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  1. Was thinking about this in various historical contexts, as you can do with time on your hands, and the total covid deaths in UK + USA + Italy to date is roughly the same as those killed in the first hour of the battle of the Somme. Then they had a few more years of that followed by Spanish flu. Doesn't seem so bad now 😬
  2. The tanks join togther with a short section of filler tube, from bottom of the extended tank into the neck of the standard tank. Fuel just flows through. There is often a small balance pipe running underneath, joining the two tanks also, screwed into the drain plug hole on the standard tank. Not sure it's any help for TUV but Land Rover South Africa fitted them as standard equipment to some models, though there aren't any documents to back it up.
  3. I've had a few on vehicles. I don't know anything about the Britpart version, looks the same as the other types though. the only thing I would strongly advise would be to add another couple of coats of paint at least. They are in a vulnerable position behind the wheel for water spray, gravel etc and Britpart rarely add enough paint anyway. Plus once it's fitted you cant access four sides of it. I wouldn't use one on a diesel as the range on a full tank is enough , more useful in a V8 though and better than keeping cans of fuel inside the car.
  4. I've used MRC3075 which is the 2 door/early 4 door type. it may be possible to use a later mirror if the swivel ball is the same size, sounds like others have had success.
  5. Ideally you should either pull the wire from the diesel stop solenoid or disconnect the coil HT lead on a petrol and turn it over for a few seconds to get the oil pressure up and lubricate the bearings before doing a normal start up.
  6. It's going to be wierd when all the noise gets turned back on - aside from the background niggling fear over contracting a potentially lethal virus and as long as the cash holds out, I'm quite enjoying the lack of traffic, not going to the shops every day, going for walks and only hearing birds, turns out I'm naturally socially distant and I'm doing twice the work without getting interrupted by customers and people dropping in to chatter. Petrol less than a quid a litre to boot, shame we can't go anywhere!
  7. In my previous life I worked for years in the development of national networks, hardware and software infrastructure to enable a workplace revolution, end pointless commuting and make us more productive. Unfortunately employers were reluctant to make use of it even after implementing it as they can't get past seeing it as some kind of perk (to work from breakfast to bedtime in your own home) - so now the bulk of the nations core capacity is used in watching Game of Thrones.
  8. are both retaining screws fitted to the switch?
  9. Assuming the switch is ok, you must have wired the terminals incorrectly. If you do a search there are plenty photos of where the wires go
  10. I used to remove those EGRs with the aid of a large sledgehammer. Once all the gubbins is off it's easier to access the bolts, and the shock helps loosen them. Plenty of heat surrounding the bolt helps massively. Never did any damage to a manifold, but don't miss!
  11. As said, that's equivalent to about 20mpg imperial - if thats an average over your fast road and off road fun you probably aren't seeing anything too unusual for a presumably heavy TD5 with a cage. Drop your speed down to 65 and you should see a difference. Running sub 28/40 psi tyre pressures front/rear with big MTs will knock a few mpg off also. Diesel is significantly cheaper in the US so I guess you're not so used to stretching a gallon out as we are here?
  12. The later type wheel box with a nut to hold the wiper on uses a different ratio gear set.
  13. Telly's ok and they can get netflix so not a total loss until the power goes off halfway through a film..
  14. My friends in Johannesburg and Durban have thier guns loaded, live in homes surrounded with razor wire and have guards armed with AK47s sat at the end of thier road, (until they decide not to protect rich whitey and disappear). They won't be getting 80% of thier wages paid, the healthcare service will soon go under, the electricity gets turned off twice a day, thier currency is tanking after a getting a junk rating, no pensions, a decent portion of the population wouldn't mind seeing them turfed out of thier homes, police corruption is rife and to top it all they are banned from buying booze and fags. I'll take our distopian state thanks.
  15. Even with these social restrictions in place, the NHS is likely to burst. If we don't have restrictions we let the virus run rampant - it only spreads by people passing it on. Then we start losing doctors and nurses as in Italy - and you can't train new ones in 6 months like ww2 fighter pilots, those gaps remain for years. Then when there are no beds, no money and few supplies we start dying of ailments we left behind a century ago. All we have to do is suck it up for a few months to make a big difference. My business is up the wazoo as well, if I need money I'll go pull potatoes or stack shelves for a bit as there will be lots of work in other areas.
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