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  1. Eightpot

    110 suspension setup / advice on springs

    Been using standard LR CSW springs on a 110 for a few years now - usually heavilly loaded , lots of rough terrain and fast road use - I can't imagine how they could be made much better to be honest, especially the rears. I have just swapped out the fronts for OME medium rate and pleased with the result - a little firmer, and only a small amount of lift.
  2. Eightpot

    Soft top exMOD 90 rear seat belts

    You're going to have to fabricate a sturdy mouting bracket - maybe a large L shape bracket bolted to the wheelbox with spreader plates underneath and bolted to the tub capping, protruding up a couple of inches with a seatbelt upper mount bolted at the top. You could use standard 90 front belts, with the reel and stalk again bolted down with hefty spreader plates underneath. Another option is to have the rear hood hoop replicated in heavy steel tube with upper belt brackets welded on same as military roll bars. Did this once to mount a rooftent on a soft-top, can be made very sturdy. You would need to make sure all the tie-bars linking rear hoop forward to the screen top were straight, strong and bolted well. You'll probably have a small fabrication company nearby with a tube bender who could do it cheaply.
  3. Eightpot

    VSR relays - quick comparison

    Good point - the old one isn't that old, but luckily I have another vehicle here with another VSR to get another comparison. This is another cheapy one - but this one is identical to the Durite bar the label. Innards look to be the same, same size relay legs and good soldering. So maybe those with the circular front moulding are pap, maybe it's potluck, maybe the Durite are built with better components or they're just badging generic chinese VSR's.
  4. While we're on the subject of split charging at the moment and not wanting to add to the other thread, I just happen to be swapping out an old National Luna solenoid driven split charge system that has started failing in open circuit, and replacing it with a Durite VSR. I also have an old identical looking VSR, cost approx £30 on ebay, which stopped working recently - it had quite a tough innings to be fair as it came off my African 110. While I have the two on the bench thought I'd do a quick visual comparison. Both casings are identical in size and shape, the only difference being location of the charge LED. Opening them up, they have identical labels indicating which pole is which. Both are encased in gel, circuitry looks quite similar. The size of internal relays is obviously way different - Durite ones have much bigger legs, soldering is much more substantial, and the quality of the pcb looks much higher. I would say definitely worth paying extra for the Durite version.
  5. Eightpot

    Any auto sparkies?

    Solar panels (aside from little plug in dash-top 5w jobs) must be run through a solar control unit, not wired directly to a battery. They put out 20-25v so will fry your battery...
  6. Eightpot

    Any auto sparkies?

    Nothing wrong with a second alternator, but there's not much wrong with using a single one either. The cteks etc only put out 20-30 amps, a single alternator can produce way more, and more than easily charge two batteries. The argument for the dc-dc chargers is that they can take a battery all the way up to its full capacity, which alternators can't (supposedly..) as an alternator starts to drop the voltage when the battery nears fully charged. So if we believe all the claims from the electronic charger companies, you can have a battery that charges all the way but slowly for $$$$, or an alternator charged battery that charges quickly to 90% for $. Maybe worth chasing the difference if you're only using battery power and need to wring every bit of juice out -practically, if you have a solar panel of adequate size it just doesn't become an issue.
  7. Eightpot

    Any auto sparkies?

    That will work Mo - there are some decent little smart chargers for cheap now which should keep up no problem. Depends a bit on the fridge, but your typical Engel/National Luna/ARB only draws approx 2A. Absorbtion fridges with the little fan blowing over a heatsink use a lot more. A little 40w solar panel & controler will keep a fridge going over a weekend - probably costs the same as a low end charger and hookup cables...
  8. Eightpot

    FIP Question

    I dont think it would cause damage other than scraping the end of the screw and the surface it pushes against. It doesn't sit into a slot. The other day I started one up with the FIP locking pin still pushed home - aside from a bent pin there were no ill effects...
  9. Eightpot

    Any auto sparkies?

    I think the battery guys gave you some fluff there - the VSR simply opens up a circuit between the main battery and the second battery (or alternator and battery depending how it's been wired). The batteries are connected when the VSR opens the circuit, so the voltage should be pretty much equal unless there's a problem or the batteries are wildly different in size. Connecting the VSR to either battery with an undersize cable will slow down charging, and the VSR needs to be rated sufficiently as well, the small caravan sized ones aren't much cop. I would suggest a probably reason for your batteries failure may be down to using a coolbox (presuming you mean thermo-electric) - these have a high Ah rate and you may have been letting more out of the bucket than you've been pouring back in so to speak.. it's important to scale the batteries, cables, cable lengths, solar panels to the stuff you're running and work out the combined Ah or quite quickly you can have a dead battery. As Bowie mentioned, cable length and diameter is very important - easy to loose 1v over two or three metres which can make your fridge low voltage protection cutout activate prematurely and prevent solar panels charging (always get the controler as close to the battery as possible as it doesn't matter if a little is lost between panel and controler)
  10. Eightpot

    Any auto sparkies?

    When you're charging or reviving a flat battery, or keeping long term maintenance float charge , the intelligent chargers are great. Otherwise for just keeping a good battery up to voltage, a relay is fine as long as the alternator can produce the current, which any charger will need anyway. If you're using a second battery to run a fridge etc there are more demands whilst off alternator power, but that is usually taken care of by the solar charge controler, and just making sure you don't run the battery dangerously low in the first place.
  11. Eightpot

    Any auto sparkies?

    I bought one of these cheaper VSR units (can get them for less than £30 now on ebay/amazon) - very pleased with it, seems just as good if not identical to the Durite and has taken a damn good thrashing (soaked/baked/shaken) without ill effect. And yeah my solar controllers are only cheap as well, can't fault the reliability though. One's been going for eight years now. I can't jump-start with a VSR, but on the rare occasion the primary went flat I just bridged the solar controler to it and by time time I'd finished a brew there's been enough juice to start.
  12. Eightpot

    Any auto sparkies?

    Just checked out the price of that ctek kit - wow... A Durite VSR and a regular solar charge controler will achieve the same for less than £100 including cables.. spend the change on diesel going somewhere nice?
  13. Eightpot

    After spraying your project

    You need to use a sanding block or a small block of wood on runs. It can help if you put masking tape either side so you don't burn through. Leave it a few days though, you need to let it harden off. Don't be afraid to use 1200-2000 wet & dry on the clearcoat, it will obviousy dull the surface but will polish back to gloss with the compound. As said before, take plenty of time, dont rush while you're painting, lots of light on the job and practice - getting rid of runs etc takes hours. If you go wrong, just flat it off and repaint - much quicker than trying to salvage.
  14. Eightpot

    Any auto sparkies?

    I've done a few. You should get most of the info you need from the manuals, but chuck up a sketch of your intended scheme and I'll let you know if anything obvious is amiss. Your main consideration is going to getting cable lengths/guages appropriate for an efficient system.
  15. Eightpot

    300 TDi Discovery Power steering issue

    Was it a new or used box?

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