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  1. mad_pete

    100 inch defender pure vapour build

    I hear it various ways of yes/no/depends on the examiner but putting the Iva aside if it’s 100 inch defender chassis don’t most things bolt on at this point with a 10 inch gap behind the bulkhead and rear bed?
  2. mad_pete

    100 inch defender pure vapour build

    I’m wondering what difference a specifically built chassis makes. I e watched some of a 4x4 is born. That looks complicated but with an actual defender 100 inch chassis is it easier? As this is my imaginary 100 inch build it would need seats in the back.
  3. So I was out at the weekend and saw a defender that if I had unlimited time and money is pretty much what mine would end up as. 100 inch auto, air suspension, soft top with forward facing rear seats. so I was musing what does it take to go to 100 inches from a 90? And this is speculation only. So richard chassis 100 inch, take the panels engine front off mine (90) extend propshaft, brake lines, electrics, exhaust , custom cage, custom hood. Get rear seats in. Some sort of trival paperwork for dvla and a solve for extra 10 inches rear tub and your done aren’t you? Weekend, maybe two ? 🙂
  4. mad_pete

    Simply Land Rover

    Went to Simply Land Rover yesterday. Saw some nice 100 inch defenders and others. Seemed a bit quiet this year but maybe that’s because I came later and did less. Anyone else go down?
  5. mad_pete

    Plower electric Defender

    I’d do mine if it was affordable enough. Orange 90 defender in the charge spots at car parks. 🙂
  6. mad_pete

    Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    I’ll leave at the front for now I think. I would think I could shorten the loom if I needed to move them back later. Anyone know the the leads I need ? I think Nige is still catching up from holiday I couldn’t get hold of him to see what leads he is selling. Also need a decent run cable route from behind the seat into the engine bay.
  7. mad_pete

    Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    Thinking about moving the coil packs to the back of the engine but I do have dreams of squeezing a v8 110 air box in there. I see a lot of people running at the front but Land Rover went with the back didn’t they ?
  8. mad_pete

    Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    MS3 to drive without edis needs a different input voltage. Looks like the megasquirt v8 shop lists them as VWs Audi Skodas etc P/Ns : 032905106E 032905106B etc and some brackets and leads maybe I’m going shopping when it re opens Monday. 🙂
  9. mad_pete

    Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    Seems I would need to swap to VW coils and leads to get s 5v input. Anyone know what the part numbers are for the VW coils and leads please?
  10. mad_pete

    Truck cab headlining

    Got through but the factory has been a pickle for them I think I will try LaSalle
  11. mad_pete

    ABS retro fit

    It’s not like you don’t get at least one wheel on the ground and as long as it goes round I think you are literally good to go. 🙂
  12. mad_pete

    3.9i ECU location in Defender

    Mine went on the rear bulkhead and was from a rangie.
  13. mad_pete

    Squeaky mud dash

    I have a screen mounted in my mud dash and I think the extra weigh is causing some squeaking. Also my side brackets don’t sit flat. When I tighten the panels it pulls the bottom edge up slightly so it’s only resting on the back corners. Has anyone done any re enforcing on theirs to stop any wiggling ?
  14. mad_pete

    Truck cab headlining

    So I did try them, ordered in January, still don’t have it and can’t get through on phone, email or Facebook so it’s not looking good.
  15. mad_pete

    Best engine

    The article makes the case for best for each engine and then gives it opinion at the end.

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