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  1. It was running like this probably about 4 hours to Beaulieu round the course twice and back again.
  2. Seems happier now. Will massive overfueling upset the plugs or exhaust sensor ?
  3. Fired up the laptop, straight away rogue fuel map cell flagged up 2000 rpm 80 mpa should be 50, was 142. That may explain rich running and increase in fuel consumption... i put put it back see how it goes later.
  4. Tuner studio gives a flash read error and it does idle ok.
  5. You could create a wormhole and walk through. Are we off topic yet ? :-)
  6. Insurance is just a bucket everybody pays into and pays out in case of an accident. I have house insurance in case something happens to my house. The insurance companies will crunch the numbers and charge accordingly.
  7. So it will be out for 15-20 years then you'll give it a go ? ;-)
  8. More like free play. I was wondering if the d3/4 had any well known steering issues.
  9. It's the second. Runs like a loose connection at those revs. Rev and drop rev and drop stuttering. Apply more throttle and it was happier at the higher ranges and drinking lots of fuel.
  10. My mate has bought a 12 plate D4 and he is getting a bit of movement in steering wheel while driving. Do the position modules wear or could it be a wheel balance issue ?
  11. In getting my raspberry pi contected it had problems connecting, I'm getting occasional flash read errors but maybe unrelated but the engine is now cutting out at 1500 to 2000. Is it possible I've pushed some bad settings or wrong firmware map? Or any other suggestions gratefully received I'm 50 miles from home at the moment.
  12. Ok got a small null modem connector from eBay and it seems to mostly work. The dectect came back with msns or similar repeated for firmware and version and the port check fails but if I just run it the gauges do indeed spring to life. Maybe the null modem doesn't have all the loopbacks in place. So that's the most important bit. Just need to wire it in and maybe find a custom dash I like. :-). Maybe I'll see if the firmware needs an update.
  13. It seems like the serial gender changer may need to swap tx and rx, ordering a null modem one and see what happens. if anyone has a db9 null modem cable or connector they don't want any more let me know please. :-)
  14. Can't get the serial port to work at the moment. Will go and find a rpi forum to post to. I've turned off the console and swapped the Bluetooth over. if I loop the serial gpio pins thx and extra the tunerstudio minicomm sees the chars and if I connect a laptop to the megasquirt that works hmm.
  15. If it's any help I think laptop 1 has a flat bios battery resetting the time. If you run setup and set the date it may work. That's what mine does with a flat bios battery.