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  1. I’m going to go back to the ecu plug see if I can’t follow the colours from there then bridge, wire at sender to ecu plug then back up to dash,
  2. Yes I was wondering if the live went to the engine temp sensor and an earth went to engine block as it’s two pins or back to the ecu I’ll run a new wire but really trying to keep to original wires
  3. After fitting a td5 loom to my 1986 110 I notice the plug to the sensor is ignition live soon as I put it on the one pin sensor it blows the fuse, my engine is a 200 tdi what I’m wondering is if I buy a two pin td5 sensor does pin two go to earth or back to what would be the ecu ( no ecu used)
  4. This man is worth his weight in gold I can’t thank him enough 😊 note to self don’t push the plug in to hard next time 🙄
  5. I intend to Ralph, it was a post on Facebook by local Land Rover company they show photos ect so thought I’d ask, was thinking around £500 mark my self
  6. 😂😂 not even close, £1,182,89
  7. Just had an estimate thu for the replacement of my 1986 110’s drivers foot well go on have a guess 🤔
  8. The bloody wire to the stop solenoid fell off so I’ve bent it up now so won’t come off again plus new spade connector, guess I loosened it when trying to sort thu wires 🙄
  9. Now I know why 😂 thanks 👍 I did bridge the wires at the ecu plug and gauge did go to hot when I earthed it out, as I have no ecu tried wiring it in via think was green yellow today at the gauge earth out went to hot so put on temp sender took for a drive to get up to temp but broke down spent the next two hours waiting for the AA🙄
  10. I don’t know if I’m right here but would the td5 engine coolant temp sensor have a live and earth? Would explain my live at engine with the td5 loom I have put in the 1886 110 with 200 tdi note 2 connectors in td5 sender only 1 on my 200 tdi sender
  11. Well ladies and gentlemen the results are in now it’s finally stopped raining ☔️ it would seem led head lights on normal Headlights on work as normal we know that but on dim dip the Led head lights as pictured above come on but with one of the outer lights off and are a lot dimmer so there you go now we know 😊 dint know if you can see in the two short videos, 144F77C4-A215-4CE2-999C-983CE729DF3D.MOV 0F245E98-1338-4292-8F80-6D11DAFA0B92.MOV
  12. With the filament indicator bulbs when a front or rear 21w bulb blows the indicator gets faster, my LED indicators flash at normal speed even if one is not working,🤔 something I didn’t know 🙄
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