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  1. Well found my problem with the dim dip and why head lights are staying on seems the contact had rusted it’s self together,😳 relay full of water and been that way for a while as it’s rusty, so using a thick wire to bridge the lights all is ok now thanks Ralph 👍 see photos
  2. So my head lights are playing up dim dip won’t go off even with ignition off and switch off and head lights won’t come on, ive removed both fuses for now as it’s raining, is this the relay behind the dash or the one on the o/s inner wing What’s at fault?
  3. So today I swapped the plugs around under the bonnet red to black using a disco switch the front washer worked, so loom all good, so next question is is the wash and wipe in the same stitch as I seem to have two or three plugs loose on the loom behind my dash blue and white plugs, one is rear heated screen, one is big block think head light adjust, what’s the rest? 2005 15p loom 🤔
  4. Wiring arrangement not the switch it self I mean
  5. Is the discovery 2 rear wash wipe switch same as a defender td5 switch?
  6. 19 ft around 7/8 meters 😳
  7. Land Rover 110, how much hose (in feet) is needed from middle of rear door right down to just behind head light washer bottle, i had to measure 3 times still don’t believe it,😂
  8. Can someone tell me what these wires do? loom to interior light looking for alarm sensor in the plug somewhere should be there? td5 loom
  9. New passenger side loom with bbus plug turned up today got a plug on it not sure what it’s for any ideas? 💡 10 plugs in total know most of them see photo / list ,
  10. That’s what I’m thinking obviously got the wrong interior light loom thank you 😊
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