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  1. Ah yeah I remember now the bench seats are in the shed been out for years now thank you all
  2. What’s these brackets do on the front of the tub? one seems loose and the other missing
  3. Thank you 😊 sorry forgot about my question now I know πŸ‘
  4. If I were to buy a galvanised bulkhead for my 110 I’m guessing it can be painted to the colour of my landy? sorry might sound stupid question never really thought about it till now.
  5. Oh bloody hell yes it’s a joke look at the smiling FACE πŸ€”
  6. I may replace the chassis on my c reg 1986 110 Land Rover, so one of my questions is what’s the best Polly bush kit orange or blue? road use mostly don’t really intend on going off road in it.
  7. Yes got them thank you all 😊
  8. I’ve seen them on wheeler dealers edd used them basically to line up holes?
  9. So mine has been modified πŸ€” Thank you for the photos brilliant. taking shape 😊
  10. The seats that are in the rear two outer ones are big hi back and the little middle one has lap belt brought the landy in 2005 come with them.
  11. Right sorry for all the questions πŸ˜‚ still trying to work out if these are replaceable on there own (photo 1) I’ve seen the photo of the floor up right with the lips from Ralph but would love to swap these over too (photo1) as going to town on this 110 now 😊
  12. Found on the bay πŸ˜‚ thank you
  13. Indeed kind of like a c but flattened
  14. In need of rear floor screws but what’s the name of the little clips that the screws screw in too links and names would help πŸ˜‚
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