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  1. Plugged your numbers in here and although at the top end of the welder's capability, it would seem possible. Its a PITA getting the inside edges done, but get as much on both sides as you can.
  2. So Land Rover may have got it right?! It wasn't clear if the viscous fan itself was heated up to "lock" it, then see how much it consumes.
  3. Me too. I'm not sure I get Rory Reid's (think that's his name?) role. He's like a part-time presenter, whereas the other two are full time. I also don't like Sabine or Eddie Jordan for that matter... I just don't think they're TV people. Or, maybe I'm just miserable. Anyway, the show has got better this series!
  4. It has been said on here before... if you are buying stuff and all goes well, they (like most other suppliers) are fine. However, when issues arise, many of these suppliers are poor at customer service. I prefer to use PayPal for my payments, as I did with Island 4x4 because there is some buyer protection. I got a refund through PayPal escalation on a purchase when I heard nothing back from Island 4x4, and I have since purchased from them without issue.
  5. Just jack it up higher?
  6. Everyone has their own story of wobbles and their causes. Mine, albeit on a Disco, was the steering box. I went through new bushes, checked swivels, drop arm/ball joints, damper etc., and the only thing that cured it was when I replaced the steering box. The symptom for me was perfectly fine steering right up to about 50mph, then a really bad wobble if I hit a bump. If I was brave enough to push through to 60-65 then the wobble went away... but I wasn't that brave very often :-)
  7. Yep, what he ^^ said. There is an alarm/immobiliser unit above the passenger foot well, behind the glove box. The challenge is identifying the fault! I'd start (of you can) by simply replacing the alarm unit.
  8. I'd struggle to get Mrs P's approval too.
  9. See here... https://www.lrdirect.com/STC3722-Kit-Flange/ "Diff pinion flange kit STC3722 has been replaced by part number STC4858."
  10. I'd go with the most expensive one. It says it is "mixed colours" so will look like you've a wet floor with oil or petrol spilled on it. :-)
  11. But is it? My bumper lights are wired such that the "pin" is the ground and the outer case is 12V, therefore standard LED's don't work. Possibly not the case for all vehicles, but true of mine.
  12. Interested in your suggestion... why would the glow plug timer/relay be the cause if the failures occur while driving. Doesn't the timer only activate at startup? I suppose it isn't switching off then that could cause the fuse to blow?
  13. I'd second that. I replaced a swivel housing about 2 years ago, and had no problems with it at all. I've also replaced rear discs in the past, and had them fail the MOT due to pitting less than a year later. I recently put their Cellular Dynamic shocks on, and so far they've been an improvement over the ProComps (oil vs. gas), but need longer to confirm reliability.
  14. Me too and me too! I used a spare set of pro-comp (Bearmach) bushes instead of the 'poly' BP ones. I was also at my local LR indi a while back who was dealing with a nearly new Terrafirma shock that the eye had snapped off!