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  1. mad_pete

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    “what the hell are people in here smoking?” Mix of diesel fumes and EP90?
  2. mad_pete

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    This forum is largely about how our Defenders are under powered, break , rust ,burn loads of fuel, are uncomfortable , noisy and easily stolen. (Don’t get me wrong I love mine). If I had more time I’d zebra paint mine and drive it round Land Rover hq making it look like a mule. I bet the commmets would still be the same that it’s not a patch on the old one (mine is of course much better than original because it has a custom heater scoop 😉 ). Actually we should do that. Can anyone photo shop so zebra strips on a defender and we can start to circulate it ?
  3. mad_pete

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Looks good to me, I think I’d drive that and then mine and wonder how this has taken so long. Comfort and road handling with enough off road ability. The existing defender lasts forever anyway so it’s not like you can’t have one if you want one.
  4. mad_pete

    Garage lighting

    I painted the walls white and have tube lighting but want to get extra lights right at front and back to angle into cab and engine bay and I have £12 b and a flexible spot light. Looking at led spots at the moment.
  5. mad_pete

    Using a Rivnut tool help

    I practised a bit with some metal I could see both sides of.
  6. mad_pete

    Raptor dash replacement binnacle vent screw

    its the one on the left. You can see it here but when the binnicle is in poisiton it’s covered.
  7. mad_pete

    Broken indicator clamp

    The clamp for the indicator stalk has parted company with itself. is there any fix that can be done or is it new one time ?
  8. mad_pete

    side window vents

    Had to improve the adaptor and do the same for the other side but getting there. Put all the dash back on and give it a try.
  9. mad_pete

    Defender steering wheel centres Mountney

    Here it it is in all its glory. The wheels aren’t straight so I have some tdc marking tape on at the moment for when I put it back on.
  10. I'm putting in a shinny raptor dash and replacement binnacle and my demister vents have been converted to the screw either side type. My old binnacle has a chunk out of the back to fit the second demister vent screw but the new binnacle doesn't have a hole for it. Do you leave it out or do you have to drill it ? I think my vent it pretty rammed in so I think it would hold on one screw just wondered if others have done this ?
  11. Having pulled my dashboard entirely apart, I'm on a bit of a refurb. I'm up to the steering wheel. An after market Mountney 3 spoke. It's fine but I don't have the centre cover and I don't really want one with a 'm' on. Would any 3 inch wheel centre fit and I can try and track down a land rover badge or should I consider a different wheel perhaps because that's the part of the car you come in to contact with most (that or the bonnet release 🙂 ) ?
  12. mad_pete

    wiper wheel box

    I know exactly where they are and have boxes and grease proof paper to wrap them in and everything. Pm if you want me to send them.
  13. Found this. Might work. https://www.steerforth.co.uk/20mm-70mm-spacer-stroke-restriction-tubes-p-4153.html Anyone have suggestions on a good way to make or get made a collar for it please ?
  14. mad_pete

    Pillar drill old or new?

    Nice, what’s your plans for them ?
  15. mad_pete

    wiper wheel box

    I just changed mine so I have two old ones. Mine are the old type.

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