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  1. From memory, the MoD tyre pressures stenciled on 110s were 28/48 for 7.50s. On 235s I've always gone a little higher at the front, around 30-32 and 45-48 at the back which works well. Tyre wear has always been consistent and even, it helps with mpg and I like the stability on gravel and it works fine on sand till you get to the real flumpy stuff.
  2. Just for some info if it comes in useful, I compared some new britpart 300tdi gearbox mounts with some old genuine ones t'other day - the gen were softer, but have had 25 yrs of use - the britpart were actually quite soft and useable. The BP 300tdi engine mounts however are awful and made from rocks.
  3. Another interesting gearing option from Ashcrofts on thier recon boxes is the modified 5th gear ratio which gives 1.2ish cruising on a 1.4 box - would work out well if you don't do much towing.
  4. Draa valley area is great - sadly not many places left in morocco where you can escape tarmac and giant euro motorhomes.
  5. Importing is one thing, but to register a car and get a licence plate etc you need a valid registration document for most countries - don't buy unless there is a V5.
  6. Trying to find the elusive part number for the very late 1998> 300tdi defender instrument warning panel as per the picture (with separate left/right indicator warning) if anyone can help?
  7. I used Por15 on a rusted 30 year old fiat panda 4x4 tank that was covered in micro pin holes and had a bad leak around the seam - it worked really well and has lasted about 5 years so far.
  8. Pulled one of the britpart ones out yesterday for info.
  9. I use the britpart timing kits at work - the included pulley isn't boxed up but I assume it's one of thiers (belt is dayco, pulleys are blue box), the included crank pulley looks very nice quality to be honest, I wouldn't have a problem fitting one to my own car. I might think twice about the tensioner pulleys, though to be fair I can't find anything to fault them on so far..
  10. 20 year old crumbling defender seats with flat foam, wonky backs and bent bases are chronic, but freshly trimmed with new foam and I really like them. They support well and don't take up too much room. We fit the £££££ fancy leather stitched wingback exmoor special buckety recliner seats at work and I hate them, impossible to see behind you & no more comfy than a good standard seat. I do rate exmoor foam though, in my experience it retains its shape and firmness a lot longer than britpart foams.
  11. Importing an older car, over 20 years old, is usually easy, but you may have problems with an 07 car. It doesn't look like Land Rover will provide a CoC for cars registered outside of the EU, so you would need to find out if there is a local test for the car where they check everything meets your road regulations- UK equivalent is an IVA test.
  12. You don't need a heritage certificate, just the V5. The VIN/engine numbers should match what is on the V5, and the vehicle should match the details encoded into the VIN number, eg a rhd 110 station wagon with 5 speed gearbox and turbo diesel engine. The engine type in the car needs to be correct for the model year.
  13. I normally use split corrugated conduit with ample cable ties to hold it away from bits that will make it melty.
  14. Nrc9448/nrc9449 work nicely, if you still want a smidge of a lift you can fit the discovery rubber isolators on top.
  15. A 93 will have a lucas connector block on the bulkhead supplying power to the rear loom. But I would try your driver side rear corner first and check the green/red main loom wire is showing a voltage with the indicator on and that the wire running across to your left hand lamp is also showing voltage. If no voltage at either, check the bulkhead connector, if no voltage at that check the fuse, finally check the hazard switch. Pound to a penny its your rear corner connector wiring.
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