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  1. Disco 1 windscreen washer pump

    You were spot on! Thanks so much! It's always the simple things, should have compared the other washer to it which didn't have that gaping hole in the pump!! New pump on order should solve what turned out to be a simple fix thanks to you 👍🏻
  2. Disco 1 windscreen washer pump

    Hi all, I've got myself into a problem with my windscreen washer pump. As you can see from the photos, the connection isn't the regular run of the mill, possibly down to my disco 1 300tdi being one of the last to roll off the production line. The male connector has two prong with a metal cube attached to each prong. One of these "cubes" managed to fall out and it can't make a proper connection with the pump anymore. End result is a blown fuse with each attempt to wash the windscreen. I overcame this by swapping the tubing so that when i press rear wash button it sprays my windscreen but this has now become an issue for my MOT. Any suggestions on how i might rectify this? I've ordered a standard washer pump which takes the standard two pin connector (same as what my rear washer pump has) and was hoping to get my hands on a male connector (white) to wire up to replace my red two prong connector. Is this easily done? FYI both pumps have two wires connected, a black and a green. Thanks in advance, Frank
  3. Front wiper motor discovery 1 300tdi

    Thanks so much Paul, I ended up ordering a motor from paddocks last night. Part number AMR3869M which looks to be correct for right hand drive Disco1 300tdi. I would have ordered the harness but i butchered the wires on D2 motor when i was trying to use them on D1 plug with new spade connections. Appreciate the info though, hopefully this new motor does the trick as my wallet can't take much more!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a part number for the front wiper motor for my discovery 1 300tdi. I mistakenly ordered part number DKD100620M after reading somewhere that it fits both discovery 1 and 2 but the connector won't fit. I've been searching high and low since for a part number but to no avail. Trying to sort my wipers that aren't parking. Thanks, Frank
  5. Discovery 300tdi lift pump bolts

    Thanks so much!!
  6. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and was looking for a part number or specific size of the two bolts which secure the fuel lift pump to the block on a discovery 1 300tdi. I somehow managed to lose a bolt while i was putting on a new delphi pump on mine today. Don't ask! Rough measurement of the bolt i have is a hex flange m8x25mm. Is that correct? Have searched high and low online for a part number but to no avail. Thanks in advance, Frank

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