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oil cooler suggestions?


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I've got a Discovery 3.9 v8 in my Defender (hence posting here). The guy who had it before me replaced the radiator, but the new radiator doesn't have an oil cooler. It turns out what he's done is cut the oil cooler part out of the original radiator and leave it in line. It looks horrible, rattles around and the hoses are getting in the way of a couple of other things, so I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a good oil cooler? I've been looking around and I'm thinking a long, squat one to fit under the current radiator may be the way to go, but figured people here may know better.





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Good to know, thanks. I have an issue where the engine is a Disco engine but the gauge is a Defender gauge and it always runs off the end of the dial but the temp is fine. I don't know if I can fit a Disco gauge in the Defender dash. It's on my TODO list (and it's a loong list right now.. whoever had it before me did everything half-arsed..)


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Sorry for the delay in replying; we moved house (and I towed a trailer for the first time to transport my kit car so I feel like a grownup!)

' You could remove the takeoff plate & delete the oil cooler, tidy plumbing '

Excuse my ignorance but is this ok to do? Was it not put there in the first place for a reason?

Also I'm switching from 14CUX to Megasquirt so I should be able to pull a signal from there for a VDO gauge. Or at the very least check it with the laptop..

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