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  1. Flat power tool batteries - what to do ?

    Yes, indeed. Hand luggage only, and wrapped in original packaging :-)
  2. Flat power tool batteries - what to do ?

    Me too re. Ryobi... and, if you ever find yourself in the US you can buy batteries from Home Depot MUCH cheaper than here. I bought a pair of 4Ah Li batteries for $99.
  3. The horizontal one is a "return to centre" steering damper, which (as the name suggests) assist the steering return to centre! Useful if the car is lifted significantly and the steering geometry is off. It is easy to return all of that to 'standard'. But make sure you think about the implications... will the tyres fit the arches when the car sits lower? Are there other changes like caster-corrected radius arms, or trailing arms etc.? Hard to be sure, but those radius arms look a golden colour to me, that's not standard.
  4. Freshly Bled Brakes

    Could be wheel bearings... the wheel is slightly "off true" once driven so part of the brake pad pressure is straightening it up before stopping it. Whilst testing etc., the wheels won't have been moving.
  5. 300 tdi low coolant alarm

    I used one of these kits, although I'm sure it was half that price a few years back?! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Low-Coolant-Level-Alarm-12V-60mm-Screw/172766919492?epid=1488315648&hash=item2839b5fb44:g:89IAAOxyGxxSLdwA Simple to install, but does require holes in the expansion tank.
  6. EP90 Website

    Something like this... https://web.archive.org/web/20110519035353/http://ep90.com/index.php?id=28
  7. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    X-Shear (pronounced cross-shear) X-Axial (X, like stop, Axial = rotation)
  8. Question for any audio experts

    I did exactly what you're describing... I took a feed off of the cables to the rear speakers and fed them to the amp. No issues encountered. The challenge will be getting the tuning right, getting the right balance of cross-over, volume etc.
  9. Help with britpart shocks

    Your bush looks rather squished! Was it like either of these two? The ones with the square side profile and central ridge only need two washers (where the shock and nut go), the ridged centre locates in the axle/shock mount bracket. The other type ("toroidal" - nice word James!) needs 4 washers, to locate them squarely.
  10. Shelving

    How do you get the car in, when you've built a wall where the door should be?
  11. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    To me, they look like the XR4x4 logos on the old Sierras back in the late 80's? I like this one most of all... ...but with the brushed metal effect of this one... ...and of course, vertically centered.
  12. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    I was going to say "my crayon days are long gone", but in truth I never had any. However, I was wondering about incorporating a more visual image, so I plagiarised one of the earlier suggestions. My first concern was to be careful not to include words or images related to "Difflock" (for obvious reasons). I also concede that the diffs are in the wrong place on the axles, unless you're looking up at the vehicle!
  13. Vague steering advice needed

    I did (almost) the same as you, and only fixed it by finally replacing the steering box. There was some improvement by sorting one of the swivels, but still had the wobble at 50mph + a bump.
  14. Chassis change - bulkhead don't fit

    Can't picture what fits where exactly, but couldn't you use a small bottle jack (2T for example) and a good bit of 2"x2" (or bigger), ideally hardwood? Use the jack to push the wooden post against the bulkhead 'post' to move outward?
  15. Importing a landy from Northern Ireland

    Surely Northern Ireland is part of the UK, so it would be fine to just drive it as is? Much like driving one from Wales to England :-)