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  1. Get another bonnet to put the spare on when you go camping? I've always found rear spare carriers a PIA. Or just take a set of tyre plugs and a pump and leave the spare at home - that and an AA card is going to get you home.
  2. They're a nice car, I've got a 90 version - yes you could build your own if you hunt around for bits, they used all off the shelf LR stuff but some of it obscure and hard to find now - but they only made low volumes of the 2.8s, and a factory car will have some collector value where a home-build hot rod project may not. Very nice to drive, tootles round much like any other Defender but with a smoother quieter engine - to get the low down torque equivalent to a V8 though (these were built to fill the void after V8s ceased production) they fitted a 1.6 transfer box - flooring 190bhp from the lights and being able to rev out to 6000rpm with a nice 6 cylinder howl is a lot of fun, but they are thirsty..
  3. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F324037686441 That one is £84 v £152 for the Steve Parker , not quite as pretty but I doubt there's much difference to gasflow from a slow revving diesel after it's passed through a turbo
  4. If you're selling drop me a message with some details.
  5. ^^ I've bought from the guy who sells on ebay too, runs a metal fabs business - nicely made kits.
  6. Eightpot

    TD5 to V8

    There's another in tank fuel pump for the NAS V8 which looks like it may have the same fitment as theTD5 pump - ESR3928
  7. Britpart door seal are awful, and there is zero point trying to set up a door to have the perfect seal and operation with them. To make up for the substandard material, they put inserts into the seal where it goes round the shoulder curve to stop them going flat which then stops your door closing. Bearmach are slightly better but still worth every penny of the 10 quid they cost. Genuine seals are far better, even used ones.
  8. All they've done is take the number plates off a 90 and swapped them with plates off a series so there's no road tax to pay. It's ridiculous how many people do it AND get the car MoT'd. There's no apparant mechanism to report it, probably the worst case is insurance don't pay out if there's a bad enough accident for an inspection.
  9. I got one from Aldi - you have to enter your reg in a terminal in the store and a private company manages the parking - I forgot one day and got a £50 fine notice shortly after. I didn't have my receipt so just took a photo of another one, changed the date with photoshop and emailed it to them - job done 😁
  10. Amazes me that cloning/ringing cars like this is openly displayed, there are loads of bids on it, and it will go on to get an MoT. 🤨
  11. Assuming no broken rocker arms and pushrods are dead straight, I would suggest you need to revisit the timing belt and make sure pump/cam/crank are lined up correctly. Easy to get it slightly out.
  12. I've got a 1980 Range Rover here which has manual steering - with the slightly larger early steering wheel it is surprisingly light to turn, you wouldn't notice much difference aside from the lack of leaks. Considerably lighter than manual defender steering.
  13. They won't even bother looking for it, takes less than 15 seconds to bypass it completely - though making a shield to cover the wires and solenoid on the pump would help against this
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