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  1. Historically vehicles loosely translated means all the mp’s and rich who drive in old Daimler’s Aston martins ect not us landy owners but have to allow due to age don’t see many people with cars older then 15 years old lol
  2. So are we agreed when my landy turns 40 it’s free from this rubbish? I know what your saying about costs road tax ect I think somewhere down the line another U turn will hit just after lots of people sell/ scrap there old vehicles and they work out trade has been hit, I have a customer I work with on house cleans in bath her van is 2012 non compliant vehicle so unless she changes hers she’s going to be hit £9 a day 5 days a week as she has lots of work I bath, knew it was coming after London it’s why I held back from buying a newer work van, just waiting for Swindon Brist
  3. Indeed so by time I rebuild it half in the shed about 5 years we are sorted 😂
  4. So London as of April are banning your diesel vehicles or £25 a day Depending on if your rich I guess (rich playground) now yesterday I had a letter saying my window cleaning van has been spotted driving thu Bath and is now liable to £9 a day CAZ (clean air zone) starting March, was going to rebuild my 110 just getting so depressed owning a car now think I’ll give up, what are you lot doing to overcome this problem? euro engine? Or something my 200tdi is running brilliant now no problems with it at all😡
  5. This one has what I need even the 7 pin plug hole, well that’s I use it for, not sure what you mean about working round tabs and that but it’s for an old 110 🤔
  6. I’m looking at replacing the rear cross member as the rest seems ok I’m thinking of this no rails, any advice ? 1986 110 csw
  7. Does anyone remember the guy who designed a grill for the 90/110’s was basically a cut out of every Land Rover ever designed from start to finish?
  8. Was looking thu the knife n fork draw come actress these 35amp glass fuses been there a while as I’ve changed my loom last year to td5 blade fuses type, so what’s strange in your kitchen draw 🤔😂 merry Christmas all.
  9. Hi all looking at buying this cross member for my 1986 c reg 110 as the rest of chassis is good makes sense just to chop off the bad bit and replace it,
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