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  1. I was looking at getting a set of these too .... look a bit like the old anaconda's i thought ....... maybe i wont now
  2. Thanks for the help guys As for what i'm doing to break the diffs ................. they dont call me Chaos for nothing you know I do have quite an aggressive driving style and dont seem to be afraid of going anywhere or trying slopes and step ups that nobodyelse wants to The rear diffs both suffered smashed planet gears ...... Where as the front diff is a suspected pinion jump The front diff has lasted the longest but perhaps doing stuff like this doesnt help I honestly thought a Landy would be stronger than this
  3. I'm hoping some of you fellow Discovery owners/modifiers can help me out here ........ I have an early 3 door 200tdi Discovery that i mainly use as an offroad plaything ..... the problem is that i am shredding diffs for a passtime 2 rears and one front in 3 outings Now i know that some who may know me will say that it's my driving style that is to blame (they dont call me CaptChaos for nothing ya know) but i am sure that it's not just down to that!!. A little info on my Discovery may be of assistance at this point i think.... I purchased the car with a 1" lift already fitted .... bearmach blues and unknown gas shocks ... .also the car has had polybushes fitted throughout but these are due for replacement this week with different poly bushes ..... other that that the car is a standard high mileage Discovery with just a set of Bronco MT's fitted (245/75/16) but these are due replacement due to cracking but still have planty of meat left on em. I have a pair of 300tdi 24 spline axles coming on thursday morning and wish to fit them as i have heard that they are stronger and will take more torque than the 200tdi 10 spline axles but was wondering about the rear axles propshaft fitting ........ can i just remove the 3 bolt drive flange from the 300tdi axle and replace it with the 4 bolt drive flange from the 200tdi or is there more involved work than this required for the job? Also will the propshaft need to be lengthened or shortened in any way? Hopefully someone can help
  4. Here's my 3 I should explain at this point that the Mrs likes to give them names Number 1 ........ Jerry ....... why Jerry? ............ Because Jerry can!! Number 2 ....... Dora ........ Dora the expolorer ....... this is the Mrs's family run around which is fitted with 235/85/16 MTs and a 2" lift kit with rear antiroll bar removed and dislocation cones etc And finally my spares Disco
  5. Damage done last weekend at Baldhu in Cornwall
  6. Continued .................... More stuck pics The others in our group weren't quite as care free with their cars as they were all daily drivers (mine is too but i dont mind breaking it) but they all still had great fun .... I couldn't have asked better from Jerry on the day and he did me proud The journey home had it's problems with Jimmy in the RRC suffering a fractured transmission cooling pipe and my Disco mysteriously losing all of its coolant with no obvious leaks ............. but we all got home safely in the end. Oh yeah .......... and i removed my rear bumper ......... sort of on purpose ................ HONEST Bush Farm turned out to be better than we could have ever asked for thanks to all for making it the day it was
  7. A few of us Cornish boys and girls went up to Bush Farm near Saltash on Sunday for a bit of a play The story began with myself (blue 200TDI Disco), Pepsi (red 300TDI Disco), Jimmy (black RRC) and BustRucket (green 200TDI Disco) all meeting up at various points along the A30 and the journey began with Jerry .......... at this point i should explain that the Mrs likes to name all our cars and my 200TDI got it's name because "Jerry Can" (cue the groans and skyward glances) .......... anyways back to the report ..... So the day began with Jerry suddenly losing power just 8 miles into the journey up, this turned out to be a lack of go go juice but it wasn't my fault .... honest ..... the gauge is reading wrong .... after that problem was resolved by the nice people at the nearest fuel station (robbing b*st*rds!!) we had a trouble free drive to Saltash Services where we met some others who had arranged to meet us there in Zuk's and a Toyota king cab but we'll forgive them their misfortune, soon the Plymouth posse arrived and after much hand shaking and photo taking we were on our way to uncharted territory At Bush Farm the first problem was when Paul in the king cab got stuck up to his axles after rescuing a Zuki so i tried to pull him out with no success ......... now at this point a nice chap approached me and offered his assistance but when i saw what he was driving i couldn't help but wonder ........ yes both myself and the king cab were pulled out by non less than a VW campervan!!! A short interval was then experienced as we straightened Pauls steering arm and then we head off into the unknown once more ....... I seem to remember telling folks last week that i'd be taking it easy on the day but once my "flip top cranium" had been emptied of all common sense and fear taking it easy was a thing of the past .... especially when i saw a big muddy puddle in the quarry ....... glad i fitted the snorkel ......... needless to say wet carpets and new fangled liquid cooled headlamps ensued ....... "I really REALLY hope i sealed the snorkel properly!" STUCK? ............... send the boy out to the work.......... Getting stuck seemed to be the order of the day and my little group said it was a real advantage having a "gung ho idiot" in front to test the waters for them ............. but if you aren't getting stuck your not trying hard enough .......... To be continued........
  8. Thats almost exactly how i have done mine Great minds n all that Will add some pics later
  9. Just done that to my 200TDI 3 door Not as simple as doing it to a 5 door but still do'able ........ box section measurements were approx 5"x2 1/2"
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