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  1. Eightpot

    Defender middle seat project

    Use a series/ex MoD centre seat? The back folds down, or if the seat base is removed it leaves a nice open frame that a cubby box could be clipped into.
  2. Eightpot

    leather door card trimming

    I've done a few early Range Rover door cards and trim sections in leather - with a good sharp knife and good spray on contact adhesive it's an easy enough job to do diy, if you can find a supply of nice thin supple leather.
  3. Eightpot

    Kenlowe hotstart cable or equivalent

    Sorry - thought I'd posted this already - Its a later version like the one in the attached pic. Has a flylead coming off with a small socket on the end a bit like a 3 pin din plug, I need the other half, otherwise find a pair of suitable connectors and make up a power lead. The section I'm short of is the male cable, which is the end pointing ro the right on the picture. There's a model number EMV 26 on the socket, can't find the manufacturer though. Probably the easiest route is chop the end of and use a caravan socket, but the kenlowe one is discreet and compact.
  4. I've picked up a kenlowe hotstart for nowt, but its missing its external mains cable (the main cable connected to the heater is present) Quite fancy plumbing it into the 110 but can't find a source for a replacement power cable - would have thought they should be obtainable, assuming they get wrecked when people drive off without disconnecting! If anyone knows where to get or has a spare.. Alternatively I could just chop the end & replace with something like an Anderson connector I guess?
  5. Eightpot

    battery isolate

    If it's for security I'd avoid the standard issue red plastic key ones - would be the first thing I'd buy if I were a landy thief, along with a piece of wire to defeat a hidden fuel solenoid switch.
  6. Eightpot

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I hope they keep some of the classic design features, such as the rear lamp corner covers, held in place by a screw poked through the body that cant be undone if you have a back door. And door latches that neatly remove belt loops and trouser pockets.
  7. Eightpot

    Sticking down rubber check plate

    Screwfix spray adhesive will do it. £6 a tin.
  8. Eightpot

    Defender dash

    I've often thought about pulling it all out and replacing it with a series 2 style dash - the whole thing is just a heater vent with a badly arranged bit of shelf.
  9. Eightpot

    Squidgy foam tape stuff

    Don't bother buying it as a land rover part, neoprene tape is widely available for cheap. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254002513349
  10. For that matter why buy hd steering arms either? Really not needed for green laning. Unless the old ones are damaged just set some cash aside to get the important stuff sorted out - worn bushes, leaking seals, timing belt, lights and switches, tyres - you will have plenty of opportunity to spend on the car don't worry 😉
  11. Eightpot

    Double back shocks

    I would just stow them as spares. Cheap oil filled shocks overheat and fade pretty quick on the corrugations, so on a long stretch you would only be benefitting from the tough dog shocks anyway. If you over damp it will make the ride harsher as well.
  12. why spend £170 on a conversion kit for the drop arm when a replacement ball joint costs £10, takes 30 mins to fit and lasts for years? It will take longer to fit the conversion kit...
  13. Eightpot

    When will it end?

    .The demand for Defenders in the US has a lot to do with the price shift. The £/$ rate has been favourable for a while, and hundreds of the best early Defenders have gone over. They trade for much higher values there, so they are happy to pay over the odds for the right car. 300tdi's will be eligible for import soon so watch out for the next price hike..
  14. Eightpot

    Brake wire issue

    it's a simple circuit - the brake switch has two spades, one is live, the other runs to the brake light. Pressing the pedal bridges the two. So with a multimeter check you have live at one spade, and the other goes live when pedal depressed. Then follow the wire back checking again at the multiplug.
  15. Eightpot

    Wiring loom damage

    There's no point using a 200tdi diagram, the looms are different, though there will be many common colours. It does look like a lot of those wires in your picture have been added in, maybe for an alarm or sound system? I've never come across banded colour coding on a LR loom, always stripes. Your going to need to take a slow methodical approach to rectifying that lot - just start by identifying each component that doesn't work, check what colour cable powers it and match that with your main loom. You may even find most of those wires arent attached to anything at all, a remnant of old accessories.

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