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  1. In a weeks time i will be in Cyprus

    Probably when he comes back?!
  2. Wheel wobble

    Mine, albeit on a Disco, was the steering box. Was weeping anyway, so replaced it (after new bushes, and new swivels) and the wobble went away.
  3. Breakdown cover

    I tend to alternate back and forth between the RAC and the AA. The main issue (in my case) is whether there is a "maximum age of vehicle" clause. I also purchase the AA/RAC membership through cashback sites, like Quidco. It takes months, but you will get a good chunk of your money back!
  4. 300TDi Non Starter After Fuel Filter Change

    Is there a difference in fuelling between a Disco and a Defender 300Tdi? I've never bothered to fill the fuel filter before fitting (on two different Discos), just replace, start-up and wait.
  5. cut, cut, cut.... Finally solid metal :)

    I think I've spotted it... the bit that's missing is the small hole in the mud-flap panel. Correct?
  6. Crank case breather gone soft

    I'll give the latest one a go... if not, silicone next time. The two images show the new vs. old, and you can see the old is longer too, which didn't help because it compressed and folded in the middle.
  7. 300Tdi ('94/5 Disco) Good morning, I've just ordered my third crank case breather pipe in recent month. The first one seemed to swell and split at the jubilee clips very quickly (3 months?), the second has lasted twice as long, but it too is now swollen and soft. The first one did feel like it was made of soft rubber in the first place. The second one was much firmer, and seemed like a good fit, but it too is now oversized. What might be a cause of this? I assume pressure build-up somewhere? Perhaps just crappy rubber used in after-market parts? I'll cut through the one I take off, I was sure it was internally 'braided' (or whatever?), but it has still swollen.
  8. Bent steering rod

  9. Steering adjustment - opinions please

    Yes, Disco drop-arm, and pointing forward! Won't be doing anything until a 34mm socket arrives!
  10. My turning circle isn't great... so I figured I'd check the steering stops to see if there's any more room for adjustment. Turning left allows the wheel to come just within 20mm of the radius arm (perfect!). Turning right doesn't. It's about 50mm away. What's stopping it is the steering box drop-arm fouling on the bracket which supports/mounts the steering box. Now, full disclosure is that I installed that steering box over a year ago, assumed it was centred before fitting, and did some simple tests after (like, do the wheels turn? They did, so that's it! So, opinions on this please... do I adjust by dropping the drop-arm, turn the steering wheel a bit left, then reattach the drop arm. Finally, recenter the steering wheel? Or, is there a more lengthy process I should have done or should do? Or just accept that the turning circle is poor?
  11. Discovery 300Tdi misfire and smoke

    If it's black, it could be an airflow restriction causing an issue, perhaps delaminated turbo pipes? Or maybe simply a badly soiled air filter?
  12. Campsite recommendations, mid Wales

    Wouldn't that be a better weekend if it were... "A group of us are heading to mid-Wales for a camping weekend, a day of laning and some time without the kids"
  13. Major IVA change

    Surely there are VW lumps we could use... they'll pass any test.
  14. Are you using "Total Car Check"? That's pretty good!

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