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  1. They can create as many laws as they like, but as there's nobody to enforce, report or prosecute it's a bit pointless. MoT testers don't have training, authority or support to instigate a prosecution, and I don't imagine a call to the police to report an EGR bypass will get the blue lights switched on.
  2. Unless a rat has chewed through a pipe, I'd suggest the power steering box lower seal is worn and has been steadily dripping fluid out over 18 months. The ideal fix is a reconditioned steering box. But you might be ok with fresh fluid, you can add a little brake fluid to swell the seal, and just top it up now and again. Meanwhile put a bucket under it. Mine has been stuck in Johannesburg since march also with similar problems...
  3. Get a set of spark plug testers, few quid off ebay - pop them on when you have a non-start episode and you can easily rule ignition fault in or out and narrow your focus. Just get four to fit on one bank is ample. What spark plugs are you running out of interest?
  4. Just loosen the hinge brackets on the screen a little and coax everything into place. There are specific bolts for mounting the hard sides onto the tub which run through the short vertical tubes in the capping that the soft top sticks sit in - useful to get some of these if your sides didn't come with them.
  5. It's much easier going from soft top to hard top than the other way round - you don't need to change anything, just remove the windscreen top rail and add a foam seal, then add seatbelt upper brackets and a tailgate plus hinges and latch striker. You dont need to replace the old tailgate antiluce latch panels, just unscrew the latches. To be honest though, putting a hardtop on is a bit of a downgrade in my opinion, there's nothing much to be gained by going hardtop but lots of flexibility and fun to be lost ditching the canvas...
  6. I'm coming to SA in December, so if I can bring or return something, let me know.
  7. I'd adjust it as first resort - it's a pretty crude device and they aren't accurate out of the box, never mind after being shoved past the baffles. 2cm difference in the height of the ping pong ball on the end of the wire is probably over 15 litres variance. The most accurate way to set the arm is from empty - just about to conk out of fuel - then you can choose where in the red you want empty to be, and it will naturally read full on a filled tank. If you do it the other way you won't know where empty is until it's too late..
  8. Have you got a fuel return line plumbed into the carb feed? This keeps the fuel circulating and cool, avoids vaporisation.
  9. Yeah just bend the wire down a bit. More important to know where empty is anyway..
  10. The old police training was to read traffic conditions, junctions and lights in advance, with the aim of not arriving at them carrying excess speed and having to waste energy on braking, but rather anticipate the conditions, keep moving and in the appropriate gear to accelerate away. Also means that when you arrive at the junction you're not swapping gears or braking and are free to react. More to do with keeping the vehicle in a balanced state of control than keeping traffic flowing. There was a lot of mention in the manuals about preserving clutch/brakes but it's also the best way to follow people going very quickly 🙂
  11. If you change the HG then add water in the expansion tank you'll get an airlock as the thermostat is shut and you're just filling the rad.
  12. Great way to increase your chances of a roll-over, also a great way to find yourself upside down crimped shut in the cab by a tangle of bent scaffold while the flames lick round your feet..😄
  13. Wildcard here (my first thoughts would be set up timing meticulously) - I had a baffling problem with my 200 slowing down uphill, sometimes conking out, then getting back to normal after restarting. After stripping the entire fuel system several times, I found a small plastic bead from f knows where in the fuel tank had found its way up the pickup pipe. Under max throttle up hill, the filter housing would empty as couldn't replenish itself quickly enough. As a quick test you could backflush the fuel line with compressed air.
  14. Resistors are used to reduce voltage or current in a circuit - could be there to reduce the ~14v input to the transducer to a more desirable 12v to the ecu, or just a little current protection, or to smooth the signal flow.
  15. Looks like it has LR special vehicles badges painted over. Otherwise standard civvy spec white fleet. I've bought similar stuff in the past, used by airfield security guards, admin cars used on salisbury etc, and one was used by QintetiQ on the test ranges. That one looks like its got new rear radius arms (still got labels on), so might have had a little rear end axle mishap and they've chucked on whatever was left in the stores.
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