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Discovery 2 td5 MAF problem


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I have a problem with my Discovery 2 TD5. The air mass sensor is not giving any values. After evaluating the problem I noticed that there are no values in the MAF. The pin 1 and 2 o 3 (12v) have no connection problem, the cabling is good. I made the following test to evaluate the cabling. I measured the continuity of the two pins to ECU pin 11 and 20. The continuity is assured, validated if the other wiring pins have continuity to see the signal pass to them and have a cable problem, and all seems okay.

Then I evaluated the behavior of MAF. What I found was, when I have only the ignition on the 12v are correct and the others 2 pins have the right residual values, I assessed the continuity of MAF pin 1 to the mass and was guaranteed. After putting the car to work, pins 1 and 2 go to ZERO and the continuity to the mass in pin 1 ceases to be verified. The mass is made by the centralina, it seems to me that it is the ECU that is cutting the mass for some reason. I suspect a mass passage somewhere but I have not been able to identify the problem yet. I have tested with several ECU and the behavior is always the same.

Thank you.

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MAF sensors often fail & need replacing. A quick test to confirm is to disconnect the MAF & go for a test drive. If the engine drives better, it's very likely the MAF is faulty.

The best MAF are VDO / Siemens - who made the original parts for Land Rover. MAF from other manufacturer often do not work as well.

If you have access to other ECU for testing, are you able borrow a td5 MAF from a friend to try in your vehicle ?

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