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  1. I hve a pair of disco 300tdi seats into my 90
  2. had a similar problem on the missus 300tdi disco, then the head gasket went, hope you dont have that problem
  3. we have had some heavy rain, so the water levels my be high
  4. was on Strata last Saturday night, the water levels are low, if you are going alone the you can PM me for my mobile number as I don`t live to far from Strata (Brecon), just incase
  5. IMHO so long as the tyres on an axle are the same, I can`t see a drama, I would start at the back. But why not just save up and get all 4 in one go?
  6. here`s a drawing if you fancy making one yourself, as I did
  7. I have tail lights working, but no brake light when I press the brake pedal, am I being supid and is itt something realy simply? many thanks
  8. I fitted mine on the grill, just to isolate the winch
  9. according to the Rangerover register site these tyres will be available in the UK from July. can`t see why they wouldnt be legal in the UK
  10. try this buddy landroverweb
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