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Hi all, have done a search and can't find anything that helps so thought I'd ask the more experienced on here. I am setting the linkages on my transfer box, firstly the diff lock, I can set it so the lever is to the left and the selector is fully to the right to engage diff lock but it moves out of diff lock and clicks but I can't get the selector to move fully to the left when disengaged, is this ok ? As I have been winding the pivot pin in and out trying to get it to move fully to the right and left.

And I've also been trying to set the high low range selector is there a way to set these properly as I got it so hi range went in ok but it won't seem to go into low and I've moved the adjustment in and out. Also sometimes if I move the handbrake drum back and forwards it drops in have I got a problem ? All the linkages and the selector lever are knew I brought them when I purchased my 380 stumpy from ashcrofts and I've had the hi low selector unit off the transfer box and that seems ok.

any help would be greatly appreciated as always cheers Ian

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