Disco).
  12. ...and directly back to a pre-booked MOT appointment.
  13. Can't be 100% sure yet, but I forced child #2 to sit in the cab turning left/right while I bled the steering box back into the reservoir (fluid is fairly new). Didn't see anything untoward, but doing this seems to have stopped the heavyness. At the same time, I noticed the front left tyre was deflated slightly, so pumped that up (from ~18 to ~30psi). That probably helps too.
  14. Firstly, this is an issue on a 1994 Disco, but I figured the power steering is the same on Defenders too? So, starting up in the morning I get a couple of seconds of heavy (no) power steering, but after a few revs and/or metres travelled all seems to be fine. Very rarely, later in the day (after work), I'll get the same for just a second or so. Would this be symptomatic of air in the system? I'm imagining as the pump develops pressure, that air is compressed to the point of not making much difference. The pump itself is a fairly new (cheap Chinese) thing, and the steering box is a
  15. Can you not just add a couple of jate rings?
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