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  1. My current ones are at the front and lots of people run them fine. But at the back is a shorter cable run and I can set them up without disturbing my current ones. How about the discovery and Range Rover mounts don’t they bolt at the back somewhere?
  2. So I need to get more excited about building a bracket to come off the bell housing than I currently am. Watching binky helped but not enough. Anyone any suggestions ?
  3. Slip isn’t freewheel, you set the gear box to hold lower gear and you get a bit less engine breaking bit it isn’t none.
  4. Okay I went shopping at Nige’s and I am planning to move them back over here and weld together the conversion plates from Nige. Pick up my extended air box mount I don’t use and then maybe a point on the plenum to secure. Leads wise I have do it your self in red from Nige and a questionable crimp thing from eBay for £5. crimp thing may be a false economy but we will see.
  5. I went with skate board grip tape from Halfords. Sticks and grips really well.
  6. Gave up and put on as is. Looks fine I think . That’s the raptor replacement binnacle with black surround which I’m pretty pleased with.
  7. Turns out it was the pto engage lever as the seat box isn’t bolted to the gear box tunnel at the moment. Bit of grease and bliss.
  8. I agree it’s subjective but I bet there aren’t any motoring reviews that give the Defender (including the £150,000 works v8 ) full marks for comfort and having to put other car seats in and change the drive train suggests perhaps it should come with Range Rover seats and that drive train from the factory. Not entirely a dealership conversation you want to be having. I don’t like the seats. Not to worry sir here is a spanner and directions to the local breakers yard ...... I have to drive 600 mile in either in a top end Range Rover or a Defender and we are really saying that’s a like for like driver comfort experience ? I like the Defender but I don’t think to do it better is some of the areas is really a big ask but that too is subjective and only my view.
  9. I like Defenders but in many areas I would say the bar isn’t exactly high..... 🙂 driver comfort - not really Fuel economy - nope crash safety - erm Somewhere to put your elbow - not both on road handling - some 0 - 60 - Yes Ability to fix with cable ties and gaffer tape - 10 / 10
  10. Yes as true Land Rover fans we are, can it be easily loaded onto a flat bed when broken down, is it easy to work on on the hard shoulder and how easily can I strip out major drive train items in said location else it’s not a defender 🙂🙂 🙂
  11. But this is a pure talk about it thread. 🙂 I appreciate its not a significant value add mod but if it’s spending 10k on a 5k base to vehicle to make it worth 6k that’s a factor. I appreciate it should be primarily a labour of love.
  12. So chassis £1500 custom softtop and cage £2000 iva tests £1500 rear seats £1000 custom tub fabrication and paint £1000 swap bits over and find broken things £1000 Air suspension £2000 hmm £10,000 pounds. How much is a 100 inch worth ?
  13. This was the chassis I was thinking of. https://www.landyzone.co.uk/land-rover/galvanised-land-rover-100-defender-chassis-custom-richards-chassis.310674/
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