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  1. Sorry, my mistake... thinking back it was the servo in my case, although you say you've tried that already. There is no "slave" either, that's on the clutch! I had to do both at the same time (for different reasons), and my memory is obviously rustier than the car is. ๐Ÿ™‚ Note to self: pay more attention before writing stuff!
  2. There is also a slave cylinder (or whatever we're supposed to call them these days), which was the cause of very similar symptoms on mine.
  3. 2020 isn't a good year to include in a comparison... many of those cars won't have done the 'normal distance' due to lockdown. My commute bill dropped to zero, that must mean therefore that the cost of fuel has dropped! Wrong.
  4. I think the issue isn't necessarily the "reliability", but the fear of cost in the event of an issue and the hassle involved. LR and Jaguar are now premium brands, as are BMW, Audi & Mercedes as mentioned earlier... so the expectation is if an issue occurs then the bill could be huge. Sure, many are covered by warranty etc., but the used market isn't the same. I colleague of mine has links to a Land Rover dealer nearby, and said they have received Range Rovers from the factory with faults - even before sale. Another friend uses a phrase which I think is apt... "don't buy a 60-gra
  5. The commentary appears to focus on headlights/lamps; I wonder if other lamps are concerned? I have an aftermarket high level brake light, which is LED... is that a failure? I also use LEDs in the upper indicators, but regular bulbs in the lower... failure? I'll see in late May.
  6. If it is just foot traffic, consider a wooden slope (treated to make sure it isn't slippery), or perhaps a hard rubber one (if you can find something like that?).
  7. The issue here by just filling in that area, presumably with a slope, will be a weak thin repair. You'd need to dig deeper first to ensure the thickness of the material you lay (or pour) is a couple of inches at least to maintain integrity.
  8. That's exactly what I did. Bought a couple of metal loops for the ends to wrap around, cut out the bad bit (creating a new clean end), then used the splicing technique shown here...
  9. Oh wait, I think that is a trailer hitched on the back?! That would explain it. ๐Ÿคจ
  10. It is difficult to see clearly, but the spare wheel looks like it is for a trailer, certainly not for the, erm, camper/truck/lorry/shed thing. I do like the look of the integrated street lamp, but I suspect that is just a side effect of where they parked.
  11. One benefit of different colours is that you can colour-code the hoses... Blue for water/coolant, Black for oil, green for air (for example). However, I will admit I've only considered it, I've not actually done this!
  12. Ignore me... found them on YRM. Sill closure/floor support panels.
  13. I know, the picture is terrible... I'll try and take some better ones after a clean! However, I'm trying to identify a "bracket" or something that was once further forward on my Disco 1. You can see the photo is forward of the front radius arm mount/outrigger, and there is a rusted metal bracket (with an oval hole in it) that was further forward, maybe attached to the two things sticking down from the top of the picture? Same on the other side of the car, same issue, it isn't in the right place any more. It doesn't appear on any of the Microcat Images that I can find, and doesn't appear
  14. Cuprinol "Shades" fence/wood stain, and just brushed it on.
  15. I took some photos, but it is pretty hard to make out any detail due to the dark colour and low light. However, I'll post them here anyway. Bear in mind, this is about 4 years old, so is a little grubby now! There are a couple "far away" shots, and one close up to show you the finish.
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