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  1. Right some progress. With basic brackets it all lines up very well. The power up and down is really really nice. I’ll look to pop a video up. Getting a slight twist on the table as it powers up and sometimes it needs a help to start coming down but I think a small power up then down sorts that.
  2. Look can everybody stop hijacking my thread with cheaper and easier solutions please ? just kidding looks a great bit of kit. 🙂
  3. They have already lost the court case. Apparently all 4x4s are boxy. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.cityam.com/jim-ratcliffe-wins-jaguar-land-rover-challenge-over-defender-shape/amp/
  4. I think it’s very early to say Land Rover missed an opportunity here. An opportunity to rebuild a very old design almost exactly the same ? I think this has a market I would say let’s see some sales numbers in a year or so before we say who has missed the mark.
  5. And now for the ultimate test - Does it get its own forum section on here ? 🙂
  6. Something like this but it needs to be a touch taller to hit level.
  7. I have the cubby. I’m thinking I want to kick the seats up at the back to get them more level. Not sure what angle the rx8 has them at but I’m might look to put the rx8 runners level with maybe some box section or spacer at the rear. maybe flat bar from the front with spacer at back. Lowest effort seems unlikely at this point. 🙂
  8. Okay they turned up and they are britpart hinges. Took the drivers door off and the amount of play in the old hinges is what I would describe as “a lot”. I’ll put the new ones on which means working out how to paint them or getting someone who knows how to paint them to paint them.
  9. If you are infected you are spewing out virus with each breath and that’s before any coughs and sneezes. It’s going to be more and go further without a mask and be hanging around in the air. Inside, masks are way the to go. Everybody just keep their current germs to themselves.
  10. Your mask is for other people (and theirs for you) as if you are infected stops the distance on aerosol virus. Indoors masks are the way to go. Gloves don’t buy you much your skin can’t do but help remind you to be careful touching your face.
  11. I agree with the first and the last part but there absolutely are right ways and wrong ways to do this. People get paid good money to get this right and I don’t expect to be 6 months into a pandemic and have the advice be “yes maybe masks are a thing, and let’s maybe do testing” You look at how long and many deaths there were before most countries started getting it together, we are so screwed for climate change.... anyway you are all a bunch of spanner wielders now go away or I shall taunt you all for a second time 🙂
  12. Hoses can slip off the lower flaps can poorly seal.
  13. And that’s fine to a degree but its the people that catch from you and people from them that then go on to a bad outcome that may find that less ideal.
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