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  1. From what I can gather the rails are made to order and they have been sent back twice because of holes in the wrong places. Which okay maybe sort your supplier out but as soon as you know that please update me that my order is delayed. i think they also run trips which seems to mean they shutdown for weeks at a time. I asked for the instructions in December so I could get on and prep the seats and I haven’t got those and I was told I would get an update Friday/weekend and don’t have that and that’s pretty much how this has played out. I looking at last week in November get these installed and now I’m thinking should I make a top gear like sofa with them for the garage in the meantime to stop me tripping over them....
  2. I’m now stuck with what to do. I asked for a refund (quite a bit now) but no response. The £90 is I think below the minimum credit card protection level which leaves small claims court I guess ? I want to go and get some mud rails and move this along but I don’t know if Edge will end up sending me the rails anyway. I’m ready to be understanding for production and other issues but companies that promise update after update and then don’t ever give one are very frustrating to deal with. If you said a week but now it’s two just send me a text Surely that’s not too hard? Come on Edge give me my money back ! 🙂
  3. Does it handle well ? Like it’s on rails....
  4. Okay I’m going to need to change the title. 10 weeks and still no rails from edge garage. All I have managed to get done is leave a lot of messages asking for updates....
  5. Currently I’m finding my 90 truck cab a touch cosy. I’m not sure I want to go all the way to a hard top but wondering I’m I could put a cybertruck style slope roof on it get a bit more seat space and little bit of load area cover. Defender - I don’t do curves Cybertruck - hold my beer i think the dimensions aren’t quite there but maybe halfway between that a tomcat style back. Roller load area would be quite fun. Can you cad up aluminium sheets and get someone to folder them up for you? i might get photoshop out later and see how it goes.
  6. After reading lro article (yes I’m a lro reader... 🙂) on wiper box changing and having the dash out anyway, I thought I’d give that a go. Hours and money later replacing boxes and cable it’s now much worse than before with both wipers having a couple of inches of play. The cable was swapped to a britpart one while wiper boxes were bearmach I think. Should I suspect the Birtpart part first ? I have the old wheel boxes still is there a check I can do ?
  7. That’s not and electric turbo .... this is an electric turbo
  8. That is very nice looking. I may have some questions around that in a bit if I may. Mine remain low effort as my seat rails have not arrived. Seats have though and they look good. A lot of seat for the money. They have a car air fresher smell to them, which I hate so I might give them a go over with a steam cleaner and some leather polish. Maybe take a look at taking the air bags and seat belt clips out.
  9. I think the creator controls the amount of ads but YouTube controls the revenue rules so if YouTube rules change creators need to respond to get revenue to make the channel viable. YouTube premium removes all the ads https://m.youtube.com/premium Content and hosting takes money and that needs to come from somewhere. which reminds me I should probably make a forum donation.....
  10. Okay ordered some RX 8 seats from eBay and then ordering some of these https://www.edgegarage.co.uk/store/products/127044 And see what the lowest amount of work I can do to get these in. I’m not getting the loom so will be some plugging things because in 2 months it’s 2020 and the future is heated seats. This is minimum effort so not planning to go near any box section so yes this is a total cheat for the fabrication section but maybe I need to take a bracket off the seat who knows.
  11. I thought dim dip had to come out for LEDs.
  12. Still pondering the bracket, might need find a bracket wizard to help me with that. Having watched binky gives me two ideas. One can I squeeze ms3 behind my touch screen. might need a thinner touchscreen but maybe I can cut a hole in the grey plastic cover behind and steal a few more cm. The other is could in use the lovely http://www.badobsessionmotorsport.co.uk/product/34-pin-delphi-connector-kit/ connectors to go through the bulkhead for the wiring loom. Seem a little big but would be a nice solution if it would work.
  13. Looking at what options there are to template out car parts listings for ebay and get the comparability section filled in easily. Looks like you can get third party seller tools. Anyone use tried or use these ? Looking to be able to do 10s of listings at a time as quickly as possible.
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