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  1. Dim dip transistor - where does it mount ?

    So remove, bin and just cable tie the plug somewhere? Or is there a bypass connection required ?
  2. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    So as I was warned it is pretty tight to get out to the side of the wing. I’m wondering if I could swap the heater inlet and the snorkel round. Have the heater feed from the hole at the back and the snorkel run in the more traditional through wing place. Does anyone know why the heater is the way it is ?
  3. Good dust mask ?

    Working on the wheel arches is kicking up a lot of dust. What’s a good dust mask for landy work ? Looking for something comfortable and reasonably good at blocking things my lungs aren’t as keen on breathing mud as they once were. :-)
  4. Newbury/Sudbury sortout

    Thanks, we pulled the cover and gave it a squirt and some oil and some blow torch and some work with a big spanner in a vice and it still wouldn’t move. :-(. Thanks for the stick advice I did source an arc welder from somewhere else.
  5. Newbury/Sudbury sortout

    Seems the adjuster is seized so works as long as you only want to weld at one setting.....
  6. side window vents

    Well it’s shiny, you can see in the reflection where removal of previous paint wasn’t that rigorous. also vent seals came up quite nicely with Autoglym rubber and vinyl spray. Once I’ve got the heater seal in the right place I’ll refit. The photo is after and before :-)
  7. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    Okay some test fitting. The current hole is actually about 3 inch but the bonnet wants some of the space. And it wants to keep it to go up into. if I go with my current brackets I think it comes too far forward. So I think I want to go close in and come up with a new holder method and work out how to wiggle out a little for the bonnet although I will move the hole a bit anyway. Just taking the wheel spat off at the moment see if I can get the outer wing off.
  8. Welder recommendation

    Okay HoSS I have some bad news the adjuster was seized and no amount of persuasion would convince it otherwise. I did get the Thermal Arc and would rate that 8 or 9 and the weld mate a 5 although that’s only quick review. The weld mate was much more difficult to get going and being unable to adjust didn’t help. Thermal Arc very smooth and able to put down functional welds relatively quickly. I’d recommend it.
  9. Welder recommendation

    I’ll plan to fire it up tomorrow I’ll let you know how it goes :-)
  10. Welder recommendation

    And it was in the skip because ..... you liked it so much and it worked so well? :-)
  11. Welder recommendation

    I’ve looked at the welder section and it looks to be all migs. With a bit of luck I will be able to buy a mig off Lewis. However at the Newbury sort out I did pick up a cheap (it was free :-) )arc welder to maybe do the one job I have at the moment. not sure it works yet and Earth might need some attention but I did look into arc welding a lot more. It’s downside seems to be it’s a bit slower due to rods and you need to clean to weld but will be happier powering through rust a bit more and flux rods mean no gas required. Thermal arc 175 arc looks a good bit of kit that would also do lift tig (not quite sure what that is) in future. They seem to hold their value so maybe get one and then I’d have all the options ? How much difference does inverter vs transformer make ? If budget is 5 to use is a nicer one maybe 7 or 8 out of 10? My welding experience is zero so learning to do on whatever. My current job is a 4mm weld tab back on the bulkhead. will the budget arc do a reasonable (or even poor as long as it holds) job and where is a good place to earth to for the bulkhead ?
  12. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    Ok got what I am guessing is the snorkel top from RAC. :-) I can either mount as intended and move my roll cage lights over a bit. Or mount the other way and use my sarfari top. Next I need something that cuts checkerplate and defender wings neatly.
  13. Newbury/Sudbury sortout

    My most expensive purchase was a burger at £5 and I got some vents, some side lights and got a free arc welder. Haven’t tried it yet. Earth lead looks a but frayed so might need a new one. Still may tide me over till I get a mig. Haven’t turned it on yet.
  14. Newbury/Sudbury sortout

    Didn't see anyone had a good time though. What did everybody buy ?
  15. Newbury/Sudbury sortout

    But I’m a member ! 🤝🤛🤟🖖