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  1. Strange - was walking past the scrap bin this morning and an esr3928 was sticking out! Photo compared to a 300tdi sender. It would be easy to shorten it - just compress the spring and use pins through the tube at the required length. Theres no reason the pump couldn't be moved from underneath to the side to shorten it also. I'd still look at modifying a cheaper one first maybe though?
  2. I'm not sure modifying the esr3928 is the best way, it's an expensive pump and can be difficult to find- I'd check the length on a 3.9 efi pump first
  3. The same tank/pump is used in the 2.8i M52 Defender - I presume it needs a similar 3.5 bar output. Dont see why you couldn't use a conventional diesel tank to use the level sender then suck the fuel up with a facet pump.
  4. Yeah I don't think I'd fancy taking it green laning or on a quarry play day (πŸ€” mm actually I would, but not if there was a bill for the results πŸ™‚) but it at least looks like you could fill it with fuel, water & beer to last a month then hammer it through the sand and gravel plains of Oz, Namibia or Morocco bouncing off the odd wadi without stressing it - where the stretched Defender limo looks like it would split a bit in various places and go slightly banana shaped before beaching itself on a slight hummock or sit with it's wheels spinning after reversing onto a very slightly raised verge
  5. That at least looks smart and could actually go off-road. The trouble with these things though is at some point after your four days in the wild, you have to rejoin reality and go to the shops, buy fuel or park somewhere and realise you've got thirty foot long monster that won't go under parking barriers, go round a mini roundabout and you have to park out of town and shlep back a mile with all your groceries, only to find it surrounded by kids wanting cash.
  6. Also tried a few UK suppliers, cheapest quote I have had so far is from AP Diesels at Β£40 +VAT per nozzle
  7. This place has them listed under the superceeded part number, Β£86 for 4 inc delivery from Turkey https://www.kevadiesel.com/2437010090-bosch-injector-repair-kit-dsla145p208
  8. 'The most offroad camper in the world' no, it's not. Why not just tow a mobile home with a tractor - bay windows, cheaper and better off road.
  9. Reducing weight also brings improvement - I'm not a fan of winches as combined with the necessary bumper and extra battery etc it adds a lot of KGs - if you're going to need to regularly winch yourself out maybe you're better off with a quad in the first place? Resist the urge to put a roofrack on (especially if dealing with steep sideslopes), don't fill the back with junk, hilift jacks etc. A good set of treads on a light Defender gets you a lot of places.
  10. My old man had to go in recently after an xray for something else showed up a massive tumor covering quite a few necessary bits. Treatment was actually pretty amazing and he seems fine now. Hard work and not something you'd want to trade places for, but the time passes quickly and the future looks better. Our flights finally got cancelled today so my safari trip and more importantly reunion with my lovely S2a is punted off to another future but can't really moan, maybe I'll put the tent up, have a bbq and paint spots on the cat and not grumble about the heat πŸ™‚
  11. Mrs Eightpot and I have an interesting little challenge to run over the next two days, passing various covid tests, dodging tier restrictions, national lockdowns, borders, getting through airports and trying to avoid the plague to get reunited with my S2a in South Africa and disappearing into the bush with a fridge full of steak & wine, hopefully popping our heads back out in a few weeks to find it's all over πŸ˜† nerve racking watching the restrictions build up hour by hour 😬
  12. Must have repainted about 30 ex MoD Defenders, miserable job. The best thing I found for nato paint was polydiscs in a grinder - they remove a lot of material and don't clog. Not really necessary to remove all the paint though, its a very sound base for painting once its smoothed off and the chunks and yard brush bristles have been plucked out.
  13. Can't make out ftom the photo but is it a Hella socket? Commonly used in SA rather than the cigarette lighter socket for powering gadgets.
  14. Screwfix heavy duty degreaser is good for stuff like this, swill it in there, let it sit for a while and hose it out. Works even better if you can warm it up first.
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