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  1. Surely if the ignition lead is going to break anywhere, in the middle of a clean dry fully equipped garage isn’t a bad option ?
  2. mad_pete

    Pillar drill old or new?

    I didn’t buy it. There was some chuck wobble and the missing top cover made it a bit expensive. So time to pick a premium budget new one from somewhere I think.
  3. mad_pete

    Pillar drill old or new?

    It’s up for £425
  4. mad_pete

    Pillar drill old or new?

    I did go and see it today and seems solid although I do t really know what I’m looking at. Drill speed is 48 to 2470 rpm as it has the in head readuction gears so that may cover most things. The drill head had some movement at slow speeds but looked very solid apart from the missing belt cover.
  5. Looking at getting a pillar drill. There is an Elliot Progress near me that seems in good order that would need a belt guard and chuck guard and an e stop button fitting but that’s not too hard or I could machine mart or a Axminster. My budget is up to about £400. I won’t be doing a lot on it should I admit to myself I just need a hobby spec machine ?
  6. mad_pete

    Heater to Bulkhead seal issue

    It is but as I tighten it’s starting to deform the foam so it doesnt need to be as tight as it is. My bulkhead and heater are from different years so maybe that’s not helping.
  7. I have Range Rover 4.2 v8 in my 90 and the heater pipes seem slightly larger than the defender heater matrix is expecting. It’s difficult to get both pipes connected to matrix together. Is the defender slightly smaller ? Should I pop a reducer in the path to the matrix. If I tighten the clips tight it doesn’t leak but doesn’t seem ideal.
  8. mad_pete

    Heater to Bulkhead seal issue

    Okay spoke a bit too soon when I fully tighten the heater it starts bulging the foam. Not too bad but I think I’ll need a spacer for the top bolts, I don’t want to cut the foam about.
  9. mad_pete

    Heater to Bulkhead seal issue

    There that’s more like it.
  10. mad_pete

    Defender heater part

    Thanks it has these little lock tabs that I thought would locate it in the cowl but the hole is a bit too big. Perhaps I’ll just glue it.
  11. mad_pete

    Defender heater part

    Bought a mrc8642 as mine seemed to be missing it. Figured it would be obvious connection from the scoop toheater box but doesn’t seem that good a fit. Anyone know where it goes and if I need please ?
  12. mad_pete

    Heater to Bulkhead seal issue

    Great thanks, I’d managed to get one of the cables through the nut and instead of straight out the other side managed to get the cable to bend through the center so I had to cut it off.
  13. mad_pete

    Heater to Bulkhead seal issue

    Okay thanks I got some foam at the butser jumble and I’ll grab from tiger seal from Halfords. My cables aren’t very clever and my heater to wing intake connector is missing so I grab one of those too. I plan to add some foam to the lower dash vents as well. Seems to be a gap at the bottom of the vents when closed don’t know if that is accident or design.
  14. mad_pete

    Heater to Bulkhead seal issue

    So is my metal bracket the wrong way round ? And what sort of glue to use please and seems like the shut out flap had some sort of foam on it at one time is that replaceable ? Heaters seem to raise a lot of questions ... :-)
  15. mad_pete

    Heater to Bulkhead seal issue

    I’m going to take mine off and glue it to the heater I think.

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