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  1. Eightpot

    Any Corsica/Sardinia tips?

    Well yep, just got back and had a great time. Some fantastic stunning scenic roads through Corsica , managed to find some real nice mountain trails in the national park north of Porto vecchio, also lots of great tracks and trails to take in Sardinia - also spent a lot of time kayaking on the lakes and coast and in between getting fat on amazing wild boar, gellato and wines. It's a long slog through France but an easy cheap hop over on a car ferry and both islands are very compact . Definitely got unfinished business with Corsica..
  2. Eightpot

    Rotodama Rediscovery

    That's a great idea - I've scrapped lots of Discoveries just for engine conversions, the bodies are generally well past saving but pretty much without exception the chassis and running gear are tip top. A camper bodied version would work very well.
  3. Eightpot

    Tyre inflation - non-standard

    My 18 foot long 110" Range Rover ambulance converted to a camper, with double bed, fridge, cooker, sink, 5mm crash-winner bumpers and expedition kit is only 2200kg without passengers!
  4. Eightpot

    Tyre inflation - non-standard

    Couple of things- I don't believe that's the correct way to arrive at optimum tyre pressure anyway, particularly as it's mixing metric weights with imperial pressure, but running with it for a moment.. The difference between max gross weight and unladen weight in a Defender is huge, so you change tyre pressure depending on if you're running empty or full, it doesn't make sense to average it. The max tyre pressure has nothing to do with the application, only tyre construction. A Michelin X 7.50 has a max pressure of 65psi stamped on the sidewall, a general grabber TR is rated at 83psi, and a michelin 205 AT I've just checked on a range Rover Classic is 36psi. So using those calculations, a range Rover Classic should run at 19psi - which is way off. And gross vehicle weight for a 90 is 3050kg, not 5520kg..
  5. Eightpot

    Tyre inflation - non-standard

    Out of interest, why are you basing your tyre pressures on a calculation based on the tyres max inflation pressure and max weight divided by kerb weight?? I can't see how that will work out the correct footprint and sidewall stability?
  6. We're taking the Rangie ambulance down to Corsica & Sardinia for a couple of weeks, been to Sardinia a couple of times but not been very adventurous with the fiat 500 hire car in the past.. Aside from coastal towns we're going to head into the interior for some hiking/kayaking/off-roading, if anyone's been and has any nice routes or interesting locations it would be good to hear cheers
  7. Eightpot

    200TDI to petrol conversion

    South African Defenders used a 2.8 BMW petrol engine for a while, could be an interesting alternative to going V8..
  8. Eightpot

    Tyre inflation - non-standard

    I think you're wildly over thinking this - a circa 2 ton Defender with MT tyres is very regular, just do them 30 front, 40 rear and adjust slightly if it feels it needs it. 19psi on the front is very low unless you're mostly driving sand tracks?
  9. Eightpot

    Any Colour gurus here?

    If you aren't trying to match a specific manufacturer colour, just go to a paint suppliers and look through the BS & RAL chip books and pick the shade you want, you'll see the actual colour then.
  10. Eightpot

    Defender Air Intake, Power & Fuel Efficiency

    I'd say the improvements only came through getting a working wastegate, injectors and a decoke and probably improved timing from fitting a recon injection pump- if it was only doing 18mpg beforehand that's pretty dire for a tdi. You're probably up there with performance as it should be now for a well set up engine. I wouldn't expect a slight improvement in inlet airflow to make a difference on a turbocharged diesel though, the turbo is whacking the air in at 15psi rather than being drawn through the system by cylinder vacuum. Would be interesting to see some dyno printouts of different setups though.
  11. Just run back and forth with a plumbers blowtorch for a minute. You can smear soap on and wait till it blackens, though it doesn't take long to anneal a doorskin edge. Don't do it too much or it will warp, certainly don't get anywhere close to it starting to glow. When the paint is just starting to bubble, you're about done.
  12. Your pump pulley should be 100mm external diameter. You should be able to turn the wheel easily with one finger when standing. I've just measured one here with a small fishing spring scale, took 3kg force to turn the steering wheel on tarmac. say you're getting snapped bolts with the vibration? The pump's a bit exposed, sounds like it's taken a beating with something, you probably just need a new pump.
  13. Eightpot

    sand tyres ?

    I was only trying to keep it in direct context of the original question, taking a 200tdi 90 on a road trip, it's too big a general subject & definitely one for the pub Tdi Defenders don't have much grunt in reserve in sand, and extra drag is really felt - different matter on a 4.6 'cruiser. Just to go back to the original post also, two weeks isn't much for Morocco, the nicest sand other than the tourist trap at Merzouga, is south of M' Hamid, towards the Algerian border. You need closer to 18 days (if driving from UK) or you won't get to enjoy the rest of the country, which is spectacular. Much of the country has tar nowadays, and most tracks are hard & stoney. A great all round tyre for this stuff is actually the General Grabber TR that LR used to fit, great on sand, gravel and rocks and don't howl on the road. Used to be able to pick them up for peanuts as they don't look fashionable.
  14. Eightpot

    sand tyres ?

    I'll check my databanks later Yeah i wouldn't go as thin as 7.00 - that's not too practical, and were discussing kitting a 90 with roof tent/awning and a couple of weeks worth of clothes and camp equipment to Morocco, so that's not going to be ideal. 7.00s on a series with a canvas roof and nothing in would be fine though, and aired down correctly will whizz all over dunes with no problem. Air pressure is the key - on soft sand you need to air down as low as 10psi, which you wouldnt typically do on a green lane in the UK as you'll probably come off the rim or ground the axles out on the centre ridge of the track. also bone dry African sand behaves differently to damp UK sandy soil - not the same thing at all.
  15. Eightpot

    sand tyres ?

    So you're recommending the Op goes and buys 285/75 tyres for his holiday then?

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