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  1. The big reserves don't have much impact on animal behaviour, they are protected wilderness areas so animals are left to be wild. Kruger and masai mara are each the size of Wales, Kalaghadi even bigger - and each have less daily visitors than Alton Towers. Most animals won't come into close contact with people other than occasionaly seeing a car in the distance. Very much different to a safari park for example.
  2. There's a big difference between European wildlife, which in the main are prey animals, and apex African predators such as lion, leopard, cheetah. They don't see cars as people, just big slightly irritating non food items. In general they aren't afraid of humans as we are easily caught & killed - we are bottom of the food chain without a gun. Same goes for elephant, rhino, hippo, giraffe - they can crush us like bugs and very often do. Elephant also very often like to crush cars like bugs. Big cats like to catch thier dinner very early in the morning or early evening, they rarely
  3. I had a corker of a prang a couple of years ago when I offered my broadside to an rapidly oncoming transit van , ended up with a very banana shape 110 and a few bruises. Insurers offered more than I paid for the car straight away, and let me buy it back at a bargain price. Didn't bother putting a new chassis on, just sold it on for a profit.
  4. While you've got your wallet out you might as well pop some new piston rings on while you've got the thing pulled apart, and give the cylinders a quick hone..
  5. Exactly, and with a 300tdi it's usually a problem with the alarm module not providing the earth path on that yellow relay. It's not ideal running a wire direct to the starter as it's a fire risk if not going through a relay, so worth reinstating the standard wiring.
  6. Just quickly scan reading this and not fully reading replies, I would suggest that someone has had an ignition problem in the past and wired directly to the starter motor with that red wire - i.e. a bodge. Ignition switch takes permanent live from brown wire. Red/white takes power from this when key in correct position. The Red/white runs to the starter relay under the fuse panel & triggers the relay. The thicker red/white supplies power to relay on top of starter motor. The alarm module provides the switched earth path to the starter solenoid under fuse panel - this can cause proble
  7. Core plugs rarely give trouble - in 30 years and 50 land rovers I've not had one leak. Concentrate on oil leaks 🙂
  8. I can recommend D & A Steering in Birmingham by the way for service exchange boxes, I use them at work - very good quality work and well priced.
  9. Its a superceeded part number, same box.
  10. There are guys out there with small flatbeds & trailers that just run cars door to door back and forth from UK to Europe, dropping & collecting cars as they go. I used a Polish guy couple of years back who delivered a car to Italy for me, cheaper than it would have cost me in fuel to drive it there. Can pm you his number though not used it for a while.
  11. Yeah POR15 tank paint is extremely good - used it a couple of years ago on a thoroughly pinholed rusty Fiat petrol tank with a leaking seam, it's still 100% leak free.
  12. If you're planning on overlanding, and doing Africa/middle east/stans/Asia etc, I'd either swap to standard height shocks or match the springs - quite easy to bottom out a laden truck on bad roads, hidden speed humps, wadis and washouts and you want the impact on the bumpstops & chassis rather than the shock mounts. Even with matched stuff I've punched the shock mounts through on rough roads. If you're not overlanding or doing a different kind of trip ignore 🙂
  13. Ah, I see what you mean - not tried it but can't see a problem aside from the pressure being higher - there was also an in-tank pump for the 2.5 4 cylinder engine and carb V8, PRC7020 which is probably a lower pressure
  14. He was going for a 'bull nose' look. He also made a custom dash that looked like a smashed pinball machine, and made a custom 'pepperpot' rear lamp arrangement with lamps hidden behind circular cutouts in the rear panels - looked a bit like firing a shotgun into a lampshade if you can picture that. On one of the South African groups I follow, but when he asked what he could get for it and I suggested a box of matches, admin had a sense of humour failure 🙂
  15. The back of that 110 was as bad as the front - I didn't have chance to grab a pic as I got kicked out of the facebook group for mocking it 🤣
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