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  1. This one has what I need even the 7 pin plug hole, well that’s I use it for, not sure what you mean about working round tabs and that but it’s for an old 110 🤔
  2. I’m looking at replacing the rear cross member as the rest seems ok I’m thinking of this no rails, any advice ? 1986 110 csw
  3. Does anyone remember the guy who designed a grill for the 90/110’s was basically a cut out of every Land Rover ever designed from start to finish?
  4. Was looking thu the knife n fork draw come actress these 35amp glass fuses been there a while as I’ve changed my loom last year to td5 blade fuses type, so what’s strange in your kitchen draw 🤔😂 merry Christmas all.
  5. Hi all looking at buying this cross member for my 1986 c reg 110 as the rest of chassis is good makes sense just to chop off the bad bit and replace it,
  6. So the rate of flashes is illegal not the light not working?
  7. No I didn’t know 🤔😂 but need to make it tad longer then standard as it’s in my 110 still don’t know where the air box will go thinking of putting where the ac pump would of been 👍
  8. Can someone give me the size of the hose on the turbo to air box as I’d like to order a length 200tdi discovery engine
  9. 😂legal requirements the police can’t even police a BLM protest so our indicators should be fine 👍 I replaced All the original lights with wipac led lights some years a go but last year I upgraded the loom to td5 compliantly from front to back and inside so the lights needed plugs i did fit green thing right way up the pin connector but this one come out so guess I’m happy only one has come out as was first time doing this conversion, as for the knob on flasher unit I believe it’s to control the dash light when a trailer is plugged in?
  10. So my front indicator was playing up so turns out my plug I fitted last year the wire come out of pin that’s fine not bad for a first time of fitting all the lights with plugs but did notice when a bulb is out on standard Land Rover set up it flashes fast but led don’t something to think about 🤔 no warning 😌
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