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  1. Just having a clear through some boxes of junk treasure in the attic and came across this - quite a nice little thing, very nicely made - shame I pulled the mirrors off ๐Ÿ˜† My grandad was a big fleet buyer back in the day and was at the Eastnor launch event for the 90 where he picked up the usual bumf and freebies including this. Wonder what they gave out at the latest Defender launch?
  2. There isn't enough water in the system to reach the heater which sits above the engine. It is overheating because there isn't enough water. May just need topping up, or you may have a further issue such as split hose, hole in rad, blown head gasket, split heater matrix, water pump seal, core plug etc etc. If no mayo looking oil in filler cap, top water up and run till you can see where it's escaping.
  3. Assuming no airlock, there is good flow through the matrix if you remove the return pipe and the matrix is new, it may just be water not getting hot enough - a IR temperature gun is great for checking this stuff. A lot of thermostats are duff straight out of the box and may be letting too much coolant through, so try a different one.
  4. I took mine to bits and cleaned them in an ultrasonic bath. I did the nozzles up to a moderate heft on the wrench rather than a thread stripping vein bulging dilithium crystal wrecking monster torque And they haven't fell off yet ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. The big MoD Hawker Enersys batteries used for starting tanks, helicopters and FFR kit have a lot of thump - sell them quite often at Withams for cheap. I've had a couple in the workshop for ten years now still going strong and will start anything that's capable of starting.
  6. Based on what you've got then yes get the series backs/bases and just get a pair of frames made to hold them, they're only angle iron and flat steel - I can send pics/dimensions of the bare frames. The fore/aft adjuster rails are the only mildly complex bit on them but I guess not entirely necessary. Alternatively if you have trimmers/upholsterers locally just get the bases/backs made also, they're very simple - foam and vinyl glued to a square of hardboard.
  7. You'd need the correct seat frames to fit those bases & backs to, and they aren't cheap either. Why not just get a retrim kit for your seats?
  8. A few of the UK parts sellers (Paddocks, Craddocks,Island 4x4 etc) will probably ship you a full rear stick set. Otherwise just have one made, there's nothing particularly special about them.
  9. Looks like a standard stick set in the picture - and aside from the padding it looks like a standard military style main roll bar.
  10. I was wondering why on earth they needed to add a front downward facing camera, but sounds like the lack of wheel visibility, driver feedback and a tendency to turn into a three wheeler forced the requirement. Design flaw from the outset.
  11. Have used these guys recently if you decide to have repaired/replaced - proper specialists, very good standard of work & service: https://www.dasteeringltd.co.uk
  12. The shocks look very off centre - is the mount hole on the turret offset? What happens if you rotate it 180 degrees?
  13. Fancy dropping one of the worlds most iconic vehicle designs only to let someone else pick it up. Reedonkulous.
  14. Bonnet looks a bit fugly at first, but looks like it will be a pretty simple aerodynamic improvement over the Defender type. I like it, looks a whole lot nicer than the JLR Offender.
  15. Described as โ€˜Land Roverโ€™s most capable and durable commercial vehicle ever,โ€™ wonder what they mean by durable? Like tougher than a series? I bet that one in the photo doesn't live as long as my 2a even with the 50 year headstart ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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