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  1. Quick question not Land Rover but my wife has a Peugeot 407 not being used a lot at mo but when she uses it get in start up off we go, but every now and again the battery is flat as a pan cake quick jump start all is well, at first no obvious reason but I noticed the wipers are failing to park correctly now I know when you switch off the ignition the wipers stop where they are and don’t park I understand that as your cutting the power with the ignition key so just wondered if modern day cars are wired differently to old cars, any thoughts?
  2. On here I’ve seen topic for EGR valve people want to blank them off I thought this was just a Land Rover thing but I drive a Renault trafic van for my business great van now on the trafic fb page people are going on about blanking off this valve, someone explain to me what’s the problem with this egr valve And why they want to remove it🤔 it’s there for a reason 🤔
  3. Just to let you all know replaced the master cylinder all is now well brakes have returned to normal, thank you all.
  4. it’s getting worse going right to floor every time now, I have ordered a new master cylinder be here this week will keep you all updated.
  5. This is what I’m thinking but there’s no loss of fluid it’s been at same Level not moved I’d love the level to drop then I’d know for sure, im really starting to think servo it self as it’s pressure?
  6. Unable to find my brakes topic so here goes, so not loosing any fluid, on max mark, brake pedal is intermittent one minute it’s ok the next it goes down to the floor pump it up few times back to Normal, all Rubber pipes ok not ballooning out under pressure, min movement in n/s swivel housing, is this master cylinder? I’m at a loss why it would do this loose the pressure without loosing a drop of fluid🤔
  7. Yeah but arnt both party supposed to understand it?😂
  8. Just say what you mean the first place otherwise I’m going to be an ass and ask you to explain your self then you got to repeat your self stupid really 😂
  9. I’ve alway said the winch on the front is really bad in an accident if you run someone over if it’s your fault or not I recon they should have a big padding over them, anyway I’d like to move them out just enough to get my foot on comfortably to get in the car.
  10. I like mine but they are useless for steps like yours tho nice n stick out👍
  11. Is it aloud to bring my steps out more then in the photo? As really hard to get in and out what’s the maximum 🤔
  12. My 110 don’t do many miles between mot’s so was thinking polly bushes as they seem to come in half’s so easy to go together when putting it all back together, seem people fit blue ones before see how we go with mot
  13. So beginning of 2021. Is now my mot due date I’ve noticed few of the rear suspension rubbers perishing over the years so thinking of doing all the rubbers Polly bush question is what ones orange blue yellow what sort of price am I looking at for good ones?
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