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  1. Cheers all for your replys. I have decided to remove the lift and tyres and change it back to standard, but with larger tyres to fill the arches also wider as that is the look that I prefer. Cheers again.
  2. Thanks dag019 much appreciated. Chicken drumstick... indeed i could, or i can just ask in a forum, which im pretty sure is what they are here for. If you dont want to answer the question, whats the point in answering at all.
  3. If ilegal, why is it not an mot failure?
  4. Evening all, looking to fit 265/75/16 bgf all terrains to a set of modular rims. Will they fit ok on a set of 16x8 rims cheers in advance.
  5. We are a fencing company sonwork in fields ect. Need to get across rough terain. It has a 3inch procomp lift and 35inch tyres. On 15x10 steel rims. We also tow a twin axel flat bed and twin axel tipper
  6. Its a work vehicle not so much an off roader. That would obv be the ideal situation to have another vehilce. But im running outnof space.
  7. Very true. +5 shocks, soft springs and a single axel caravan. Would it just be easier ifni just change it all back to standard.
  8. It says on their website that pre td5 is fine and they are still working on anything td5 and newer.
  9. The rear dampers are brand new and the springs are about 3 years old all round. Id rather not remove the lift and tyres as i use the landy for alot of off road work in fields and woodlands. I guess ill try putting some anti roll bars back on it.
  10. The ride is just very bouncy and the landy wollows side to side. If the caravan goes over a bump then the landy is just up and down, up and down. Makes you feel sea sick. The caravan is loaded fine. And the tow ball is at the right height as i bought an extension plate to fit to the drop down tow hitch. Cheers for your help so far.
  11. Evening all, i have a td5 90 with a 3 inch pro comp lift, with 35/12.5/15 mud tyres. Anti roll bars have been removed front and back. And as you can imagine it doesnt tow very well. I pull our caravan with it but its not very comfortable. (So the wife thinks) is there anything i can do to make the towing experience better. Id rather not remove the lift and tyres. All help welcomed. Cheers in advance. Dave.
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