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  1. Oh wait, I think that is a trailer hitched on the back?! That would explain it. ๐Ÿคจ
  2. It is difficult to see clearly, but the spare wheel looks like it is for a trailer, certainly not for the, erm, camper/truck/lorry/shed thing. I do like the look of the integrated street lamp, but I suspect that is just a side effect of where they parked.
  3. One benefit of different colours is that you can colour-code the hoses... Blue for water/coolant, Black for oil, green for air (for example). However, I will admit I've only considered it, I've not actually done this!
  4. Ignore me... found them on YRM. Sill closure/floor support panels.
  5. I know, the picture is terrible... I'll try and take some better ones after a clean! However, I'm trying to identify a "bracket" or something that was once further forward on my Disco 1. You can see the photo is forward of the front radius arm mount/outrigger, and there is a rusted metal bracket (with an oval hole in it) that was further forward, maybe attached to the two things sticking down from the top of the picture? Same on the other side of the car, same issue, it isn't in the right place any more. It doesn't appear on any of the Microcat Images that I can find, and doesn't appear
  6. Cuprinol "Shades" fence/wood stain, and just brushed it on.
  7. I took some photos, but it is pretty hard to make out any detail due to the dark colour and low light. However, I'll post them here anyway. Bear in mind, this is about 4 years old, so is a little grubby now! There are a couple "far away" shots, and one close up to show you the finish.
  8. Are you sure you want to cost & effort of doing so? I'm really happy with mine being stripped back to the "bare board" (using a pressure washer), left to dry, then stained black... but you could use any colour you like. Now there is nothing to sag, it looks uniform and tidy, and was dead easy.
  9. I get a kind of judder (shiver), whenever I see the back end of a Disco 5... could it be that?! ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. PS. You don't need to install Adobe (although you have done so already). There is a reader (Adobe Acrobat4) included with RAVE. For general PDF browsing, I just use Microsoft Edge.
  11. Assuming you have the RAVE folder, inside you'll see the RAVE.exe application. On my system, this is the only one I needed to change properties for. Right click it, and you'll see options like those shown earlier by David.
  12. Yes, I wondered that since it had been laying horizontally on the floor. Thanks.
  13. I'm confused. I recently took my front shock absorbers (Britpart Cellular Dynamic) off my Disco, in order to add spring spacers. They seem to have lasted well, about 7 years I'd guess? Firstly, the shock body is too wide and fouls the spacer, but secondly (and more importantly) one of the two shocks was providing no damping when compressing. So, I ordered a pair of replacements (Bilstein something or other). Today, I picked up the Britpart shock and it works fine! What might cause a shock to work sometimes, but not others?!
  14. Thank you David, this is useful. Mine is clearly older than those in the booklet, in particular the thread on the rod through the middle being much coarser... and what happens is about 2" from the end that thread gets so coarse it won't turn any more. There is no "end stop" as such, just the thicker thread. Never mind, I'll have to live with it as is!
  15. Maybe. A lot quote "jaw width" as 6", that's not the opening width, but the jaws themselves.
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